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The following is a list of DVD releases by the BBC, broken down by year of release. It includes the catalogue number for each release, as used on the Region 2 version of each DVD. Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures have been released on this medium from 1999 until the present.

See Missing episodes for a list of stories that will require significant degrees of restoration before home video release is possible.


Timeline of Releases



Doctor Who was chosen as one of six DVDs released to represent the BBC as a 'test' of the DVD market by BBC Worldwide. (The other titles were The Black Adder, Noddy in Toyland, The Planets, Persuasion, and Volume I of The Best of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.) The chosen title for this 'test' was The Five Doctors, which was picked due to an already existing in a Special Edition format from the BBC Video release of 1995, which allowed it it to take 'better advantage' of the DVD format with the use of 5.1 Surround Sound.

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD1006 The Five Doctors Fifth Doctor 01/11/1999 11/09/2001 10/09/2000


After The Five Doctors, which was something of a false start, the range eventually kicked off properly (with a different cover art template) a year later with The Robots of Death. The DVD range was given a new menu intro sequence, the plan originally being that each disc would feature the relevant theme music of the story over the menu intro sequence. This was dropped early into 2001 as it was felt that the Howell version of the theme fitted the sequence best and has been used on every release ever since.

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD1012 The Robots of Death Fourth Doctor 13/11/2000 11/09/2001 02/07/2001


BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD1033 Spearhead from Space Third Doctor 29/01/2001 11/09/2001 15/04/2002
BBCDVD1040 Remembrance of the Daleks Seventh Doctor 26/02/2001 02/04/2002 13/05/2002
BBCDVD1042 The Caves of Androzani Fifth Doctor 18/06/2001 02/04/2002 07/01/2002
BBCDVD1043 The Movie Eighth Doctor 13/08/2001 N/A[1] N/A[1]
BBCDVD1044 Vengeance on Varos Sixth Doctor 15/10/2001 04/03/2003 14/08/2003


Pyramids of Mars was originally to have been the Tom Baker title released in the second slot, but issues to do with contract negotiations led to it being postponed and The Ark in Space was put in its place. After the release of The Five Doctors, the original plan was to release one title from each Doctor of the eight Doctors, but as the range progressed this was not quite achieved as The Ark in Space and Carnival of Monsters were then slipped into the schedule to prevent two black and white stories being released back to back. This year saw the first major discontinuity between UK and North American DVD releases as a box set containing the six stories from the Key to Time season is released in Region 1 years before a similar release occurs in the UK/Region 2.

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD1032 The Tomb of the Cybermen Second Doctor 14/01/2002 06/08/2002 01/04/2002
BBCDVD1097 The Ark in Space Fourth Doctor 08/04/2002 06/08/2002 03/06/2002
BBCDVD1098 Carnival of Monsters Third Doctor 15/07/2002 02/07/2003 02/09/2002
The Key to Time Collection: The Ribos Operation/The Pirate Planet/The Stones of Blood/The Androids of Tara/The Power of Kroll /The Armageddon Factor (6 disc) Fourth Doctor N/A 01/10/2002[2] N/A
BBCDVD1099 The Aztecs First Doctor 21/10/2002 04/03/2003 02/12/2002
BBCDVD1100 Resurrection of the Daleks Fifth Doctor 18/11/2002 02/07/2003 03/02/2003


For the 40th Anniversary of Doctor Who, BBC DVD wanted to release one title from each Doctor. The Three Doctors was originally planned for the first release slot of the year, but was then held back for release in the anniversary month. To mark the anniversary most of the 2003 releases included a special music video tribute to the series using clips from the show accompanied by the popular cover version of the Doctor Who theme music by Orbital.

