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Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)
Kana ライトニング
Romaji Raitoningu
Age 21
Height 177 cm (5'10") / 171 cm (Ultimania)
Weapon Blaze Edge
Eidolon Odin
Japanese Voice actor(s) Maaya Sakamoto
English Voice actor(s) TBA
Final Fantasy XIII Character
"You're not going to go through this ordeal alone, you know."
—Lightning to Hope
"This solitary young woman speaks little of herself - even her true name is a mystery. She is known to others simply as 'Lightning'."
—Online Description

Lightning is a playable character and the main protagonist in Final Fantasy XIII. She is the second female protagonist in the main series (the first being Terra Branford of Final Fantasy VI). She wields a gun-sword that can switch between its forms. She is shown to be a cold person, who distances herself from her companions. At some point in the game it is revealed that Lightning's real name is Éclair Farron.



Lightning promotional art by Amano.
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In the web novel, it is revealed that Lightning lost her parents when she was around Hope's age, and, ever since then, has acted as a mother to her younger sister, Serah. However, during her entry into the military police as a sergeant of its PSICOM division, she lost sight of her goals as she becomes acquainted with Team Nora. Lightning's dislike of Snow is made very apparent, as she consistently refers to him as a "worthless unemployed man". She even blames her lack of attention to Serah as a reason for her spending time with Snow. In the novel, Lightning's 21st birthday is approaching, and she was going to plan a small vacation with Serah in hopes of taking her attention away from Snow.


Final Fantasy XIII

Sneaking into a train holding those who are to be Purged from Cocoon, Lightning fights her way through the cars along with Sazh Katzroy, who is being sent to Pulse, rallying the Purgees as PSICOM sends its forces after the train and derail it. As the surviving Purgees escape and are found by Team Nora, Lightning presses forward to Pulse's fal'Cie with the intent of finding a way to save her sister. However, once finding her sister with Snow at her side, Lighting took Serah's crystallization hard and took it out on Snow after learning that he was going to marry her sister. Driven by grief to provoke the fal'Cie Anima, her way of honoring her promise to Serah of saving Cocoon, Lightning is made into a l'Cie.

Coming to at Lake Bilge, Lightning leads the group before she and Snow go their separate ways after finding Serah and Lightning accepting her sister's fate, to Snow's dismay. After she and Sazh go their separate ways, going through the path in the Vile Peaks area, Lightning, in a moment of anger and distress, yells at Hope about having to protect him and collapses to the ground while clutching at her l'Cie mark. This triggers Odin to appear, and Lightning and Hope battle him to prove Lightning's strength to the Eidolon. Over time, Lightning begins to care about Hope, as shown later, when they are surrounded by soldiers. She tells him to run while she stayed to fight, although Hope refused.

In the final trailer, there is a scene in Palumpolum of Lightning with Fang explaining how a l'Cie's mark tells them how much time they have left to complete their Focus. Also in the final trailer, Lightning gives Hope some words of encouragement as he leads the way into the Gapra Whitewood. She and Snow are shown comforting Hope. In another scene, she is seen shedding a tear while she is behind Snow as they stand in a field on Pulse discussing whether or not they will see Serah again.

Late in the game, it is revealed that Lightning's real name is Éclair.

During the battle with Orphan, the fal'Cie turns Lightning, Sazh, Hope, and Snow into Cie'th. However, Lightning and the others manage to will themselves back to their normal selves and defeat Orphan. After Orphan's defeat and the crystallization of Cocoon, Lightning reunites with Serah, and also seems to accept Snow and Serah's relationship.

Abilities and Equipment

Lightning and her Blaze Edge.

Lightning has been shown to possess incredible power with both weapons and magic. She has a gravity control device called a Gravity Bomb, activated by small imprints on her right thumb and index finger, which allowed her to perform feats normally impossible, including attacking while upside down in the air and landing safely from leaps otherwise impossible to survive. She can also create an "electrical shield" and is adept in magic, using various Thunder and Fire spells, as well as a new spell known as Ruin. She fights in a very fast-paced manner, moving with great speed and using her unique weapon as both a gun and sword. Her Eidolon is Odin; upon its transformation into Gestalt Mode, Odin transforms into the horse Sleipnir which Lightning rides on while wielding two massive swords.

In the web novelization Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero: Promise, it is revealed by Lightning's superior, Sergeant Major Amoda, that Lightning's initial weapon is a gun-sword called Blaze Edge. Gun-swords are a weapon only used by the most skilled soldiers. In the game, weapons can be upgraded into any of these models:


Lightning's visual design is influenced from Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, as Tetsuya Nomura was asked to design a female version of him to be the protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII. In another connection to Final Fantasy VII, Lightning is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, who previously voiced Aerith Gainsborough in Advent Children, Crisis Core, and the Kingdom Hearts series, in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII.



Éclair is a French word that means "Lightning"[1] The surname "Farron" comes from the Gaelic language, meaning "thunder."[2]


Lightning's early design and final face.
  • Lightning's facial structure has changed during development. In the early materials, she had slightly less feminine traits and her hair was a faded crimson color rather than pale pink.
  • Tetsuya Nomura wanted to include Lightning in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a character, but felt that this could have affected Final Fantasy XIII in the process by locking down the image of the character's skills and so forth. Instead, two mugshots of her appear as Player Icons, along with Icons featuring Noctis Lucis Caelum, representing Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and the card-wielding character of Final Fantasy Agito XIII.
  • A special edition PlayStation 3 featuring an image of Lightning was released on December 17th in Japan.
  • Lightning's initial weapon, Blaze Edge, has an inscription that reads "White Flash. Call upon my name."
  • An odd fact is that Lightning is quite tall compared to other female characters in the series. She is 5'10", while others like Aerith Gainsborough and Yuna are 5'3" or so in height. She is even taller than other main characters, most notably Squall Leonhart and Cloud Strife, who both stand at 5'8".
  • The higher of the two bracelets that Lightning wears is also worn by her sister, Serah. Both wear it on their right arm.
  • Lightning's crystal has taken a shape of a rose, and the rose petals can be seen when Lightning summons Odin and also during Odin changes into horse in the Gestalt Mode.
  • Her l'Cie mark is on her chest, but it remains hidden under her shirt.
  • Lighnting's ATB full skill, Scene Drive, is a series of strikes from Lightning's weapon.


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