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The Lich (リッチ Ritchi) is a recurring enemy and boss in the Final Fantasy series. While he has no consistent appearance, he is usually based on something that is undead. The Lich is sometimes teamed up with Marilith, the Kraken, and Tiamat to make the Four Fiends.




Final Fantasy

Main article: Lich (Final Fantasy)

The Lich made his first appearance in the original Final Fantasy. Here, he was one of the Four Fiends, the first one the Warriors of Light faced, in the Cavern of Earth. Defeating him opens the way to the depths of the Earthgift Shrine.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Main article: Lich (The After Years)

The fiend from the original Final Fantasy appears in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years along with the rest of the original Four Fiends. Upon defeat, he relinquishes the Assassin's Dagger.

Final Fantasy VI

Main article: Lich (Final Fantasy VI)

Lich is simply a normal monster that the party can encounter in the Cave to the Sealed Gate.

Final Fantasy IX

First fought under its Earth Guardian alias, he battles Zidane and Quina. The whole party only fights him as Lich later in Memoria. A crystal clone can also be found as a random encounter at the Crystal World.

Final Fantasy X-2

Main article: Lich (Final Fantasy X-2)

Lich is a normal enemy encountered at several different locations including the Djose Highroad.

Final Fantasy XI

Liches are mid-level members of the Skeleton genus.

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Final Fantasy XII

Main article: Lich (Final Fantasy XII)

Lich is a normal enemy that can be encountered in the corridors of the Tomb of Raithwall.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Although not an enemy of its own, Lich is a Zombie and one of the four Falgabirds. This is a reference to the original Lich from Final Fantasy.

Vagrant Story

Main article: Lich (Vagrant Story)

Lich is a boss in Vagrant Story. A strong version, Lich Lord exists as a pallet swap enemy. They are both of the Evil Class.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Main article: Lich (Crystal Chronicles)

Lich makes an appearance as the boss of Rebena Te Ra. Defeating her with a high score will sometimes reward the player with the design for a Dark Weapon, which allows Clavats to forge their ultimate weapon, the Ragnarok.


'Lich' is Old English for 'corpse'. It is also a powerful undead sorcerer which has separated its life force, moving it from its body to an item called a phylactery to grant it everlasting life along with the immense power it had in life, which can be augmented infinitely since it will supposedly have an infinite amount of time to study and hone their magical craft. Their life lasts as long as the phylactery remains intact, and they will die if it is destroyed. It hails from Dungeons and Dragons, which the original Final Fantasy draws a lot of its bestiary from.

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