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD1151 The Seeds of Death (2 disc) Second Doctor 17/02/2003 02/03/2004 05/05/2003
BBCDVD1152 The Talons of Weng-Chiang (2 disc) Fourth Doctor 28/04/2003 07/10/2003 30/06/2003
BBCDVD1156 The Dalek Invasion of Earth (2 disc) First Doctor 09/06/2003 07/10/2003 13/08/2003
BBCDVD1153 Earthshock Fifth Doctor 18/08/2003 07/11/2004 01/10/2003
BBCDVD1213 The Two Doctors (2 disc) Sixth Doctor 08/09/2003 01/06/2004 07/01/2004
BBCDVD1154 The Curse of Fenric (2 disc) Seventh Doctor 06/10/2003 01/06/2004 07/02/2004
BBCDVD1144 The Three Doctors Third Doctor 24/11/2003 02/03/2004 12/11/2003


Pyramids of Mars was released after being voted most wanted DVD release in a 2003 Doctor Who Magazine poll and the Lost in Time set came about due to the recovery of the previously missing episode Day of Armageddon from The Daleks' Master Plan which happened in the January of 2004.

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD1329 The Visitation Fifth Doctor 19/01/2004 01/03/2005 08/04/2004
BBCDVD1350 Pyramids of Mars Fourth Doctor 01/03/2004 07/11/2004 10/06/2004
BBCDVD1142 The Green Death Third Doctor 10/05/2004 01/03/2005 05/08/2004
BBCDVD1351 The Leisure Hive Fourth Doctor 05/07/2004 07/06/2005 07/10/2004
BBCDVD1352 Ghost Light Seventh Doctor 20/09/2004 21/06/2005 03/02/2005
BBCDVD1353 Lost in Time (3 disc) First Doctor
Second Doctor
01/11/2004 02/11/2004 02/12/2004


From Revelation of the Daleks and onwards the DVDs featured the logo of 2 entertain, a DVD release company formed by the BBC and Woolworths.

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD1356 Horror of Fang Rock Fourth Doctor 17/01/2005 06/11/2005 07/04/2005
BBCDVD1358 The Mind Robber Second Doctor 07/03/2005 06/11/2005 05/05/2005
BBCDVD1354 The Claws of Axos Third Doctor 25/04/2005 08/11/2005 02/06/2005
BBCDVD1755 Doctor Who - Volume 1 Ninth Doctor 16/05/2005 07/11/2006 17/06/2005
BBCDVD1756 Doctor Who - Volume 2 Ninth Doctor 13/06/2005 07/11/2006 03/08/2005
BBCDVD1357 Revelation of the Daleks Sixth Doctor 11/07/2005 06/06/2006 01/09/2005
BBCDVD1757 Doctor Who - Volume 3 Ninth Doctor 01/08/2005 07/11/2006 31/08/2005
BBCDVD1758 Doctor Who - Volume 4 Ninth Doctor 05/09/2005 07/11/2006 06/10/2005
BBCDVD1355 The Web Planet First Doctor 09/09/2005 05/11/2006 03/11/2005
BBCDVD1384 Dalek Collector’s Edition: The Dalek Invasion of Earth/Resurrection of the Daleks/Remembrance of the Daleks (4 disc / W.H. Smith exclusive) First Doctor

Fifth Doctor
Seventh Doctor

06/10/2005 N/A N/A
BBCDVD1664 City of Death (2 disc) Fourth Doctor 07/11/2005 08/11/2005 01/12/2005
BBCDVD1770 Doctor Who - The Complete First Series (5 disc) Ninth Doctor 21/11/2005 14/02/2006 (Canada)
04/07/2006 (United States)[3]


The Sontaran Experiment in October 2006 marked the start of an increase in the number of releases, with titles being assigned as either a "Super Value Edition" (like The Sontaran Experiment, which meant a reduced extras package, or "Special Editions" like the two disc releases of the past. The Mark of the Rani was a release brought forward to plug a gap created by the delay of Arc of Infinity.

