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The Thunder Spear, a part of the Lightning-Elemental Equipment set.

Lightning Equipment is a recurring type of equipment in the Final Fantasy series. Although less in number than its brethren Flame Equipment and Ice Equipment, Lightning Equipment has been around since Final Fantasy II. It should not be confused with Diamond Equipment, which occasionally has the attribute of resistance to Lightning. It includes Body Armor, Helmet, Shield, the recurring Coral Sword, Rod, Staff, Bow, Spear, Gloves, and Armlets, although weapons are more recurring, due to the existence of the aforementioned Diamond Equipment.




Final Fantasy II

The Thunder Lance is the first Lightning-elemental weapon.

Final Fantasy III

This installment marks the start of a massive wave of Lightning-elemental equipment. Weapons include: Spark Dagger, Serpent Sword, Light Arrow, Book of Light, Tome of Light, Thunder Spear, Hammer, Dragon Hammer, Triton Hammer, Platinum Hammer, Blessed Hammer, and Mighty Hammer.

Final Fantasy IV

Several Lightning-elemental Equipment appears in this installment, though some only appears in the DS version. Weapons include Thundershard, Thunder Arrow, Blitz Whip, Thunder Claw, Thor's Hammer, and Thunder Rod.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Most of the Lightning-elemental equipment from Final Fantasy IV return. Weapons include Thundershard, Thunder Arrow, Blitz Whip, Thunder Claw, Thor's Hammer, and Thunder Rod.

Final Fantasy V

The following are all the Lightning-elemental equipment:

Final Fantasy VI

In this installment, and in many future games, Lightning-elemental equipment becomes more scarce and less readily available to use.

List of Lightning Equipment:

  • Thunder Blade
  • Thunder Rod
  • Thunder Shield

Final Fantasy VII

List of Lightning-elemental equipment:

  • Bolt Armlet
  • Bolt Ring

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

The Lightning Ring, Armlet, Thunder Armlet, and Bolt Armlet represent Lightning-elemental equipment.

Final Fantasy IX

List of Lightning-elemental Equipment:

  • Coral Sword
  • Lightning Staff
  • Flash Hat
  • Rubber Helm
  • Thunder Gloves
  • Coral Ring
  • Extension

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Coral Sword is the only Lightning-elemental weapon in the game.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Thunder Robe is the only representative of Lightning-elemental equipment.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Lightning-elemental Equipment is present thanks to the Storm Mail, Shield, Armlets, Helm, and Sash.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

The Yellow Cone Hat, Yellow Magic Hat, Yellow Outfit, and Yellow Robe are the only Lightning-elemental equipment in this game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Lightning Staff, Thor Smasher, Thunder Pike, Yellow Cone Hat, and Yellow Outfit represent this set of equipment in the game.

Final Fantasy Adventure

The Thunder Spear is the strongest spear in the game, with an AP of 49, and can be bought for 11,250 Gil at FloatRocks.


Lightning Claw in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Thunder Rod, wielded by Rydia, in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Lightning Scroll in Final Fantasy V.

Bolt Armlet in Final Fantasy VII.

Bolt Ring in Final Fantasy VII.

Lightning Staff in Final Fantasy IX.

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