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To use spells with this property the caster must be able to see the target. This means that there can be nothing inbetween the caster and the object (character, monster, part of the scenery etc). Spells without this property will ignore the obstacles.

Spells with this property are not blocked by invisible characters, bushes, fences, unharvested cereals and flowers, but are blocked by Trees (cut or uncut).

An easy way to check if your spell requires LoS or not is to turn on the Highlight Targetable Squares option, as shown in the picture. Without this option on, it can be tricky to determine what does, and does not, serve as cover, especially when targeting diagonally.

Option that turns on highlighting on targetable squares

For more Spell information visit the spell page.

Spells that do not require line of sight:

Weapons that do not require line of sight:

See Category:No line of sight weapons

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Guild Wars

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Line of sight refers to a character's ability to hit a foe using an arrow or a projectile. In order for rangers to hit with their bows, paragons to hit with their spears, or spell-casters to hit with their staves and wands, they must have line of sight towards their target, i.e. there must be no physical environmental obstacle in the way. This also applies to certain spells that send out projectiles such as Lightning Orb and Stone Daggers and offensive spirit attacks

Understanding how line of sight works and affects hitting or missing is an important element of success when playing the game. Often, great amounts of damage to a character can be avoided by just going around a corner. As a general rule, if your character has line of sight to another character, that character has line of sight to your character. Line of sight is not obstructed by other characters, only actual immobile physical barriers that a character cannot walk through.

If a character has line of sight, their projectile/arrow will reach the target, whereby it may still miss as a result of being blocked or other factors. On the other hand, if a character does not have line of sight, the game will play a clicking sound and a warning message that view of the target is obstructed. In addition the word "Obstructed" will hover over the target instead of the damage inflicted.

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City of Heroes

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If you have an enemy within line of sight, you have an unobstructed view of that enemy, and that enemy has an unobstructed view of you. You can target that enemy with a ranged attack, and if you are within range, have the possibility of hitting the enemy. The same is true of that enemy: if a line of sight exists between you and the enemy, they can target you with ranged attacks. If no line of sight exists between you and the enemy, you will get a "target blocked" message if you try to attack from range, even if you have that enemy targeted.

Breaking line of sight

Breaking line of sight is an important tactic, used especially by melee characters such as tankers, scrappers, brutes, and to some extent stalkers. The basic idea is to force enemies that have and prefer to used range attacks to close to within melee range, by first aggroing those enemies, then breaking the line of sight. The enemy who has selected the character who breaks line of sight must then move to re-establish it to continue to attack. This allows ranged attacking enemies to be repositioned, and gathered into a smaller area. This makes it easier for a team to attack larger numbers of the enemies with area of effect and player based area of effect attacks. For characters with abilities that scale by having more enemies within range, such as Invulnerability's Invincibility and Willpower's Rise to the Challenge, breaking line of sight allows more enemies to be collected within range of those abilities.

The basic strategy is to use territorial features to break line of sight. The most basic feature of territory used to do this is a wall. Outdoor maps have buildings, dumpsters, and other objects that can be used to break line of sight. Boxes and crates such as are found in warehouse and ship instances can also be used.

Player characters that do not wish to become primary targets of the ranged attacks of these enemies should remain out of sight of them until they have been collected. If an enemy establishes line of sight contact with you while the player who sought to aggro and move them is breaking line of sight, they will switch targets and attack you with ranged attacks. This is typically a result that the person using the breaking line of sight tactic prefers to avoid. By remaining hidden by the obstruction being used, you can make sure that the pulling character remains the enemy's primary target.


This article uses material from the "Line of sight" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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