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The Lincoln Memorial was a monument in the city of Washington, DC on Earth, built in the 20th century in honor of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States of America.

Despite damage done to the city during World War III, the Lincoln Memorial survived into the late 24th century. (CoE eBook: Ghost)

The memorial features a 30 foot tall statue of Lincoln seated in a large chair. The Excalbians echoed this iconic depiction when they first presented Captain James T. Kirk with a duplicate of Lincoln in 2269. (TOS episode: "The Savage Curtain")

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DC Comics

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Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial
Official Name
Lincoln Memorial

107.43 acres (0.43 km²)


First appearance



The Lincoln Memorial is a presidential memorial landmark located in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Constructed to honor the 16th American President Abraham Lincoln, construction of the Memorial began in 1914 and completed in 1922. President Warren G. Harding presided over the dedication ceremony. [1]

Several years ago, Rex Mason and his sweetheart Sapphire Stagg visited the Lincoln Memorial during a vacation trip to Washington, D.C. At this time, the Memorial became one of several targeted landmarks of an elusive foe known as the Phantom of Washington. [2]

Shortly after the 52 event, a massive force of Amazon warriors invaded Washington and took control of the entire area surrounding the National Mall. One Amazon warrior brutally decapitated a boy's father in front of his eyes on the monument's steps. [3]

Also during this time, Donna Troy and Jason Todd found themselves in pitched battle against an alien assassin known as the Forerunner. The battle took place in front of the monument and ended inconclusively. [4]


3,638,806 (Annual visitation; 2005 statistics)


  • The Lincoln Memorial is shown on the reverse of the United States one cent coin, which bears Lincoln's portrait on the front. The memorial also appears on the back of the U.S. five dollar bill, the front of which which carries Lincoln's portrait.

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Lincoln Memorial

The statue of Lincoln, with its head re-attached
inside: The Mall
map marker: Lincoln Memorial
Mall Northwest
Mall Southwest
quests: Head of State

Lincoln's Profit Margins

cell name: LincolnMemorial01
LincolnMuseum (Maintenance Room)
ref id: 00018526
0006C019 (Maintenance Room)

The Lincoln Memorial is a memorial building located on the west end of the national mall in Washington, D.C. It is a United States Presidential Memorial constructed in remembrance of Abraham Lincoln.


Related Quests


The memorial is heavily damaged but still standing. Many of its walls are blasted open, and the head on the Lincoln statue is missing. When the player first arrives at the location, he/she is threatened by Silas who tells the player to stay away from the Memorial. Through dialogue the player may be allowed to enter an entrance to the left of stairs where the player is met by Leroy Walker - who leads Silas and the slavers from Paradise Falls, who now occupy the Memorial. After talking with Leroy the player can start the Head of State quest this way instead of heading to the Temple of the Union and talking to Hannibal Hamlin. The player may not approach the memorial as the slavers will shoot. According to the slavers, it is kept under guard as to prevent slaves from getting any ideas about freedom, as well as making the grounds for slavery weaker in the Capital Wasteland. One slaver even mentions that the site might even be demolished to work away at the slave society's knowledge of Lincoln.

The head is in the Temple of the Union and is returned if Head of State is completed by helping Hannibal Hamlin. After that, escaped slaves will set up a settlement in the Lincoln Memorial.

Notable loot

There is a Nuka-Cola Quantum located in the Memorial Maintenance Room on the ground floor on a metal shelf, where you meet Leroy Walker. It can be stolen with no karma loss.



The Lincoln Memorial appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • If you look closely at Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, inscribed in the northern wall of the memorial, the letter "F" in "Future" is slightly different than the other "F"s. This is because it was accidentally carved as an "E" originally and had to be corrected.
  • The Lincoln Memorial can be seen on channel 8: Washington, DC of the Prepare for the Future teaser site.
  • The in-game statue of Lincoln is actually much smaller than the real statue.
  • Two words misspelled on the actual carving of Lincoln’s second inaugural address, energies (enerergies) and dissolve (dissole), are spelled correctly in the game.


  • Sometimes followers can disappear if you are going in and out of the refugee tents after you have completed the quest Head of State in favor of the slaves. Dogmeat may run into the side of the tent for no reason. Waiting doesn't seem to help, but fast traveling does.(PS3 and 360)
  • The beds used to sleep in disappear after completing Hannibal's quest.
  • The game may crash once the player starts walking up to the memorial.
  • Sometimes when entering for the first time the slavers will not be there.(Confirmed Xbox360)
  • Sometimes Leroy Walker is not there or already inside the building. (Confirmed PC version)
  • If you kill one of the followers that you fired near Hannibal Hamlin and his other groups, they turn hostile. (using stealth boy will turn them unhostile) (Confirmed Xbox 360).

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

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Official Name
The Lincoln Memorial

Star System


Lincoln Memorial

First appearance




Alternate Realities

Insane Impossible Man (Earth-14845)

On Earth-14845, The Impossible Man has the ability to shape-shift anything he wants to at will. When The Controller slaps a Slave Disc on him, The Impossible Man goes crazy, and turns the Lincoln Memorial into a statue of himself watching television.


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This article uses material from the "Lincoln Memorial" article on the Marvel Database wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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