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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki


Species: Human
Level(s): 10

Ling can be found wandering in Wajjun Bazaar, though she does not spawn all the time. Apparently, she's a florist, implied from her quotes. She is the cousin of Sinvahn, who sends her flowers from the Garden of Seborhin.




She uses the generic Canthan Peasant dialogue.


  • "I hope I can find enough wildflowers to send the Emperor a nice arrangement. He has a lot to deal with, I'm sure he could use something to cheer himself up."
  • "I wonder if I'll ever be able to open my shop up again."
  • "Nobody appreciates flowers anymore, but I can't really blame them. There are too many things going on for most people to worry about flowers."
  • "The Emperor always loved the flowers I sent him. He always sent a nice card back for every bouquet I delivered to the palace."


  • Ling may be named after the legendary kingdom of King Gesar.

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From Grand Theft Wiki

Ling Shan
Appearance(s): Chinatown Wars
Full name: Ling Shan


Place of birth: China
Date of death: 2009
Home: Liberty City
Nationality: Chinese
Family: Xin Shan (brother)
Affiliations: Lee Family
Wu Lee
Xin Shan
Huang Lee

Ling Shan is a character in the GTA IV era, appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Ling Shan serves as the Master of Arms for the Lee Family. After Huang Lee arrives in Liberty City, he gets the order to find a crew that was watching a group of undercover cops. When Huang arrives there, he finds out that only Ling survived an LCPD attack. After a quick talk, the police arrives again and Huang shakes them off, and then drives to his apartment. Ling then drives the car back to Wu Lee. She then got the order to teach Huang combat and to wield a weapon. After doing so, they had to protect a shop from thugs. However, Ling quickly got killed by one of them, and died in an alley. Later, her brother would die in that same alley, as he wanted to.

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From Lostpedia

Bai Ling

Bai Ling
Character(s) Achara
Date of Birth October 10, 1966 (age 43)
Origin Chengdu, China
IMDb profile

Bai Ling plays Achara in "Stranger in a Strange Land". Born in Chengdu, China, Bai's father was a music teacher and mother was a dancer. Her parents soon went away for the Cultural Revolution, causing Bai to live with her grandmother at a young age. She claims she was a quiet child who expressed herself through theater.

She performed theater for the People's Liberation Army at the age of fourteen and kept doing it for three years. She took part in many government protests and moved to New York in 1991 as a visiting scholar. She then obtained a special visa, and finally became a United States citizen in 1999. Her first English role was as a villain in The Crow. She then played a Chinese interpreter in Nixon. For her role in Anna and the King she cut her long hair short, and it appears to be still short today.


  • She was named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" in 1998.
  • She appeared in, and on the cover of Playboy's June 2005 issue.
  • She was to appear in Star Wars: Episode III as a character called Senator Bana Breemu but her scenes were cut. Ling claimed it was because she posed for Playboy, but George Lucas said that her lines were unimportant and cut months before they learned about her posing for Playboy.[1]

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  • Unofficial Fan site
  • San Francisco Chronicle Tubular blog - "Lost's Marked Man" includes a critique of Ling's appearance in "Stranger in a Strange Land"

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About Ling

The Ling is also called Molva molva and is a large member of the Cod family, being an ocean fish that can be found especially in the Atlantic region and around Iceland, western British Isles, the Norse coast and sometimes around Finland. It is recognized after its long slender body which can reach a length of 2 meters. It is said that it can be a deep running fish that goes to depths of 100 meters or even more when in reaches maturity. As for the younger fish, they are usually found at shallower depths. The Ling has a very much appreciated flesh which can be consumed fresh, salted or dried. Many people love the salted roe of the Ling that are generally considered a great delicacy, especially in Spain where it is known as huevas de maruca.

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