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD1882 The Beginning: An Unearthly Child/The Daleks/The Edge of Destruction (3 disc) First Doctor 30/01/2006 28/03/2006 02/03/2006
BBCDVD1813 Genesis of the Daleks (2 disc) Fourth Doctor 10/04/2006 06/06/2006 04/05/2006
BBCDVD1960 Doctor Who - Series 2 Volume 1 Tenth Doctor 01/05/2006 N/A 20/07/2006
BBCDVD1961 Doctor Who - Series 2 Volume 2 Tenth Doctor 05/06/2006 N/A 18/08/2006
BBCDVD1802 Inferno (2 disc) Third Doctor 19/06/2006 05/09/2006 06/07/2006
BBCDVD1962 Doctor Who - Series 2 Volume 3 Tenth Doctor 10/07/2006 N/A 07/09/2006
BBCDVD1833 The Hand of Fear Fourth Doctor 24/07/2006 07/11/2006 07/09/2006
BBCDVD1963 Doctor Who - Series 2 Volume 4 Tenth Doctor 07/08/2006 N/A 05/10/2006
BBCDVD2224 The Mark of the Rani Sixth Doctor 04/09/2006 07/11/2006 02/11/2006
BBCDVD1964 Doctor Who - Series 2 Volume 5 Tenth Doctor 25/09/2006 N/A 02/11/2006
BBCDVD1811 The Sontaran Experiment Fourth Doctor 09/10/2006 06/03/2007 07/12/2006
BBCDVD1829 The Invasion (2 disc) Second Doctor 06/11/2006 06/03/2007 03/01/2007
BBCDVD2262 The Cybermen Collection: The Tomb of the Cybermen/The Invasion/Earthshock (4 disc / exclusive) Second Doctor
Fifth Doctor
06/11/2006 N/A N/A
BBCDVD2263 The Third Doctor Collection: Spearhead from Space/Inferno /The Claws of Axos/The Three Doctors/Carnival of Monsters/The Green Death (7 disc / exclusive) Third Doctor 06/11/2006 N/A N/A
BBCDVD2122 Doctor Who - The Complete Second Series (6 disc) Tenth Doctor 20/11/2006 16/01/2007 (United States)
15/02/2007 (Canada)[4]
BBCDVD2241 Torchwood - Series 1 Part 1 Torchwood 26/12/2006 N/A N/A


The Series Three DVD box set was, in an exclusive release at, made available with the choice of two additional covers beyond that of the standard cover. The Remembrance of the Daleks disc, as part of The Complete Davros Collection DVD box set, marked the first example of the range re-visiting a previous release (the new disc correcting mistakes with effects and the multi-angle feature, and upgrading the Photo Gallery feature, as well as adding new documentaries).

