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Liege Maximo is a Cybertronian from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Here I go again on my throne.

Evil is infinite, a natural counterforce to good in the universe that cannot be truly defeated. So when the first Prime was created, so was, necessarily, the ultimate evil. Having no known name, he is known only by his rank. He is the Liege Maximo, and from him Megatron and the Decepticons were descended.

The Liege Maximo's throne sits at The Hub, a network of planetoids that exists in the outer fringes of known space.



Generation 2 Marvel Comics

With the Liege Centuro Jhiaxus destroyed, Jhiaxus's fleet wiped out by The Swarm, and the Autobots and Decepticons united in peace under one banner, Rook reported to the Liege Maximo on the day's devastating events. The Liege Maximo, an ancient and monumental titan, accepted the destruction of Jhiaxus' forces as merely a minor disruption. Sneering at the Transformers' alliance as a fragile thing, the Liege Maximo promised a day of reckoning. A Rage in Heaven!


Reaching the Omega Point

The Covenant witnessed a vision of the ancient past, in which the Liege Maximo tore the Matrix of Leadership from the defeated Primon. When and why this happened remain unanswered questions.


  • Although the Generation 2 comic was cancelled before the true nature of the Liege Maximo could be revealed, Simon Furman was ultimately able to see his ideas for the character through to conclusion in the unofficial novella, "Alignment". Although "Alignment" was produced without permission of Hasbro and is thus considered non-canon, it explains that the Liege Maximo was one of the 13 original Transformers created by Primus, who, unlike his fellows, had chosen not to subdivide repeatedly, doing so only selectively, creating a small taint in the Transformer race which spread through subsequent generations, ultimately flowering with the rise of the Decepticons. Because of this sparse sub-division, the Liege Maximo's connection to the divine origins of the Transformer race was comparatively undiluted, and he sought to embrace it. To this end, he instructed Jhiaxus and the Cybertronian Empire to subject various planets to eco-structuring, which were steadily woven together to form the Hub, a massive resonating structure that would allow him to ascend to the realm of the gods. Two Transformer groups, one led by Grimlock and one by Ultra Magnus and Megatron, disrupted this process by forcing the Liege to leave his corporeal body, then destroying both it and his portal. Left with nowhere to go, the Liege Maximo's essence dissipated, and he was destroyed.
  • Simon Furman has recently cryptically hinted in comments on his blog that the Liege Maximo may make a return in 2008 in IDW's comics.
  • Liege Maximo's name was frequently misspelled as "Leige Maximo" in the Generation 2 comics. Sometimes, both versions were even used on the same page, and once, even in the same sentence.

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