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This article is about the city Lion's Arch. For the skill also commonly referred to as LA, see Life Attunement.
Lion's Arch
Image:Lion's Arch.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Town
Part of: Kryta
North Kryta Province, Lion's Gate



The seat of power in Kryta, Lion's Arch housed the royal palace of King Doric and his line until after the last Guild War. Now, the White Mantle run the city. The old buildings have all been razed, making space for barracks and more practical structures.

The scenery within Lion's Arch is quite impressive, most notably the large rocks and plateaus that can be seen from the beach and docks, and the lion statue above the Crafter's Corner.

Getting there

Lion's Arch is the port for Prophecies, allowing characters from Prophecies to reach the other campaigns and vice-versa; how you arrive the first time depends on your character's starting campaign.





Lion's Arch


Historical note: Changes to Lion's Arch


  • Lion's Arch had been named "Hakewood", "Tain", and "Siren's Cove" in early beta tests of the game.
  • The December 15, 2006 update temporarily turned Lion's Arch into the Amnoon Oasis, making many areas and NPC's unreachable. The world and minimaps still functioned correctly, but the discrepancy allowed characters to gain an extra 0.2% towards their explorer title track. It was subsequently fixed, but not before acting as a source of bemusement to many.
  • A few of the NPCs in town have names reminiscent to Star Wars characters. (Lionguard Bedo, Len Caldoron, to name a couple)
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