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Final Fantasy IV Enemy
Japanese リヴァイアサン
Romaji Rivaiasan
J2e Name Leviathan
SNES Name Leviatan
PS Name Leviathan
GBA Name Leviathan
DS Name Leviathan

Leviathan is a boss in Final Fantasy IV. It was called Leviatan in the Easytype version. Found in the Feymarch, it must be fought so that Rydia can acquire the Leviathan summon.


Leviathan has two forms - one in which his mouth is open, one in which it is closed. When his mouth is open, Leviathan will use Tidal Wave to attack the party for considerable damage. When his mouth is closed, Leviathan casts Blizzara on a single party member. Rydia should summon Ramuh, Edge should use Blitz, Kain should Jump, Cecil should attack, and Rosa should heal the party. In comparison to Asura, Leviathan is actually easier to defeat as his attacks only do about half as much damage, and he has an elemental weakness to exploit.


DS Strategy

In the DS version, Leviathan opens battle with Deluge, doing significant damage to the party. Leviathan will use Blizzara and Blizzaga and is also prone to using Deluge again without warning. If Rydia has the Bluff Augment, she can use it in tandem with Thundaga to do massive damage to Leviathan.

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