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To use spells with this property the caster must be able to see the target. This means that there can be nothing inbetween the caster and the object (character, monster, part of the scenery etc). Spells without this property will ignore the obstacles.

Spells with this property are not blocked by invisible characters, bushes, fences, unharvested cereals and flowers, but are blocked by Trees (cut or uncut).

An easy way to check if your spell requires LoS or not is to turn on the Highlight Targetable Squares option, as shown in the picture. Without this option on, it can be tricky to determine what does, and does not, serve as cover, especially when targeting diagonally.

Option that turns on highlighting on targetable squares

For more Spell information visit the spell page.

Spells that do not require line of sight:

Weapons that do not require line of sight:

See Category:No line of sight weapons

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