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Dr Who

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From TARDIS Index File, the free Doctor Who reference.

A lighthouse is a tower which emits light to aid navigators at sea.

In the 1900s, one of the Rutan Host took over the Fang Rock lighthouse, but was defeated by the Doctor. (DW: Horror of Fang Rock)

In the 1970s, Professor Tansbury conducted experiments in a disused lighthouse off the coast of Porthferiot, Cornwall, resulting in the creation of a giant lizard, the growth of which destroyed the lighthouse. (TVC: The Tansbury Experiment)

In 2006, the Cynrogs used the Black Island lighthouse as their base while trying to recreate Balor. (NSA: The Nightmare of Black Island)

Bev Tarrant and Adrian Wall investigated a strange lighthouse while searching for Clarissa Jones. (BFBS: Hiding Places)

Astrolabus's TARDIS took the form of a lighthouse. (DWM: Voyager)

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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

The Pharos "lighthouse"

A lighthouse is a type of building, typically a tower, erected to emit light as a navigational aid to sea-going vessels.

In the 2250s Starfleet constructed Project Pharos, an interstellar lighthouse. The Pharos tower extended out of the atmosphere of the planet it was built on; Starfleet intended it to broadcast navigational data throughout the Marrat Nebula, and to log illegal traffic.

When the Starfleet engineers were drilling the foundations for Pharos they discovered vast quantities of dilithium - when the Klingon Kaaj learned of this he saw Starfleet's efforts an attempt to claim the open system and attacked the lighthouse. A battle between the IKS Varchas and USS Enterprise followed, and at a stalemate Captain Christopher Pike fired on the planet itself; destroying the contested planet and Pharos, but in the process starting a chain reaction in the dilithium that made the planet one huge beacon. (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")



Pharos is the etymological ancestor of the word lighthouse in many languages, originating from the island of Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt, the location of the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the world.

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From The Vault

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Point Lookout Lighthouse

World map: Point Lookout
map marker: Point Lookout Lighthouse
sections: Underground Lab
quests: A Meeting of the Minds
cell name: DLC04Lighthouse
ref id: xx00f05a

The Lighthouse is a location in Point Lookout.


Related Quests

A Meeting of the Minds

The last main quest in the Point Lookout (add-on) takes place in the Underground Lab (basement) of the lighthouse. Before the Great War, the lab was known as the St. Aubin Medical Facility. Sometime after, Professor Calvert began using it as a secret laboratory. It is the location of the final confrontation between Desmond Lockheart, Calvert, and the PC.

Lighting the Lighthouse

There is an unmarked quest in which the player can turn on the lighthouse. The note to start this quest is found at the top of the Lighthouse and outside of Haley's Hardware, to the right of the front entrance.

Notable loot

During "Meeting of the Minds" you are able to go into the basement of the lighthouse. Scattered throughout the basement are Mesmetron Power Cells.


Point Lookout Lighthouse appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Behind the scenes

This location is based on Point Lookout Light (yet it's appearance closely resembles the Assategue Light). A lighthouse which is known for its association with ghost stories and has been the subject of paranormal investigations.

At least one of the bulbs at the top can be replaced (there is a holotape on a table at the top giving the location of the bulb).

Point Lookout (add-on)

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From Lostpedia

The Lamp Post
[[{{{Video}}}|Orientation Video]]
First seen
Last seen
Constructed by
Controlled by
Locating the Island
Discovered by

The Temple


The Lamp Post is a DHARMA Initiative station located in a basement chamber beneath a church in Los Angeles, California in the United States. The station's purpose is to determine the Island's most probable location in space and time and identify windows of opportunity to travel there. It is the only known DHARMA station to exist off of the Island. ("316")



DHARMA Initiative

The Lamp Post station was the means by which the DHARMA Initiative originally located the Island -- so likely the station was constructed somewhere in the 1960's or 1970's. It is likely also the first station to be constructed by DHARMA. The station was built in Los Angeles over a pocket of electromagnetic energy linked to other similar pockets all over the world. Through monitoring or manipulation of this energy, the Initiative was able to deduce the existence of the Island. The pendulum was added later by a "very clever" individual who realized that in order to find the Island, it was not a question of where to locate it, but to determine where it was going to be at a given point in time. ("316") It seems likely that the station was staffed or at least monitored by DHARMA personnel providing the means for submarines to reach the Island.

It is unknown if the church was built by the DHARMA Initiative, although it does provide a simple way to hide the station.

The Others

Although built by the DHARMA Initiative, at some point the station fell into the custody of Eloise Hawking, one of the Others living off the Island in 2007. Eloise refers to DHARMA in the third person ("They built it"), indicating she is not a member of the Initiative. It is not clear how she came to become the caretaker of the station -- although given the Others' goal of preserving the Island at all costs, they would have a strong motivation in keeping this place a secret from the outside world and preventing its use by others. Eloise's duties at the station are also unknown. It is possible the Others continue to use the station in returning to the Island from the outside world. ("The Lie")  ("316")

It seems likely that Charles Widmore does not know of the existence of the Lamp Post or is blocked from using it in some way; he undoubtedly would have used it to further his goal of locating the Island.

