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Lachlan Luthor (father, deceased); Eliza Luthor (mother, deceased); Lillian Luthor (wife, deceased); Lex Luthor (son); Julian Luthor (son, deceased); Julian Luthor II (aka Grant Gabriel; clone son, deceased)


Base Of Operations


6' 1" [1]



Unusual Features
Lionel Luthor has several scars across his chest and abdonmen from injuries he has sustained over the past six years.


Marital Status

Former President and CEO of LuthorCorp


Place of Birth

First appearance

Smallville Episode: Pilot



Although Lionel Luthor claims to have hailed from a noble, Scottish family line – in truth, he was but one of many poor children growing up in the squalor of the Metropolis neighborhood known as Suicide Slum. [2] His father, Lachlan Luthor, was an abusive man who violently took his aggressions out on young Lionel. His mother Eliza, frequently inebriated with gin, rarely interfered with her husband's rampages and largely ignored Lionel. [3]

Lionel's only childhood friend was Morgan Edge – a man who's life would ultimately mirror Lionel's to great extent. Morgan knew Lionel well, and was keenly aware of the cycle of abuse that his friend suffered. Edge would one day grow up to run the underworld empire known as Intergang.

When Lionel was a young man, he decided that his parents were of greater value to him dead than alive. He arranged for an arsonist to burn down his parents' apartment building, killing them while they slept. Lionel maintained the alibi that he was working late at a print shop on the night that his parents' died.

Collecting the insurance money, Lionel enrolled in an Ivy League school where he greatly excelled in all of his courses. Reluctant to tell his peers the truth about his upbringing, he often played up the idea that the Luthors were of distinguished Scottish bearing. [4]

Shortly after graduation, Lionel returned to Metropolis and used the remainder of his parents' life insurance policy to establish Luthor Industries. L.I. prospered and eventually became a multinational empire known as LuthorCorp.

During this time, Lionel met and fell in love with a woman named Lillian. The two were wed and they sired two sons, Lex and Julian Luthor.

Powers and Abilities



Under normal circumstances, Lionel Luthor does not possess any superhuman capabilities. On one occasion however, he came into possession of a Kryptonian relic that enabled him to switch minds with Clark Kent. Inhabiting Kent's body, Lionel had access to all of Clark's powers, but he was only aware of a few of his abilities. He used super-strength to lift a tractor. He used heat-vision to accidentally start a fire at the Kent Farm, then used his invulnerability to put the fire out. After unwillingly returning to his normal body, Lionel lost all memory of the incident, but felt a great change come over him, as if a portion of Clark's strong moral fiber had remained behind. [5]


  • Business Management: Lionel Luthor is a cutthroat businessman and an expert strategist. He negotiates the boardroom the way a Roman general would lead a battlefield.

    Strength level

Above Average: Although middle aged, Lionel Luthor is in surprisingly good shape. He possesses the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise. While functioning as a conduit for the spirit of Jor-El, Lionel's strength and stamina appear to increase, however this is only a temporary effect.



Lionel avails himself of several vehicles owned by LuthorCorp - notably his personal limousine and helicopter.


Lionel is known to always keep a handgun secreted away for emergency uses, but traditionally he does not carry any weaponry. In his own mind, Lionel now considers Clark Kent as his own "secret weapon".


  • The character of Lionel Luthor was exclusive to the continuity of the WB/CW television series Smallville, prior to the character being introduced into the comics with a similar characterization. See Lionel Luthor (New Earth).
  • Actor John Glover plays the role of Lionel Luthor on Smallville


  • DC Comics has made several in-continuity winks to the character and Lex Luthor has even hinted that his father's name may have been Lionel. [6] In one instance, Luthor hired an actor to play the part of his foster father in order to enroll him at Smallville High School. The actor in question bore a physical resemblance to Lionel Luthor. [7] It has since been established that Lionel Luthor is Lex's legitimate father in canon DC Comics continuity.

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