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Light Curtain in Final Fantasy VII.

The Light Curtain, also known as Steel Curtain, is a disposable item from the Final Fantasy series.




Final Fantasy

The Light Curtain only appears on the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes. It is dropped by several powerful enemies and can be bought in the Mage village of the Whisperwind Cove.

Effect Casts NulAll on the party.
Buy In Whisperwind Cove
Find In Lifespring Grotto (x5), Whisperwind Cove (x7)
Won From Cagnazzo

Final Fantasy IV

Also known as Star Veil in the PS version.

Effect Casts Reflect on user, which lasts longer than the spell but shorter than the Lunar Curtain.
Location N/A
Find Sealed Cavern
Steal from Evil Mask
Won from Evil Mask, Ging-Ryu, Lamia, Queen Lamia
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Light Curtain casts Reflect on one target.

Final Fantasy VII

Effect Casts Barrier on the party.
Buy in N/A
Find in N/A
Steal from N/A
Won from Garuda, Unknown 1
Morph from Sword Dance, Corvette
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy VIII

Known as the "Steel Curtain".

Effect Teaches a GF the "Auto-Protect" ability.
Location N/A
Find N/A
Steal from N/A
Won from N/A
Refine From 10 Adamantine into 1 Steel Curtain (GF Med-RF)
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy X

Effect Casts Protect on an ally.
Buy in N/A
Find in N/A
Steal from Iron Giant, Gemini (both), Tanket, Ironclad
Won from Fafnir
Bribe N/A
Other Cavern of the Stolen Fayth - Magic Urn, Unlock Juggernaut (x99)
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy X-2

Effect Casts Protect on the party.
Buy in N/A
Find in Kilika (Chapter 1 - Resident Area; Chapter 3 - Resident Area x2; Chapter 5 - Resident Area x3), Luca (Chapter 2 - Outskirts x2; Chapter 5 - Outskirts x3), Zanarkand (Chapter 2 - Cloister; Chapter 3 - Cloister x2)
Steal from Sallet (Rare Normal and Oversoul), Biocette (Rare), Barbuta
Won from Sallet (Normal - Rare and Oversoul), Biocette (Normal - Rare and Oversoul), Barbuta, Armet (Common), Gemini (Common Normal and Oversoul), Heavy Sallet
Bribe From Sallet, Biocette, Armet
Other N/A
Cost N/A

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