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Lil' Jesus Mordino
race: Human
affiliation: Mordino Family
role: Right hand man
location: Virgin Street, Desperado
family: Big Jesus Mordino Dad
appearances: Fallout 2
SPECIAL: 9ST, 6PE, 9EN, 2CH, 4IN, 10AG, 6LK
derived stats: Armor Class: 28
Hit Points: 110
Action Points: 10
Sequence: 12
Critical chance: 6%
Damage Resistance: 30%
tag skills: Small Guns: 110%
Big Guns: 90%
Unarmed: 125%
Melee Weapons: 125%
Throwing: 75%
dialogue file: NcLilJes.msg

Lil' Jesus Mordino is the son of Big Jesus Mordino, one of the 4 crime bosses in New Reno in 2241.



He is described as a tan man, with a pock marked face, leather jacket and a wicked looking knife, also named "Little Jesus" . He likes to dress in heavy black leather and has an unhealthy obsession with sharp bladed items, especially knives. He is a rather aggressive and simple fellow, with something of a tendency to exaggerate his sexual prowess.

Interactions with the player character

If the Chosen One qualifies, Lil' Jesus will recommend you to his father for work.

Lil' Jesus will have sex with the Chosen One if female.

If you talk to him with a knife out, he'll teach you some tricks.


Apparel Weapon Other item
Combat Leather Jacket "Little Jesus"
6 Throwing Knives
10mm SMG + 24 10mm AP
2 Jet

Behind the scenes

  • Lil' Jesus Mordino is likely a reference to Lil' Enus Burdett of the Smokey and the Bandit films. He, and his father, Big Enus Burdett, are rich and frequently make illegal bets and competitions.
New Reno

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