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A Final Boss is the last boss in the main quest of the game. After its defeat, it is usually followed by a cutscene as an end to the main story. A common theme among the Final Bosses is that they wish to destroy all existence and return the world to a state of nothingness.


List of Final Bosses

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Final Fantasy

Chaos, the walker of life's wheel.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy is Chaos. Having been killed by the Warriors of Light in the present, the Fiends sent Garland 2000 years back in time. Here, he absorbs the powers of the Fiends and becomes Chaos, starting the whole cycle of death all over again. It is not until the Warriors of Light travel back in time and kill Garland once and for all that the spiral finishes.

Final Fantasy II

Emperor of Palamecia, Lord of Hell.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy II is the Emperor. Having been killed by Firion and Co, the Emperor was sent down to hell. Here, his soul managed to absorb the dark energies, and he was reborn as the king of Hell. Traveling to the capital of Hell, Pandaemonium, the party fights the Emperor, finally destroying his soul forever.

Final Fantasy III

Cloud of Darkness, harbinger of nothingness.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy III is the Cloud of Darkness. Fearing his own mortality, Xande needed to freeze time so he would never die. To do so, he created an imbalance in light and darkness. This imbalance summoned the Cloud of Darkness, whose sole purpose is to return everything to the nothingness from where it came. After killing Xande and being killed themselves by the Cloud, the revived Light Warriors travel to the World of Darkness, where they team up with the Warriors of the Dark and stop the advancements of the Cloud of Darkness, restoring the balance once more.

Final Fantasy IV

Zeromus, hatred given life.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy IV is Zeromus. It is the embodiment of Zemus' hate, created upon his death. It uses this hate to try and destroy everything in its path. However, the player party overcomes it eventually, causing it to fade into oblivion. It cannot be defeated fully, for as long as there is hatred, it shall exist.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Creator, giver and taker of life.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is The Creator. It occupies the True Moon, which it utilizes as a vessel for interstellar travel. The Creator is the last surviving member of a species which once prospered on the distant edge of the universe, but ultimately destroyed its own civilization. Concerned about whether or not evolution was a necessity and wishing to conduct experiments regarding the evolution of life, it created a host of Crystals capable of recording the history of a world and distributed them upon planets which held the promise of life, including the Blue Planet.

Final Fantasy V

Neo Exdeath, a being that wants to destroy everything, so that he may destroy himself.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy V is Neo Exdeath. No longer able to control it, Exdeath is absorbed into the Void himself, and fuses with it. Here, he becomes a fusion of everything the void has taken, and he states he wants to destroy everything, so that he may destroy himself. The party defeat him though, and with the help of the Dawn Warriors, they close the Void once more.

Final Fantasy VI

Kefka, the mad god.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy VI is Kefka. Using the power of the Warring Triad, Kefka decides that it is mankind's destiny to be destroyed, and so begins obliterating everything he sees. The player's party attacks, defeating him and the three tiers. He is finally killed, and the party make their escape. Outside, mankind begins to rebuild, resisting what Kefka deemed their fate.

Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth, the one-winged angel.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy VII is Safer∙Sephiroth. Sephiroth, after multiple confrontations, heads to the center of the Planet to absorb great amounts of Mako. If certain conditions are met, he can have up to 400,000 HP, higher than any other final boss in Final Fantasy.

There is one last fight between Cloud and Sephiroth directly after this one, but it is scripted and impossible to lose. Thus, for all intents and purposes, Safer∙Sephiroth is the final boss in the game.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Omega Weiss, the final Weapon

The Final Boss of Dirge of Cerberus is Omega Weiss. The Omega, one of the Planet's defense monsters known as Weapon, is summoned by Deepground after many innocent lives were spilled into the Lifestream and the Planet thought it was dying. Omega was taken over by Weiss, the Deepground commander. Vincent Valentine, a human with the power of Chaos, a being with the power to control Omega, inside him, goes inside the Weapon and goes to fight Weiss directly. The final battle takes place inside Omega, and Weiss rides a massive machine that controls the Weapon to fight Vincent. Vincent defeats them both, thus saving the Planet.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Zirconiade, the One who will Burn the World

