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"Limpwurt" redirects here. For the seed used to grow limpwurt roots, see Limpwurt seed.

Limpwurt roots are used to make Strength potions at level 12 Herblore (combined with a Tarromin) and Super strength potions at level 55 Herblore (combined with a Kwuarm). Along with Red spiders' eggs and 5 coins, a limpwurt root can be brought to the Apothecary in western Varrock to create a 4-dose Strength potion, which is the only way to obtain a potion in free worlds. Limpwurt roots, like most herblore items, are expensive when bought from other players. As an alternative to paying for them, limpwurt roots are drops from cockatrice, cyclops, hobgoblins, tribesmen, cockroach drones, and hill giants. With level 26 Farming, players can grow their own roots in a farming patch.

According to the official bestiary (now removed), Hobgoblins chew limpwurt roots, which explains the fact that they drop so many of them. And, in reference to the minitrice pet, it can be assumed that Cockatrices eat them, which is why the roots are a common drop from them.




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