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Lifefont as seen in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Move-HP Up, otherwise known as Lifefont and HP Stroll, is a recurring ability in the series. While active, the user will recover HP while walking on the field. This ability is best used in conjunction with the abilities Encounter Half and No Encounters. There is also a MP variant of the ability called MP Stroll, which first appeared in Final Fantasy X.




Final Fantasy IV

While not an ability usable by the party, Lifefont is an enemy ability used by Black Knight, Fell Knight, and Succubus. It restores HP equal to 1/3 of the user's max HP, and is often used as a counter to an attack that brings it down to critical HP.

Final Fantasy VI

The Relic Tintinabar restores HP every step equal to the character's Stamina divided by 4. It only uses base Stamina, however, and does not factor in bonuses from equipment.

Final Fantasy VII

The accessory Cat's Bell has this ability on it.

Final Fantasy VIII

The GF Tonberry King can learn the ability Move-HP Up, which must be equipped on a character in order to use.

Final Fantasy X

HP Stroll is an ability that can be found on dropped armor, or customized on any armor by using 4 Stamina Tablets. There is also a MP variant of the ability called MP Stroll, which can also be customized onto armor by using 2 Mana Tablets.

Final Fantasy X-2

HP Stroll and MP Stroll are both abilities learned by the Trainer Dressphere. They both can also be accessed via the accessory Heady Perfume, and HP Stroll can be accessed via Cat's Bell and the Garment Grid, Wishbringer. MP Stroll can be accessed via Wizard Bracelet.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Lifefont, also known as Move-HP Up, is a Movement Ability in Final Fantasy Tactics. The Monk class learns it for 300 JP. With this ability, units will gain HP as they move across the battlefield at every turn. There is a MP version of this ability, call Manafont.

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