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Limit Glove in Final Fantasy IX.

Limit Glove is a recurring Blue Magic spell. It deals massive damage to enemies, but only if the caster's HP is critical.


Final Fantasy IX

Limit Glove is one of the first Blue Magic spells available to Quina, and can be obtained by eating a Mandragora, Mu, Axe Beak, Blazer Beetle, Jabberwock, or Catoblepas. It deals 9,999 non-elemental damage to an enemy, regardless of its Defenses. However, if Quina's HP is not 1 the ability will not work. A useful tactic in maximizing the effects of the spell is to cast Auto-Life on Quina, KO him/her, and hope that he/she revives with 1 HP. It costs 10 MP to use.

Limit Glove in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Cornered is a Blue Magic spell learned from Great Tortoises, learned through its Limit Glove ability. It deals 999 damage to an adjacent unit with 100% Accuracy if the user's HP is 9 or less. Cornered can still be cast if the user's HP is critical, but will have 0% Accuracy if HP is not in single digits.

This skill can only be learned if the Blue Mage is under Reraise status, since it will instantly kill the target. The same applies to Roulette.

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