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A player holding and smelling a Lily.

Lilies of the valley were wieldable flowers which gave no bonuses to the player. They were a part of the 2009 Spring Event, 2009 Start of May. They were released on 28 April 2009 to mark the beginning of May, despite being released two days before the first of May. They could found everywhere on RuneScape; even within different random events. As the examine text implies, they were removed on 6 May along with the Bounty Hunter update.

  • When in combat, the character still punched and kicked as if he or she was unarmed.
  • If you operated the lily or chose the "Smell" option, the player would perform an emote where they will smell the lily.
  • Players could also use them on other players to give them to them (provided they had Accept Aid on).


  • If a player was doing something else when someone tried to give them a lily, the giver would have gotten a message saying "(player name) is busy at the moment."
  • If the receiving player already had a lily, the giver will have gotten a message saying "(player name) already has a lily."
  • If you gave a lily and succeeded you'd get the message "You give the lily of the valley to (player name)."
  • If the receiver has accept aid off the message is "(player name) has turned off accept aid."
  • If you received a lily the message is "(player name) has given you the lily of the valley"
  • If the receiver has no inventory space the message was "(player name) doesn't have any space to hold your lily."
  • When a player picked a lily, it said You pick a lily of the valley.

Combat style

File:Lily of the valley combat style interface.png
Name Combat style Type Melee experience
Punch Accurate Crush Attack
Kick Aggressive Crush Strength
Block Defensive Crush Defence


  • Previously, doing the smell emote was believed to give you 1 run energy. However, it is simply because the duration of the smell emote is approximately equal to the time taken to restore 1 run energy as usual.
  • The Lily of the valley is the first Spring related item.
  • The part of the examine text that says 'It will vanish with the next update' means the flower is one of the few items to specifically mention real life. Another such item is the Easter Carrot.

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