The Final Boss of Before Crisis is Zirconiade. A so-called "Ultimate Summon", Zirconiade's materia was shattered into pieces some time ago. The three pieces of the Materia were assembled by AVALANCHE's demented scientist, Fuhito, who used them to merge with Zirconiade in order to facilitate his plan to wipe out all life in the world and thus all threats to it. Unfortunately for him, his plan fell short when Zirconiade was defeated by the Turks.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Genesis, the prototype SOLDIER.

The Final Boss of Crisis Core is Genesis Rhapsodos. Genesis wishes to stop his own degeneration, and to do so he manipulates events from behind the scenes in order to accumulate Mako. He also antagonizes Zack Fair, taunting him with his favorite poetry every time they meet. The two ultimately clash at the ruins of Banora, and Genesis is struck down.

Final Fantasy VIII

Ultimecia, the Time Sorceress.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy VIII is Ultimecia. Having compressed time as much as possible, Ultimecia revealed herself as this monstrosity. Wanting to compress time now so that she may become an omnipotent god as well as the only thing in existence, the party confronts her. Ultimecia is eventually defeated, causing the party to get lost in a compression of different eras of time. However, by managing to stay close to each other, the party manages to return to their normal time safely. Like many other final bosses and villains, Ultimecia cannot be truly defeated as she uses Time Compression to travel back in time and pass her powers, essentially her essence, unto a young Edea Kramer.

Final Fantasy IX

Necron, the very opposite of life.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy IX is Necron. Since Kuja had destroyed the crystals, the very source of life, Necron decided that mankind was now ready to accept its ultimate fate, a return to absolute nothingness. Zidane states that that's not the case, that as long as people have a will to live, life will continue. Necron wants to test this, and fights the party in a final battle. He is defeated, but as he fades away, he claims that he is immortal, that as long as there is life and death, he shall remain.

Final Fantasy X

Yu Yevon, the creator of Sin.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy X is Yu Yevon. Having traveled into the depths of Sin, the party fight Yu Yevon in a place similar to the Farplane. After drawing him out into the open by using the Aeons, Yu Yevon is defenseless, and is killed easily, and Sin along with him. However, the ultimate price is paid, and the Fayth stop dreaming, ridding the world of the Aeons, as well as Tidus.

Since every character is affected with permanent Auto-Life, this fight is impossible to lose without self-petrification and/or Self-Destruct; Braska's Final Aeon is considered the true Final Boss.

Final Fantasy X-2

Shuyin, a lingering spirit.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy X-2 is Shuyin. With Vegnagun destroyed, Shuyin attacks the Gullwings directly. His fighting style is identical to Tidus', but he is easily defeated by the girls. Upon his defeat, the spirit of Lenne leaves Yuna's body, soothing the vengeful spirit to rest.

Final Fantasy XI

The Shadow Lord

The "original" Final Boss of Final Fantasy XI is the Shadow Lord. Residing in Castle Zvahl, the Shadow Lord commands all the Beastmen to attack the three civilized nations, thus beginning the Great Crystal War. In truth he was a Galkan Talekeeper named Raogrimm, manipulated by the two Zilart princes and mysterious black magicite.

Rise of the Zilart

Eald'narche, the elder Zilart Prince.

The Final Boss of Rise of the Zilart is Eald'narche. Wanting to open the gates to paradise, he tries to stop anyone who would hinder his plans. Eldest of the two Zilart princes, he uses his mind reading abilities and started the Crystal War by manipulating the Shadow Lord, eventually using his memories to awaken the floating shrine Tu'Lia. He is defeated when he attempts to open the gates to paradise, which would in effect destroy Vana'diel.

Chains of Promathia

Promathia, the God of Twilight.

