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The Lilith Rod as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Lilith Rod (リリスのロッド Ririsu no Roddo) is a recurring weapon in the series. It is usually a high-level Rod.




Final Fantasy III

Lilith Rod is the 2nd strongest Rod in the game for a Black Mage. It has an Attack power of 110, gives +20 to Intellect, and casts Death when used as an item. It is only obtainable once a Black Mage's Job Level reaches 99.

Final Fantasy IV

Rod of Lilith grants +13 Attack, -40 Accuracy, +5 Intelligence, and drains HP from the target when attacking with it, but it is ineffective against undead enemies. It is dropped by Liliths and Lamia Queen. It also casts Osmose when used as an item.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Lilith Rod retains all of its statistics from Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy V

The Power Rod, originally called Lilith Rod, is a high-ranked rod that casts Osmose when attacking with it. It is only found in the Interdimensional Rift.

Final Fantasy XI

The Lilith Rod is a rod obtained from a quest NM in the Eldieme Necropolis. It sometimes drains MP with melee attacks, and increases MP and INT.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Lilith Rod is a high-level rod that grants +40 Attack, +5 Magic, +10 Resistance, and teaches Lv.? Shadowflare.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Rod of Lilith is a level 53 weapon exclusive to Golbez that increases Attack by 34, HP by 185, Defense by 2, Magic damage dealt by 10%, and Crash HP Damage by 10% as well.

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