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Dissidia Final Fantasy features one hero and one villain from the first ten main Final Fantasy series, plus one special character each from Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XII.


Playable characters


Cosmos Side

Chaos Side

Special Characters

Non-playable storyline characters

Cameo characters outside the in-game storyline

There are many other cameo characters (hailing from Final Fantasies I through XII) outside of the in-game storyline, all of which speak directly to the player, usually guiding them through information, tutoring, and commentary. The characters include:

Main Menu: The Crystal.

Duel Colosseum: Setzer.

Arcade Mode: Cait Sith and Barret.

Communication Mode: Palom and Porom.

Artifacts: Locke and Celes

Calendar: Matoya.

Museum: Mr. Clio from Final Fantasy V and Namingway.

Customization Menu: many of the characters (listed below starting from "Abilities" to "Shop") appear to tell a prologue about what they will explain in their respective pages. some exceptions are 8bit Black Mage and Guy, they explain how to understand pages and talk about getting started in many of them. while the Mini character from Final Fantasy IV talks about the Play Plan feature.

Abilities: Krile and Galuf.

Equipment: Vivi and Steiner.

Accessories: Quistis and Irvine.

Summons: Rydia and Edward.

Battlegen: Red XIII and Yuffie.

Accomplishments: Biggs and Wedge from their appearances in Final Fantasy VI .

Shop: Wakka and Rikku.

Battle Tips: Selphie describes the basics of battles and its many elements, while Penelo talks about the characters' personalities and abilities and equipments, she also talks about her own feelings toward them about what she likes and dislikes.

Battle setup: Minwu and Gordon.

Storyline Board: Tent.

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