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Moldy Crow, a light freighter used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.
"Garvan's knees—there's more kinds a light freighters limpin' around than you've got hairs—uh, scales…Heck, ever'body who owns one of the blasted t'ings messes wit' it in some way. Vair's eyelids—none of 'em are 'stock' anymore."
Captain Rars Lefken

Light freighters were spacecraft used for small freight operations. They were popular choices for small shipping firms, independent haulers and smugglers for their low cost, ease of customization and a ubiquitous nature that helped avoid unwanted attention.

These craft were usually upgradeable, a glistening (or maybe a not-so-glistening) example being the Millennium Falcon, which was capable of moving four times as fast in hyperspace as a stock YT-1300.

Although light freighters were usually in private hands, the Azzameen family used a few YT-series transports for their shipping operations. Most large shipping concerns used larger bulk freighters and container ships for their transportation needs.



"There's no such thing as a stock light freighter."
―A common saying among spacers

The Corellian Engineering Corporation was a prodigious developer of light freighters.

The Mon Calamari Shipyards produced four models;

Ghtroc Industries produced a number of light freighters that remained popular even after the company went out of business;

Suwantek Systems produced two models;

CorelliSpace made three lines of light freighters;

Other light freighter models

Known ships


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