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD1331 New Beginnings: The Keeper of Traken/Logopolis/Castrovalva (3 disc) Fourth Doctor 27/01/2007 05/06/2007 05/06/2007
BBCDVD???? The Dalek Collection: The Dalek Invasion of Earth/Genesis of the Daleks/Resurrection of the Daleks/Revelation of the Daleks/Remembrance of the Daleks (7 disc / exclusive) First Doctor
Fourth Doctor
Fifth Doctor
Sixth Doctor
Seventh Doctor
27/01/2007 N/A N/A
BBCDVD2251 Torcwhood - Series 1 Part 2 Torchwood 26/02/2007 N/A N/A
BBCDVD2345 Torchwood - Series 1 Part 3 Torchwood 26/03/2007 N/A N/A
BBCDVD2380 The Runaway Bride Tenth Doctor 02/04/2007 N/A 03/07/2007[5]
BBCDVD1834 Survival (2 disc) Seventh Doctor 16/04/2007 14/08/2007 06/06/2007
BBCDVD2381 Doctor Who - Series 3 Volume 1 Tenth Doctor 21/05/2007 N/A 31/07/2007[5]
BBCDVD2332 Robot Fourth Doctor 04/06/2007 14/08/2007 04/07/2007
BBCDVD2382 Doctor Who - Series 3 Volume 2 Tenth Doctor 25/06/2007 N/A 06/09/2007[5]
BBCDVD2333 Timelash Sixth Doctor 09/07/2007 01/04/2008 31/07/2007
BBCDVD2383 Doctor Who - Series 3 Volume 3 Tenth Doctor 23/07/2007 N/A 02/10/2007[5]
BBCDVD2327 Time-Flight/Arc of Infinity (2 disc) Fifth Doctor 06/08/2007 06/11/2007 05/09/2007
BBCDVD2384 Doctor Who - Series 3 Volume 4 Tenth Doctor 20/08/2007 N/A 07/11/2007[5]
BBCDVD2334 The Time Warrior Third Doctor 03/09/2007 01/04/2008 03/10/2007
BBCDVD2335 The Key to Time: The Ribos Operation/The Pirate Planet/The Stones of Blood/The Androids of Tara/The Power of Kroll /The Armageddon Factor (7 disc) Fourth Doctor 24/09/2007 03/03/2009[6] 07/11/2007
BBCDVD1814 Planet of Evil Fourth Doctor 15/10/2007 04/03/2008 05/12/2007
BBCDVD2390 The Sarah Jane Adventures - Invasion of the Bane Sarah Jane Smith 29/10/2007 N/A 04/03/10
BBCDVD2385 Doctor Who - The Complete Third Series (6 disc) Tenth Doctor 05/11/2007 06/11/2007 06/12/2007
BBCDVD2253 Torchwood - The Complete First Series (5 disc) Torchwood 19/11/2007 22/01/2008 N/A
BBCDVD2452 The Infinite Quest Tenth Doctor 05/11/2007 18/11/2008 N/A
BBCDVD2434 Destiny of the Daleks Fourth Doctor 26/11/2007 04/03/2008 06/02/2008
BBCDVD2508 The Complete Davros Collection: Genesis of the Daleks/Destiny of the Daleks/Resurrection of the Daleks/Revelation of the Daleks/Remembrance of the Daleks (8 disc) Fourth Doctor
Fifth Doctor
Sixth Doctor
Seventh Doctor
26/11/2007 N/A 06/02/2008


The release of The Five Doctors is the second re-release of the series, making the original 1983 version of the story available on DVD for the first time.

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD2438 Beneath the Surface: Doctor Who and the Silurians/The Sea Devils/Warriors of the Deep (4 disc) Third Doctor
Fifth Doctor
14/01/2008 03/06/2008 05/03/2008
BBCDVD2331 The Time Meddler First Doctor 11/02/2008 05/08/2008 02/04/2008
BBCDVD2450 The Five Doctors (2 disc) Fifth Doctor 03/03/2008 05/08/2008 08/05/2008
BBCDVD2604 Voyage of the Damned (including Time Crash) Tenth Doctor 10/03/2008 N/A 30/06/2008
BBCDVD2432 Black Orchid Fifth Doctor 14/04/2008 05/08/2008 05/06/2008
BBCDVD2586 The Invasion of Time Fourth Doctor 05/05/2008 02/09/2008 03/07/2008
BBCDVD2617 Bred for War: The Time Warrior/The Sontaran Experiment/The Invasion of Time/The Two Doctors (6 disc) Third Doctor
Fourth Doctor
Sixth Doctor
05/05/2008 N/A 08/07/2008
BBCDVD2605 Doctor Who - Series 4 Volume 1 Tenth Doctor 02/06/2008 N/A 06/08/2008
BBCDVD2439 K-9 Tales: (BBCDVD2799) The Invisible Enemy/(BBCDVD2798) K-9 & Company (2 disc) Fourth Doctor 16/06/2008 02/09/2008 04/09/2008
BBCDVD2618 Torchwood - The Complete Second Series (5 disc) Torchwood 30/06/2008 16/09/2008 (United States)
11/11/2008 (Canada)[7]
BBCDVD2606 Doctor Who - Series 4 Volume 2 Tenth Doctor 01/07/2008 N/A 04/09/2008
BBCDVD1816 The Brain of Morbius Fourth Doctor 21/07/2008 07/10/2008 02/10/2008
BBCDVD2607 Doctor Who - Series 4 Volume 3 Tenth Doctor 04/08/2008 N/A 02/10/2008
BBCDVD2441 The War Machines First Doctor 25/08/2008 06/01/2009 07/11/2008
BBCDVD2608 Doctor Who - Series 4 Volume 4 Tenth Doctor 01/09/2008 N/A 07/11/2008
BBCDVD2431 Four to Doomsday Fifth Doctor 15/09/2008 06/01/2009 04/12/2008
BBCDVD2422 The Trial of a Time Lord (4 disc) Sixth Doctor 29/09/2008 07/10/2008 05/01/2009
BBCDVD2700 The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Complete First Series (includes Invasion of the Bane) (4 disc) Sarah Jane Smith 10/11/2008 07/10/2008 04/06/2009
BBCDVD2609 Doctor Who - The Complete Fourth Series (6 disc) Tenth Doctor 17/11/2008 18/11/2008 04/12/2008
BBCDVD2440 Battlefield Seventh Doctor 29/12/2008 05/05/2009 05/02/2009


