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Lignan crystals were powerful lightsaber crystals which enabled the blade of a lightsaber to last longer and burn hotter than normal crystals. The Sith starship Omen was carrying a load of these crystals to Sith Lord Naga Sadow during the Great Hyperspace War in 5,000 BBY when it crashed onto the remote planet of Kesh. Many of these crystals were salvaged from the crash; they became valued antiques and a prized symbol of Sith heritage. The survivors of the crash, who became the Lost Tribe of Sith, used some of these crystals in their lightsabers, but reserved them for only their most powerful members. In 41 ABY, Sith apprentice Vestara Khai was given a lightsaber with a Lignan crystal after she was chosen to be an apprentice by Ship, a Sith Meditation Sphere that discovered the Tribe on Kesh.

In its raw ore form, Lignan could amplify a Darksider's Force power to unknown heights. Former Jedi Master Relin Druur used its power to kill his former Padwan, turned Sith Saes Rrogon and destroy his ship the Harbinger.


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  • Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn (Mentioned only)
  • Crosscurrent
  • Omen
  • Abyss

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