Recent Events

Season Five

Using the station and notes from Daniel Faraday's journal, Eloise Hawking instructed the Oceanic Six on how they could return to the Island. She identified a single flight that was going to fly right through the "window": Ajira Airways Flight 316. She instructed the Oceanic Six that this flight would be only way back to the Island. ("316")

The Station

The station is located entirely underground beneath a church in Los Angeles, California.

The Church

A large church conceals the entrance of the Lamp Post. In a back room (past a door marked "High Voltage"), a spiral staircase descends into a short vaulted hallway to a large hatch door emblazoned with the station's logo: the entrance to the Lamp Post. A number of what appear to be thick electrical cables are bundled along one wall. ("The Lie")  ("316")

The Pendulum Chamber

The interior of the Lamp Post
The Island's coordinates changing

The Lamp Post appears to consist of a single large circular chamber, the floor of which is largely occupied by a giant map of the world. Hanging directly over the map at the center of room is a large weighted pendulum (very similar to a Foucault pendulum) tipped with a piece of chalk. The pendulum is constantly in motion - swinging in long graceful arcs back and forth across the room creating marks on the map below. Several loudspeakers are visible at various points throughout the room. A number of alcoves are set around the periphery of the chamber - most containing other machines and computer mainframes - including one bank of instrumentation that looks like a seismograph.

One of these alcoves contains elaborate electronic switchboard set into the wall, which is updated periodically, dispalying sets of latitude and longitude coordinates. A small light on the lefthand side of the panel may identify the most probable location of the Island at a given time.

A photo of the Island taken for the U.S. Army. ("316")

Another alcove contains a large chalkboard mounted on the wall. Pinned to the top of the chalkboard is a large black and white photo of the Island. The caption appears to indicate it was taken by the U.S. Army in September 1954. The photo is marked as being top secret.

A final alcove contains a desk and several file cabinets. Atop the desk are a number of binders and an Apple desktop computer (similar to those seen on the Island at the Swan and the Pearl). Eloise Hawking was observed to use the computer briefly which displayed a map of the world with several locations highlighted that corresponded to those drawn by the pendulum on the chamber's floor. The computer beeped and message appeared: "EVENT WINDOW DETERMINED." ("The Lie")  ("316")


The logo on Hawking's computer
The Lamp Post logo on the Ajira Airways website

The Lamp Post was first hinted at from a logo released in the course of the alternate reality game Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project. A Dharma Special Access e-mail described it is a "yet-unseen Dharma station", and the logo was visible for a split second at the end of the Dec. 9, 2008 video with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

The logo was seen again on the Ajira Airways website. After entering the flight booking system and selecting seats, the 35th seat selected causes the logo to be visible for a brief moment on the sidebar.

The logo appeared later for the first time on the show on a computer used by Eloise Hawking in "The Lie".

Notable visitors

Picture Name First visit Last visit Reason for Visit
Eloise Hawking "The Lie" "316" Had been working in the Lamp Post for a long time, attempting to locate the position of the island.
Ben "316" "316" Had been working in conjunction with Eloise Hawking for a long time in attempting to get the Oceanic 6 to return to the island.
Jack "316" "316" Visited station along with Ben and several of his fellow Oceanic 6 in order to learn more information about returning to the island from Eloise Hawking.
Sun "316" "316" Visited station along with Ben and several of her fellow Oceanic 6 in order to learn more information about returning to the island from Eloise Hawking.
Desmond "316" "316" Visited station in order to find Daniel Faraday's mother, Eloise Hawking


  • The name of the station is a reference to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the first book of The Chronicles of Narnia. In the book, a lamp post marks the passage between Narnia and our world. The Lamp Post serves a similar function with regard to the Island.
    The lamp-post in Narnia
    • The lamp post in Narnia was explained in book six of the The Chronicles of Narnia, The Magician's Nephew. In that story, a prequel to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and featuring the creation of Narnia, a young boy named Digory discovers a "place between worlds" that allows him to visit other versions of reality by jumping through pools. He awakens Jadis, who then returns to London and wreaks havoc, eventually tearing a bar off a lamp post before she's sent back to Narnia. On arriving, children in tow, Narnia has yet to be made; Aslan is in the process of doing so, when she attacks him with the bar. He ignores the attack, and she throws the bar away, where it plants itself in the ground and begins "growing" into a new lamp post. Both the "jumping into pools" and using the lamp post as the lone connection to the outside world seem related to Narnia.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: The Lamp Post/Theories
  • When was The Lamp Post constructed?
  • Who was the "clever fellow" who installed the pendulum?
  • How is the pendulum used to determine the location of the Island?
  • How did the U.S. Army photo of the Island come to be posted at the Lamppost?
  • How and when did Eloise become the caretaker of the station?

