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Librarians make regular appearances in many places in game. The following are malevolent, usually attacking most people who enter their literary domain:

There are, however, some librarians who hold no ill will:

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General Information
Purpose Indexing of all sentient beings in the Galaxy
First Seen Terminals
"And what about us, Didact? We've been irresistible and immovable for too long. Maybe it's our turn to give."
—The Librarian to Didact

The Librarian[1] was a Forerunner being whose true name is unknown.

The Librarian sought to document and index all sentient beings of the Milky Way galaxy, and protect them from being absorbed into the Flood by sending them to the shelter of the Ark. The Librarian removed herself from the Flood-Forerunner conflict by building, then deactivating and burying the portal leading to Installation 00 (The Ark). The Librarian's destruction of the remaining Keyships left her isolated on Earth. The Librarian spent her last days on Mt. Kilimanjaro, overlooking the portal to the Ark.

The Librarian's lover was Didact, commander of the Forerunner military, with whom The Librarian corresponded frequently. It is possible that because of this love Didact delayed so long the firing of the Halos. In the end, The Librarian had to self-destruct her own ships and strand herself on Earth to let Didact realize what he had to do.

For some reason, The Librarian held a deep respect for humanity, whom she viewed as "special" amongst all of the sentient life it had seen, and felt that it was well-worth the sacrifice of her own life to save them.



It is important to note that "Librarian" would not have been her actual name or title. The Forerunner records of her transmissions utilize translation software so advanced that it incorporates idioms from the reader's own experience.[2] Thus words such as "Eden", "fairy tale" and "Librarian" became the default usage in Forerunner terminals and transmissions when read by Humans.[3] This was likely because there is no direct translation for the original Forerunner words, thus the software utilizes human equivalents. These words appear in brackets in the Terminals.


(As portrayed through the Terminals)

  • Categorization has sped since the improvements were announced, but there are many hurdles. The indexing of sentient species may have irreversible effects on the surviving insentient species. We will have extinction events and irreparable environmental harm on at least 18 worlds. Current projections estimate post-archival cataclysm on as many as 31 worlds. The paucity of sentience has been a blessing in this regard.
  • Would that it were my choice. I have committed to this course because it's the right thing to do. We no longer have the manpower or material to excise remedial measures at a planetary level. I certainly can't justify using the [transit measure] to save my own skin when there are still so many innocents to protect and index.
  • We have no time to spare, Didact. Every vessel we can fill, we send to the Ark. I dare not cease the mission. Not now, not until I've done all I can. Each one of these souls is finite and precious.

And I'm so close. Close to saving them all.

  • I'm close to finishing the task. The indexing and the archival processes are as complete as I can hope for. If we wait longer, we risk catastrophe. The thing has already destroyed every colony on my side of the line.

Please. Activate the Array.

  • The Mantle? You still hold to that [belief] after all that has happened? After this thing has consumed a million worlds?

Can't you see? Belief in the Mantle sealed our doom! Weakened our [protectorates], bred dependence and sloth. Our [so-called Guardianship] has stripped those we would keep safe of any capacity for self-defense! Were we such noble [Guardians] when we drew our line and abandoned billions to the parasite?

  • And what about us, Didact? We've been irresistible and immovable for too long. Maybe it's our turn to give.
  • Are you insane? Would you risk every life in the galaxy for this transparently futile plan? Have you learned nothing in these last [300 years[?]]? The thing will laugh at your efforts!

Do not let your concern for my welfare commit you to this suicidal scheme!

  • Something is wrong! It's moving away! At night I can see it--flitting shadows--black against the stars. Thousands of ships! Not spiraling outward, but heading for the line! This is the tipping point, Didact. It's no longer feeding.

It's coming for you.

  • I've remotely destroyed our Keyships. A security measure. Without them I cannot reach the Ark. But neither then can the thing.

I'm trapped. On a beautiful, empty world. Its inhabitants have been safely indexed, every single one of them. They're special--well worth the effort it took to build one final gateway even at this late hour. This may be our last communication. I'm begging you. Fire the Array. Light the weapon, and let it be done.


  • The Librarian is also an emblem you can use on Halo 3's Multiplayer, named after the character.
  • The Librarian was mentioned in Halo 3 in one of the Terminals. In the conversations, she is known as "L".
  • The Librarian's name is connected to the Library because she was the one who documented all the species to the index, and that is where the index is, similar to how a modern day Librarian puts all the books in a library.
  • On one of the Terminals in Halo 3, you can see the symbol of the Librarian.
  • It is possible that she created an AI to send the creatures on the Ark back home.
  • The Librarian referred to the part of Earth she resided on as "Eden". This is a reference to both the Judaeo-Christian and Islamic biblical Garden.


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Release date Unknown edit
Race Dwarf
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - The Giant Dwarf, Between a Rock...
Location Keldagrim Library
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine He takes care of the library and its many books.
Notable features Helps manage the Keldagrim Library.

Hugi the Librarian is a dwarf that works in the Keldagrim Library.

He is one of the characters in RuneScape who wear glasses, some of the other characters being Reldo, Dibsite Examiners, and Party Pete.

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