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Planet of origin

Possibly Corbos


Ability to absorb life-energy

"The Leviathan didn't stop until it had devoured every last scream."
Kyp Durron

The Leviathans were bioengineered serpentine sithspawn created by fallen Dark Jedi during the Hundred-Year Darkness. Some sources speculated that they may have been created by Karness Muur.



Living superweapons, leviathans roamed battlefields and drew the life-energies of enemy soldiers into blister traps that dotted their wide backs. When they killed a being, they could absorb all of his knowledge. They also could travel through lava unscathed.


"They predate the Sith Order. The Dark Jedi that would become the first Sith Lords we know today created them during the Hundred Year Darkness, over seven thousand years ago."
Vul Isen, regarding Leviathans

Following the Battle of Corbos in 6,900 BBY, the Leviathans virtually disappeared from the galaxy, only emerging on Corbos every time colonists attempted to establish themselves there. In 12 ABY, they were destroyed by the Jedi Knight Kyp Durron. In 137 ABY Sith scientist Vul Isen of the One Sith engineered a Sea Leviathan to aid in the genocide on the planet Dac.

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A Leviathan larva.

Behind the scenes

The leviathan was named for the Biblical creature of the same name.

Darth Malak's flagship could have been named after the creature


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