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Official Name
Liberty Legion


Red Skull, Nazis


First appearance

Marvel Premiere #29



In 1942 the Red Skull had kidnaped and brainwashed the Invaders, with only Bucky evading capture. Bucky, realizing the danger that a German-friendly Invaders posed, sent out a call for help to all the other available superheroes. Several of them came forward to help him: the Patriot, the Whizzer, Miss America, the Red Raven, the Thin Man, the Blue Diamond, and Jack Frost.

This group called themselves the "Liberty Legion" and successfully freed the Invaders from the Red Skull's grasp. After the Skull's defeat the Liberty Legion decided to remain together and act as the homefront equivalent of the Invaders.

They continued to fight various threats in the U.S. during the war, from crime to German sympathizers, and even encountered a time-traveling Thing at one point. After the Invaders and the Legion joined forces again, to fight the Iron Cross, the Whizzer and Miss America left the Legion to join the Invaders.

After WW2 ended the Legion and the Invaders disbanded, with some of the members of each group coming together to form the All-Winners Squad.


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Publication History

The Liberty Legion is a fictional superhero team in the Marvel Comics universe, created in 1976 and set during World War II. Comprised of existing heroes from Marvel's 1940s Golden Age predecessor, Timely Comics, the team was assembled and named by writer Roy Thomas in a story arc running through The Invaders #5-6 and Marvel Premiere #29-30.

Never headlining its own series except for the two issues of the showcase title Marvel Premiere, the Liberty Legion guest-starred in The Invaders #35-37 (Dec. 1978 - Feb. 1979); in the final two-thirds of a three-part story arc running through The Fantastic Four Annual #11, Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1 (both 1976), and Marvel Two-in-One #20 (Oct. 1976); and in issue #3 (June 1993) of the 1990s miniseries The Invaders.

The Liberty Legion

The Thin Man would go on to co-star in the 2004-05 series The New Invaders.

"America's Homefront Heroes of World War II", the Liberty Legion differed from the Invaders by confronting Axis plots and influence in and around the United States rather than in the overseas theaters of war, and by consisting of mostly obscure Timely Comics superheroes, rather than stars Captain America, the Sub-Mariner, and the original android Human Torch, and sidekicks.

The Liberty Legion, indeed, included only two of even the company's secondary tier (the Whizzer and Miss America, members of Timely's first superteam, the post-war All-Winners Squad), skipping past the popular Angel, Blazing Skull, and Destroyer to instead revive several third-string characters who, in the team's modern-day retcon origin, were assembled in 1942 by Captain America sidekick Bucky, the only Invaders member to escape a brainwashing trap by the Red Skull.

The Blue Diamond (a superstrong, superhumanly durable anthropologist), Jack Frost (the mythological spirit of winter), and the Thin Man (comics' first stretching hero, predating Plastic Man by just over a year) were here reintroduced into Marvel continuity, appearing for the first time since the Golden Age. Unofficial team leader the Patriot (styled after Captain America) had appeared as a simulacrum projected from the mind of Rick Jones in The Avengers Vol. 1, #97 (March 1972), but was otherwise reintroduced here. The winged Red Raven, who'd starred in the single issue of a namesake title in 1940, had re-entered the modern Marvel universe with [Uncanny] X-Men #44 (May 1968). The Whizzer had returned as an older character in Giant-Size Avengers #1 (Aug. 1974), relating how he and the since-deceased Miss America had married each other years before.


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