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5,000 credits[1]

Physical and technical specifications

1 kg[1]

Usage and history

A lightwhip, also known as an energy whip or a laser whip, was a rare variation of the lightsaber.



Like the lightsaber, it emitted a coherent beam of energy. However, the blade was long and flexible and had the properties of a whip. In some ways, they were less efficient than lightsabers, far more dangerous to the user, and more difficult to use, though in the hands of a skilled user could be more lethal.[1]

A Nightsister of Dathomir and her lightwhip

Known users of the lightwhip included Kit Fisto[2], Jax Pavan[3], Vianna D'Pow[4], Lumiya[5], Githany[6], Silri[7], Ona Nobis[8], and possibly the Black Sun Vigo Lord Xist[9]. Like lightsabers, lightwhips came in a variety of colors, including: red, orange, pink, yellow, and green.

One was built by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who designed it from a whip he had seen used by the bounty hunter Ona Nobis. The same weapon was used by the Nautolan Jedi Kit Fisto, along with Obi-Wan, during their mission on Ord Cestus.[2]

Another one was found by Major Nick Rostu aboard the smuggler ship Far Ranger, and was used by Jax Pavan in a duel against Prince Xizor.[3]

Lumiya's lightwhip, which was built from Mandalorian iron and shards of Kaiburr crystal, and was specially modified to include both energy and matter, making it nearly impossible for Luke Skywalker to overcome with just a single lightsaber blade. In their rematch, Luke used a shoto in conjunction with his lightsaber to counter it.[5] Years later, during their final duel on Terephon, Luke was confident enough in his abilities that he fought with his normal lightsaber alone. He defeated and killed Lumiya.[10]

Lumiya wields her lightwhip against Luke Skywalker.

Behind the scenes

While Star Wars: Obsession clearly states that Xist uses a vibrowhip, there is some discrepancy among fans as to what the weapon really is, as it shows traits associated with a lightwhip–namely, its blue glow and the inability of Obi-Wan's lightsaber to sever it. Given this knowledge and the appearance of the weapon, one of two assumptions can be made: it is either indeed a vibrowhip (which is actually an Urumi sword), layered in cortosis, phrik or some other lightsaber-resistant material, or it is actually a lightwhip, mistakenly referred to as a vibrowhip by the writers of Obsession. A fact that seems to confirm that the weapon is indeed a vibrowhip is the fact that it did not sever Kenobi's leg when it wrapped around it.

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