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The weapon and armor section of Basch's License Board

The License Board is the ability system from Final Fantasy XII. Each square on the board requires a certain amount of License Points to be activated. License Points are gained whenever an enemy is defeated by most methods (there are some ways such as Zalera's "Kill" ability in which no license points are gained). Every character receives the same amount of LP, regardless if they are in the active party. Enemies always give a minimum of 1 LP, though tougher opponents such as Marks or Bosses may grant more. To unlock all licenses, including three Quickenings, a character must acquire over 13000 LP. This process can be sped up by the use of an accessory called the Golden Amulet, which, when equipped, enables the user to gain double the normal amount of license points.

When a square on the board is activated, all squares around it open up. In addition to new Magicks and Technicks, weapons and armor can only be equipped if specific licenses are purchased. Other squares include Augments, which enhance a character's base stats.

Quickenings and Espers must be activated similarly. However, unlike other squares, once a Quickening or Esper has been purchased, no other character may purchase that square.

Upon completing every character's license board, including the Espers and Quickenings, Rasler appears in the Sky Pirate's Den.


The license board is set up into two primary sections, with four subsections in each of them. The top section is the non-physical section, pertaining to Magick, Technicks, Augments, and Accessories. These allow characters to do everything other than equipping weapons and armor. While some of these do affect the armor, such as a shield augment which allows you to block attacks more often when using a shield, since this does not allow you to equip anything, it is in the top section. The bottom section is the equipment section. This section includes equipping all Armor and Weapons. The four sub-sections are divided by weapon type. One section includes Hand Bombs, Guns, and Ninja swords. Another section includes Staves and Maces. A third section has all of the armor in the game, with Light Armor, Heavy Armor, and Mystic Armor, with the final section including everything else: Swords, Bows, Hammers, Greatswords, and Katanas.

The only things which do not lie in one of these categories are Espers and Quickenings, which are dispersed throughout the board.

International Zodiac Job System

Main article: Zodiac Job System

In this Japan-exclusive version of Final Fantasy XII, the License Board has been revamped and split into twelve different License Boards, each Board shaped according to the twelve signs of the Zodiac and assigned to a certain job class.


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