The Special Edition release of Remembrance of the Daleks that was part of the 2007 Davros box set is released separately this year as an extra title above the number of regular releases. The Dalek War boxset was originally planned as a late December release, but was brought forward to fill a hole created by the Torchwood Children of Earth DVD release being brought closer to the broadcast date.

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD2903 The Next Doctor (including Doctor Who at the Proms and Music of the Spheres) Tenth Doctor 19/01/2009 15/09/2009 05/03/2009
BBCDVD1835 The E-Space Trilogy: Full Circle / State of Decay / Warriors' Gate (3 disc) Fourth Doctor 26/01/2009 05/05/2009 05/03/2009
BBCDVD2698 (BBCDVD2970) The Rescue/(BBCDVD2971) The Romans (2 disc) First Doctor 23/02/2009 07/07/2009 02/04/2009
BBCDVD2436 Attack of the Cybermen Sixth Doctor 16/03/2009 07/07/2009 07/05/2009
BBCDVD2905 The Cybermen Collection: The Age of Steel / Rise of the Cybermen / Army of Ghosts / Doomsday (2 disc) Tenth Doctor 13/04/2009 N/A 06/08/2009
BBCDVD1820 Image of the Fendahl Fourth Doctor 20/04/2009 01/09/2009 04/06/2009
BBCDVD2430 The Deadly Assassin Fourth Doctor 11/05/2009 01/09/2009 02/07/2009
BBCDVD2599 Delta and the Bannermen Seventh Doctor 22/06/2009 01/09/2009 06/08/2009
BBCDVD3009 Planet of the Dead Tenth Doctor 29/06/2009 28/07/2009 02/07/2009
BBCDVD1800 The War Games (3 disc) Second Doctor 06/07/2009 03/11/2009 03/09/2009
BBCDVD2981 Torchwood: Children of Earth (2 disc) Torchwood 13/07/2009 28/07/2009 01/10/2009
BBCDVD2451 Remembrance of the Daleks (2 disc) Seventh Doctor 20/07/2009 02/03/2010 01/10/2009
BBCDVD2596 The Black Guardian Trilogy: Mawdryn Undead / Terminus / Enlightenment (4 disc) Fifth Doctor 10/08/2009 03/11/2009 05/11/2009
BBCDVD2598 The Twin Dilemma Sixth Doctor 07/09/2009 05/01/2010 03/12/2009
BBCDVD2616 The Keys of Marinus First Doctor 21/09/2009 05/01/2010 07/01/2010
BBCDVD2614 Dalek War: Frontier in Space / Planet of the Daleks (4 disc) Third Doctor 05/10/2009 02/03/2010 04/02/2010
BBCDVD2998 The Dalek Collection: Dalek/Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways/Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks/The Stolen Earth/Journey's End (3 disc) Ninth Doctor
Tenth Doctor
19/10/2009 05/12/2009
BBCDVD3065 Torchwood - Series 1-3 (14 disc) Torchwood 26/10/2009
BBCDVD3058 Doctor Who - The Complete Series 1-4 (23 disc) Ninth Doctor
Tenth Doctor
26/10/2009 27/10/2009 03/12/2009
BBCDVD2919 The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Complete Second Series (4 disc) Sarah Jane Smith 09/11/2009 10/11/2009
BBCDVD2754 The Key to Time (7 disc) Fourth Doctor 16/11/2009