The Final Boss of Chains of Promathia is Promathia himself. The Twilight God, he is chained and bound, completing his reign when Nag'molada, a Kuluu who longs to become a Zilart, wishes to learn the truth of creation. Defeated with the combined efforts of Prishe, Ulmia, Selh'teus, and others.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan

Alexander, the Iron Colossus.

The Final Boss of Treasures of Aht Urhgan is Alexander. A massive Avatar summoned to bring the empire into a state of peace; however it was fated to duel with Odin, the Dark Divinity, and bring about Ragnarok. This cataclysmic threat was ultimately stopped when Grand Vizier Razfahd held back Alexander, and the the Corsair Prince Luzaf restrained Odin, sending the two beings back to their realm.

Final Fantasy XII

The Undying, ruler of Archadia.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy XII is The Undying. Absorbing the whisps of energy that remained of Venat, Vayne knows that his life is coming to an end. The Venat-powered Vayne then merges himself with pieces of the Bahamut, becoming a giant mechanical Bahamut. Taking down as many airships as possible, the party engages him, and defeats him. Soon after being defeated, the mist building up in Vayne overwhelms him, and he explodes into a cloud of mist.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Feolthanos Exultant, stealer of souls.

The Final Boss of Revenant Wings is Feolthanos Exultant. Using the power of Auracite, Feolthanos becomes a giant, wielding a scepter. He's so big the party can't even see his lower half. By attacking his chest and arms, the party are able to finally take him down once and for all.

Final Fantasy XIII

Orphan, Cocoon's fal'Cie

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy XIII is Orphan.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Ultima, the High Seraph
The Arch Seraph.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as the remake, War of the Lions, is Ultima. After being revived by Hashmal, Ultima immediately begins to kill the heretics. Ramza fights back though, and eventually kills the Bloody Angel. She dies in an explosion, apparently killing Ramza and Co in the process. However, Ramza is seen later by Orran, relieving the Astronomer.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Li-Grim, the ruler of dreams.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is Li-Grim. The pure form of everyone's wishes for the dream Ivalice, Li-Grim is the final thread of dream Ivalice. By defeating her, Marche can return home. Once defeated, the party must wish for the world to return to normal, taking all they've learned in Ivalice with them.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Neukhia, demon from the rift.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift is the Neukhia. After defeating Illua once and for all, her grimoire summons this immense beast in full, which Luso and his friends must defeat. The Neukhia is comprised of three parts: the Pod, the Wisp, and the Core (pictured).

Vagrant Story


The Final Boss of Vagrant Story is Romeo Guildenstern, the leader of the Order of the Crimson Blades that launched an attack upon Leá Monde. Through his greed for power, he stole the Blood-Sin from Sydney Losstarot and sacrificed his love, Lady Samantha. After being defeated by Ashley Riot, Guildenstern transforms into a monsterious angelic creature at the top of Grand Cathedral.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Julius, the dark wizard, in his third form.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy Adventure, as well as the remake, Sword of Mana, is Julius. A dark wizard adopted by a misguided emperor known only as "Darklord," Julius manipulated the Vandole Imperium into attacking the Mana Tree and severing the flow of Mana to the world. After taking full command of the Imperium after Darklord's death, Julius was defeated by a young man and woman, the latter of whom opted to replace the dying Mana Tree.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

The Dark King, false prophet.

The final boss of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is the Dark King. An undead menace monitoring the world from his perch at Doom Castle, the Dark King is the one who ordered the Vile Four to begin their assault on the world. He was met with resistance by Benjamin and Phoebe. He revealed to them the Prophecy was a rumor spread by him centuries ago, and attacked them in a myriad of forms: a human form, a multiple-armed form, a spiderlike form, and a squidlike form. He was ultimately brought down, as his fake prophecy foretold.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Memiroa, devourer of memories.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is Raem Memiroa. A sadistic, metaphysical monster, Raem feeds off the memories of suffering which the monsters spawned by the miasma produce, creating a never-ending cycle of pain and torment for the world's inhabitants. Rather than accept defeat and fade away, Raem forcibly merges with Lady Mio and attempts to annihilate the Tipa Caravanners once and for all. He is slain and disintegrates, but he and Lady Mio will be reborn eventually...

