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This page is about the booster set Light of Destruction. If you are looking for "The Light of Destruction" from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, see The Light of Destruction.

Light of Destruction (LODT) is the 27th Booster Pack released in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, and the 8th of the OCG Series 5 Booster Packs. It includes 80 cards in the OCG, and 100 cards in the TCG, the additional ones being 10 former OCG-exclusive cards and 10 TCG-exclusive cards. This set focuses on LIGHT Attribute monsters featuring Sartorius' Arcana Force cards and the Lightsworns. This pack also features cards used by Jaden Yuki, Aster Phoenix, Jesse Anderson and Vellian Crowler. Cover Card is Honest. This set was followed by The Duelist Genesis, the first set from Series 6.

Set Specifications
Image:JPN.png Image:SKR.png
  • English Set Name: Light of Destruction
  • Japanese Set Name: ライト・オブ・デストラクション
  • Korean Set Name: 파괴의 빛
  • OCG Set Order: 508
  • OCG Set Prefixes: LODT
  • OCG Release Date: 23 February, 2008
  • Korean Release Date: 2 June, 2008
  • Cover Card: Honest
  • 5 cards per pack, 30 packs per box
  • Includes 80 cards:

OCG Set Card Ratios:

OCG Set Card Galleries:
1st Edition

Unlimited Edition
Japanese - Korean

OCG Set Card Lists:
Japanese - Korean

Image:USA.png Image:CAN.png Image:UKM.png Image:EUR.png
  • English Set Name: Light of Destruction
  • Portuguese Set Name: Luz da Destruição
  • Spanish Set Name:Luz de la destrucción
  • TCG Set Prefixes: LODT
  • TCG Release Date: 7 May, 2008
  • TCG Sneak Preview: 3 & 4 May, 2008
  • Legal for Local Events: 3 May, 2008
  • Legal for Premier Events: 17 May, 2008
  • Sneak Preview Promotional Card: Guardian of Order
  • Cover Card: Honest
  • See Also: Light of Destruction: Special Edition
  • TCG Special Edition Cards:
  • 9 cards per pack, 24 packs per box
  • Booster Pack: ISBN 1-59945-485-8 | EAN 0-053334-611923 | UPC 0-053334-61192

TCG Set Card Ratios:

TCG Set Card Galleries:
1st Edition
English - French - German - Italian - Spanish

Unlimited Edition
English - French - German - Italian - Spanish

TCG Set Card Lists:
English - French - German - Italian - Spanish

Facts about Light of DestructionRDF feed
Booster Pack EAN Barcodes EAN 0-053334-611923  +
Booster Pack ISBN Barcodes ISBN 1-59945-485-8  +
Booster Pack UPC Barcodes UPC 0-053334-61192  +
English Set Names Light of Destruction  +
Japanese Set Names ライト・オブ・デストラクション  +
Korean Set Names 파괴의 빛  +
OCG Cover Card Honest  +
OCG Release Dates 23 February 2008  +
OCG Set Order 508  +
OCG Set Prefixes LODT  +
Portuguese Set Names Luz da Destruição  +
Set Light of Destruction  +
Set Release OCG  +, and TCG  +
Set Type Booster Pack  +
Spanish Set Names Luz de la destrucción  +
TCG Cover Card Honest  +
TCG Release Dates 7 May 2008  +
TCG Set Prefixes LODT  +

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