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Boats, also known as Ships, are a common form of transportation in the Final Fantasy Series. They are used to travel the high seas.




Final Fantasy

Pirate Ship

The Warriors of Light get a Pirate Boat from Bikke the Pirate and his men in Pravoka, after defeating them in battle. The boat can be used to travel around areas in the lower continent, like Elfheim. It can only land at docks, or when the Canoe is found, at rivers.

Final Fantasy II

Leila's Boat

Leila and her gang of pirates are hired to bring Firion and his party to Deist, where she then double-crosses them and attacks. Once she is defeated, she joins the party, and thus gives them access to her boat.

Final Fantasy III


A Viking in the Viking Base gives the party the Enterprise in exchange for defeating the Nepto Dragon. Later it is converted so that it can can change from an Airship to a boat.

Final Fantasy IV

Unnamed Ship

Cecil Harvey, Yang Fang Leiden, Edward Chris von Muir, and Rydia all travel by boat to attack Baron and save Rosa Joanna Farrell. However, along the way, Leviathan attacks and destroys the ship. The party is then scattered around the world. Cecil awakes in Mysidia.

Final Fantasy V

Fire-Powered Ship

The Fire-Powered Ship is the flagship of the kingdom of Karnak. Designed by Cid Previa, it uses the power of the Fire Crystal to sail without relying on the wind. However, the crystal amplifier powering the ship places strain on the Fire Crystal, causing it to shatter and rendering the ship immobile. Cid and his grandson Mid later remodel the ship to sail without the Fire Crystal, and the player party uses it to travel to Crescent. Unfortunately, the ship gets sucked into the Catapult during an earthquake. It remains there for the rest of the game.


The unnamed airship of Final Fantasy V can land in water and thus be used as a boat.

Final Fantasy VI

Unnamed Boat

A boat is used a ferry service between the ports of South Figaro and Nikeah, even after the world ends. Leviathan can sometimes attack in the World of Ruin in the GBA version. Also, the Gestahlian Empire supplies the party along with General Leo to go on a mission to get goodwill of the Espers.

Final Fantasy VII

Cargo Ship

Main article: Cargo Ship (Final Fantasy VII)

A Cargo Ship connects the ports of Junon and Costa del Sol. Rufus Shinra uses it to travel to the western continent to find Sephiroth, while Cloud's party waits behind. Afterwards, it can be used whenever the party wishes for 250 gil, and can transport the Buggy to the eastern continent.

Tiny Bronco

Main article: Tiny Bronco

Though originally a small plane, the Tiny Bronco is shot down by Shinra soldiers, and crashes into the ocean. Afterwards it is used as a crude boat, traveling through all shallow water and rivers, until it disappears in Disc 2.

Final Fantasy VIII

Balamb Garden

Main article: Balamb Garden

The Balamb Garden can land in water and be used as a ship.

SeeD Assault Boat

Main article: SeeD#SeeD Vehicles

A hydrofoil known as the SeeD Assault Boat is used in the amphibious landing at the Siege of Dollet.

White SeeD Ship

Main article: White SeeD Ship

The White SeeD Ship is used by the White SeeD, and is used to protect Ellone.

Final Fantasy IX

Blue Narciss

Main article: Blue Narciss

Zidane's party uses the Blue Narciss to escape Alexandria after its destruction by Garland. It is then used to travel to the Outer Continent to attack Kuja. Regent Cid extracts components from the Blue Narciss to make the Hilda Garde III.

Alexandrian Fleet

Queen Brahne leads the Alexandrian naval forces, which consists of a sizable fleet capable of cannon fire. The ships are commandeered by both Alexandrian soldiers and by Black Mages. Brahne brings a large portion of her navy to the shores of the Iifa Tree with the intent of ridding Kuja from her plans for world domination. The Queen summons Bahamut with this intent, but her strategy backfires when Kuja calls the Invincible to him and takes control of the Eidolon. Kuja then orders Bahamut to wipe out Brahne will a devastating Mega Flare attack, destroying her and the majority of her fleet.

Garnet and her mother traveled to Alexandria long before the game's start on a tiny boat. However, the ship sank, and Garnet's mother died. Garnet landing in Alexandria, where she was adopted by the royal family.

Final Fantasy X

Al Bhed Ship

After Tidus sees his Zanarkand destroyed by Sin, he is rescued by the Al Bhed on their ship. He is knocked off the boat when Sin appears again, eventually waking in Besaid. All the Al Bhed on board make it home to Home safely.

S.S. Liki

The S.S. Liki is a ferry ship that connects Besaid and Kilika.

S.S. Winno

The S.S. Winno is another ship that connects Kilika and Luca.

Final Fantasy XI


There are three ferries available for player's use in Final Fantasy XI. They transport players back and forth between Selbina to Mhaura, Mhaura and Aht Urhgan Whitegate, and from Whitegate to Nashmau. All of the ferries cost 100 gil to ride. Traveling between Selbina and Mhaura requires no special effort, but in order to get to Aht Urhgan Whitegate, players must complete a quest to get a "Boarding Permit."


The Manaclipper is a different sort of ship. It operates as a sea tour for people wanting to see the beautiful waters around Bibiki Bay. This is also one of the only ways to get to the beautiful tropical island of Purgonorgo.

Final Fantasy XII

No boats are used by the party in Final Fantasy XII, though they are mentioned. Reddas, the leader of the port of Balfonheim, dispatches a fleet of ships to the Ridorana Cataract, only to have them all sunk by the powerful tides.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Unnamed Ship

After being trapped by the forces of the Cardinal Delacroix at the Clockwork City of Goug, Ramza Beoulve and his party travel by ship to the Port City of Warjilis. The boat is never actually seen, and the movement is shown only as a regular path going over the ocean. A few masts can be seen in the background when Delita Heiral confronts Ramza.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Ferryman Tristan takes the party across the Jegon River or to Lynari Island and Mount Kilanda in a boat.

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