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Galdes, the Lunite King.

The final boss of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates is the Lunite King, Great Galdes. With the power of the Great Crystal, Galdes intends to remake the world, and meets the heroes with his abilities to send them to other dimensions. Ultimately, he becomes a victim of his own power, forever trapped between dimensions.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

The Dark Lord, the sealed darkness within the Crystal.

The final boss of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is the Dark Lord. After he is defeated by the adventurers he reappears before Leo and tries to take him to the land of the dead with him. However, after realizing how all his people are willingly trying to protect their king, he release Leo. He is finally vanquished to the crystal where his heart reside.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Larkeicus, the Cause.

The final boss of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is Larkeicus. After absorbing a massive amount of crystals from Sherlotta, he transports the Hero to an interdimensonal area, and a climatic battle ensues. Afterwards, Larkeicus revives, saying that as long as he has Sherlotta, and thus, the Crystals, he can never die. The young girl Sherlotta rises up, chokes Larkeicus, and summons the Crystal Core. The Hero destroys it, and then, in its explosion, it disintegrates Larkeicus, and warps the Tower out of existence.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord

King Leo, the Archlord.

The final boss of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord is King Leo. He defend his realm from the attack of Mira. Once he is defeated the new darklord announces the cancelation of her world conquer campaign, and instead ask Leo to join in her new campaign to bring peace between people and monster.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

The Jegran Armor, Jegran's Enhanced Power.

The final boss of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is Jegran. When Princess Althea is rescued and the Yuke Crystal resurrected, Jegran uses his powers augmented by the Crystal Reactors aboard the Alexis and fused onto it from the waist down, turning the battleship into the means by which he will create a new Crystal Principle. However, Layle's powers are also magnified by the proximity of the reactor, using his powers to rip the ship apart bit by bit before destroying the Core of the reactor to restore both combatants to their normal forms.

The Final Fantasy Legend

The Creator, an enigmatic deity.

The Final Boss of The Final Fantasy Legend is the Creator. An odd, manipulative deity claiming to be the creator of the world, he sent the heroes on their quest to defeat Ashura and his Four Holy Beasts. After defeating the beasts in their tower, the Creator himself appeared at the top, explaining that their adventure had been nothing but a test. Enraged at being used so, the heroes turned on the Creator.

Final Fantasy Legend II

The Arsenal, Security system for the Pillar of Sky

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy Legend II is the Arsenal. After the fall of the villain Apollo, who hoped to possess all the MAGI to become a god, the whole area begins to shake, and the heroes are informed by Isis that the Pillar of Sky is about to break apart, severing all worlds connected to it, so the heroes go to the center of the world along with Isis and confront Arsenal, the security system at the center of the Pillar of Sky. There are two units; Isis fights one, while the heroes take down the other. Afterward the tremors stop, the heroes return to their world, and Isis remains at the center to repair the damage done to Pillar of Sky.

Final Fantasy Legend III

Xagor, a time-hopping monstrosity.

The Final Boss of Final Fantasy Legend III is Xagor. He is a time-traveling creature who controls the Pureland Water, an aquarian entity that he uses to cause destruction in the past to ensure a chaotic future. Four teenagers, the Humans Artur and Sharon and the Mutants Curtis and Gloria, are sent back in time to stop him.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Chaos, the god of discord.

The Final Boss of Dissidia Final Fantasy is Chaos. He is the god of discord that opposes Cosmos, the goddess of harmony; both were equal in power. After Chaos incinerates Cosmos herself, the Warriors of Light journey into Chaos' realm and engage the god at his throne.

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