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.
Location on World map
Waterbirth Island
Falconer Lighthouse Rellekka
Barbarian Outpost

The Lighthouse is an area north of the Barbarian Outpost, and features prominently in the Horror from the Deep quest. The Lighthouse can only be entered during and after the quest. Its dungeon is a popular place for players to kill dagannoth for Slayer. Jossik can be found upstairs after completing the aforementioned quest. He runs a general store and will provide players with God books, as well as replace any that are lost.


Getting there

The Lighthouse area

The Lighthouse is in a somewhat remote area. Players can get there from the Barbarian Outpost by jumping across the northern basalt rocks that protrude from the sea. It is possible to slip on the rocks, which results in the player falling into the water, being swept back to shore, and taking damage. It is noted that having an Agility level above 35 increases the likelihood of successfully jumping across the rocks.

Another route of access is via a bridge, which is fixed during the quest. The bridge is located in the south-western part of the Fremennik Province. If the bridge has not been fixed, the player can jump across it, but this will cause damage.

There are three teleports that arrive near the Lighthouse:

The Lighthouse

Maps of the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is the start point of the quest Horror from the Deep, and is where most of the quest takes place. It cannot be entered until Larrissa, who stands outside the Lighthouse, gives the player the Lighthouse key. After unlocking the door for the first time, the key is no longer needed.

Ground floor

The ground floor just has the stairs to the first floor and a metal ladder to the basement.

First floor

The first floor is the room for the Lighthouse's tender. It contain a bed, bookcase, two sets of drawers, and stairs leading up and down.

Jossik can be found here after the player rescues him in the quest. He replaces Silas as the keeper of the Lighthouse. Jossik runs a general store in this room. Besides the usual items like hammers and rope, the store also sells:

Jossik will replace a player's Damaged book or God book if it is lost, with collected pages intact. If a player completes a god book, Jossik will also sell them a new one for 5,000 coins.

Second floor

The second floor contains the light and its mechanism. The player repairs the mechanism during the Horror from the Deep quest.

The Lighthouse building is difficult to see from the ground, but a better view of it is possible on this floor.

View of the Lighthouse
The light is restored after the player completes Horror from the Deep.


The basement contains the ladder back up, a small pool of water, and a door to the north. Beyond the door is a foyer with a ladder down into the dungeon.

At first, the door is a "strange wall" which the player activates during the quest. Once activated, the wall becomes two one-way doorways. The eastern door is used to enter the foyer from the basement and the western one is used to enter the basement from the foyer.


A dagannoth below the Lighthouse.

The dungeon is a single large chamber. The westernmost part is a pool of water, presumably connecting to the sea outside, while the rest is dry land.

After the quest, the dungeon is crawling with many dagannoth. It is a multi-combat area, and the dagannoth here, although moderately strong, are inaccurate in their attacks and are not as powerful as their levels suggest. The level 74 dagannoth shoot spikes at players as a rather poor ranged attack, and the level 92 dagannoth attack with a slightly more accurate close-range bite. Many dagannoth wander about near the entrance ladder, so players should be prepared for combat as soon as they descend into the dungeon.





  • Lighthouse
  • Out of the Deep (unlocked during Horror from the Deep.)


  • The dungeon can be seen from the foyer by the ladder, but it will appear empty, since the foyer and the dungeon are on different levels.
  • Players given dagannoth on Slayer assignments often use this dungeon.
  • Some players use Dwarf Cannons in the dungeon, since it is multi-combat and full of targets.
  • Jossik has a more extensive selection of alcohol than most taverns in RuneScape!
  • There are no banks near the Lighthouse, but a quick route to a bank and back to the lighthouse consists of using a Games necklace to teleport to the Wilderness Volcano, where a banker is found, teleporting to the Barbarian Outpost, and traversing the basalt rocks up to the Lighthouse.
  • The Basalt rocks may be a reference to the Giant's Causeway.

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki

Name: Alex von Minden
Rank: Community Relations Manager
Known Aliases: NCsoft_Lighthouse



Previously with Sony Entertainment Online (SOE), was a Game Master (GM) and involved with Everquest. Has been playing the "City of" franchise since 2004. (more info in talk, see original post)

In-game character


Origin Story[1]

Lighthouse was a bomber pilot, presumably during the Second World War. His plane was shot down by enemy flak. He miraculously survived the explosion, and also the fall to the ground, despite being without a parachute. He takes his name from a lighthouse, near his airbase, that fascinated him.


  • Possibly a kinetics or gravity controller, from the vague references to slowing down time in his origin story.
  • Lighthouse ages at a reduced rate.


Lighthouse forum profile on the City of Heroes/Villains Forums.

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