The Kamelion DVD boxset was originally scheduled for the January release slot, but was pushed back due to rights negotiations. The Peladon Tales boxset had been originally planned for 2009.

BBCDVD Cat. No. Title Doctor Region 2 Region 1 Region 4
BBCDVD3104 Doctor Who - The Complete Specials Boxset (5 disc)[8] Tenth Doctor 11/01/2010 02/02/2010
BBCDVD3105 The Waters of Mars / The End of Time (3 disc)[9] Tenth Doctor 11/01/2010 02/02/2010 WOM: 04/02/2010 EOT: 04/03/2010
BBCDVD2744 Peladon Tales Boxset: The Curse of Peladon/The Monster of Peladon (3 disc)[10][11][12][13] Third Doctor 18/01/2010 COP: 04/05/2010; MOP: 04/05/2010[14] 04/03/2010
BBCDVD???? Dreamland[15] Tenth Doctor 01/02/2010
BBCDVD2805 The Masque of Mandragora[16][17][18] Fourth Doctor 08/02/2010 04/05/2010[19]
BBCDVD2809 The Space Museum/The Chase (3 disc)[20][21] First Doctor 01/03/2010
BBCDVD2851 Myths and Legends: The Time Monster/Underworld/The Horns of Nimon (4 disc?)[11][22][23][24] Third Doctor
Fourth Doctor
BBCDVD???? Kamelion Boxset: The King's Demons/Planet of Fire (3 disc?)[25][26][11][27][28] Fifth Doctor 07/06/2010
BBCDVD???? The Sarah Jane Adventures - The Complete Thrid Series(4 disc)[29] Sarah Jane Smith 18/10/2010
BBCDVD???? Time and the Rani Seventh Doctor 01/03/2010[30]
BBCDVD???? "Revisitations" Boxset: TBC/TBC/The Talons of Weng-Chiang/The Movie (? disc)[31] [32] TBC/Fourth Doctor/Eighth Doctor ??/??/2010 TBA[33]
BBCDVD???? The Creature from the Pit


Fourth Doctor ??/??/2010

Future Titles

The following are rumoured to be upcoming releases:

  • The Tenth Planet and The Ice Warriors - Dan Hall, who supervises the Doctor Who DVD range, has said in an interview with Doctor Who Online that two animated titles are in development but did not specify which titles or guarantee that the animation will be completed; however, these are by far the most likely two stories.
  • The Dominators - An official Coming Soon trailer was illegally uploaded to Youtube and then pulled.
  • Revenge of the Cybermen - Coming Soon trailer has been produced [17]
  • Mara Boxset - Kinda and Snakedance
  • Silver Nemesis - Coming Soon trailer has been produced[17]


Re-releases, with improved restoration and more extras, have been rumoured but not confirmed for the following stories, originally released in 2000-2002. They were the first titles released for their respective Doctors and may be released in the Revisitations Boxset:

The first William Hartnell DVD, The Aztecs, was released later, and is regarded as being of higher quality and therefore not requiring a reissue. The majority of the reissues may or may not come out in a boxed set.

According to the classic Doctor Who twitter page, the second title in the 'revisitations' box will be revealed on 27/01/10.[2]

Still to be Announced

William Hartnell

Patrick Troughton

Jon Pertwee

Tom Baker

Peter Davison

Sylvester McCoy

External Links

  • Doctor Who Restoration Team


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