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The Lich is an enemy in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series. She appears as a regular dungeon boss in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and as a boss with a role in the story of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.



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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

In Ring of Fates, The Lich is controlling a female Yuke who works as King Kolka's assistant, and manipulates the people into thinking she is Alhanalem. When the real Alhanalem with the party confronts her, Kolka and the soldiers do not recognize him as the real Al. When the party returns with Meeth, the King finally recognize him as the real one. Afterward, when the party are sent off to Sinners' Isle for being accused of attacking the King, they travel to the Shadowland to battle the Lich and defeat her. When they return to Rebena Te Ra, the female Yuke reveals herself to be the Lich and the party battles her one last time.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Main article: Lich (Crystal Chronicles Boss)

In Crystal Chronicles, the Lich appears as the boss in the ruins of Rebena Te Ra. To even touch it, characters must cast Fire and Blizzard on the two poles on either flank of the room, then a Holy spell underneath it to reveal it, allowing characters to do damage. Casting Gravity on it first will reduce its HP by half, but as always, this only works once. Its attacks are all rather straightforward, casting Chain Lightning, which takes about five seconds to detonate, Meteor, and summoning Skeletons.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Lich's true form in Ring of Fates
Main article: Lich (Ring of Fates)

In Ring of Fates, the Lich is revealed to be a female. She appears as a boss in two locations, the Shadowland and inside Rebena Te Ra's Castle.


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