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See Hiscores for the relative total rankings of the different skills.

Number of players at level 99
86,682 77,945 5,262
121,589 5,002 6,524
63,634 4,063 25,662
53,785 12,395 102,253
14,575 8,700 37,325
47,067 89,416 59,468
3,203 7,533 6,318
4,171 13,962 4,607
All skills: 551
All free skills as free players: 12
As of 4th February 2010
A player performing the Cape of Accomplishment emote from the Attack cape for Level 99 Attack.

Level 99 is the maximum skill level a player can advance in a skill (with 13,034,431 experience points), although players can have up to 200,000,000 experience in any skill. Thus, if a player has level 99 in all the skills, the maximum total levels are 2,376 levels (that is 24 skills multiplied by 99). When level 99 in any skill is reached, there is a different fireworks animation that can be heard by everyone nearby and has bigger and more fireworks.

Pay-to-play players reaching level 99 in a skill are entitled to wear a Cape of Accomplishment for that particular skill. This cape can be bought from a specific skill master, for 99,000 coins. When operated, this cape allows a player to have a temporary level of 100, and the player performs a unique emote. Furthermore, if the player reaches Level 99 in more than one skill, the player's skill cape becomes trimmed and any more skill capes the player obtains will also become trimmed (along with the newly received cape, of course).

Cooking and Fletching give fairly quick training, with anywhere from a cost of 1-8 million coins to a profit of up to or exceeding 3 million depending how they are trained. Another little-known skill that gives quick experience is Thieving (see the amount of people with 99 Thieving compared to Cooking and Fletching). Level 45-99 Thieving can be done in 2-4 weeks, depending on how long someone plays each day. Furthermore, getting level 1-45 Thieving can take less than a week. It will cost more if players want faster experience in Cooking and Fletching. Strength is by far the most trained, resulting in the highest number of 99s. However, gaining 99 levels is not easy no matter which skill, and thus classified as a major achievement. This is why wearing the Cape of Accomplishment is something to be proud of.

The skills interface prior to the Skill Interface update.
Before the Skill interface update, players with a level 99 skill could view the experience needed to earn level 100.

In RuneScape Classic, the maximum total level was 1,782; the addition of Runecrafting (1881), Slayer (1980), Farming (2079), Construction (2178), Hunter (2277), and the newest skill, Summoning, brought the maximum total levels to 2,376.

Listen to audio.
Level 99 Fireworks (link)
Sound acquired at any level 99 skill.
A player gaining level 99 in a skill.


99 Parties

A Level 99 party is a party held by a player to celebrate his/her achievement in getting a level 99 in a skill.



Players may invite friends to follow them as they level up from 98 to 99. They will then head to the master of that skillcape (For example the Master Fisher outside the Fishing guild who sells fishing capes or Hickerton in Catherby who sells Fletching capes). The player will then buy the cape of the 99 skill and equip it, then do the emote of that particular skill often to rounds of:"congratulations" and cheering.

Alternatively, some players may get 99 in a skill (without any friends) and later go with a group of friends to purchase the skillcape.

Players may take videos/get a friend to take a video of their journey to 99 and of them getting their cape. These videos are some of the most common RuneScape videos shown on sites such as YouTube.


Common phrases used to congratulate the player getting 99 are:

  • Gratz [player] on 99 [skill]!
  • Congratulations on getting 99 [skill], [player]!
  • Congrats [player]!


The player may then host a house party. The group of players will simply have fun and relax. Alternatively, players may head to the Party Room and have a drop party. They may light origami balloons, use toy mice, anything to celebrate! In the past, players used to host normal drop parties (which involved the player dropping the items manually), but this is no longer possible because of the drop change update.

First players to achieve level 99

When level 99 stats first started appearing, players with such stats were often well known around the RuneScape community. However, as more and more people obtained level 99, it is often agreed that such players do not stand out much any more. However, other members of the RuneScape community still consider it a major achievement.

Below is a list of the first players reaching level 99 in a particular skill.

The first level 99 in smithing.
Achievement Date achieved Player
99 Woodcutting 28 August 2001 Everdred
99 Firemaking 2001 Cowchicken1
99 Magic September 2002 Bluerose13x
99 Smithing 13 December 2001 Bluerose13x
99 Cooking January 2002 Tks
99 Fishing January 2002 Tks
99 Mining 2002 Joe Bill64
99 Ranged 2002 Snake Slava2
99 Agility 23 March 2003 Thehate
99 Crafting 30 March 2003 Ltangel
99 Fletching 2003 Chilipeppers
99 Prayer May 2004 Lilyuffie88
99 Slayer 9 July 2005 Zezima
99 Farming 27 September 2005 0xpx0
99 Construction 6 June 2006 Cursed You3
99 Hunter 2 December 2006 Darkforest67
99 Summoning 8 February 2008 Nercychlidae
99 Attack Zonghui
99 Defence Zonghui
99 Strength Ladykilljoy
99 Hitpoints Zonghui
99 Thieving Swedemike
99 Herblore Halw Gnun
99 Runecrafting Kale Stille

Multiple level 99 skills

Achievement Date achieved Player
99 in all melee Zonghui
99 in all skills (1980) 9 July 2005 Zezima
99 in all skills (2079) 4 October 2005 Zezima
99 in all skills (2178) 11 June 2006 N0valyfe
99 in all skills (2277) Thehate
99 in all skills (2376) Kingduffy 14
99 in all free version skills 28 January 2008 Syzygy
1. ^ Cowchicken and Dragoon 787 reached level 99 Firemaking on the same day, but it is commonly accepted that Cowchicken reached it earlier.
2. ^ Snake Slava was banned for macro use after Jagex mistook his English-Russian translator for cheating software. To prove that he did not cheat, he actually brought his computer to the Jagex headquarters. To prove that he could achieve it again, he trained his second character Snake Slavik to 99 Ranged as well before anyone else could do so.
3. ^ Cursed You was banned for real world trading, not for causing the Falador Massacre.
4. ^ While Zezima was the first player to reach level 99 in all skills, he did not keep up with Summoning, and thus has been overtaken by other players.

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