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The Lethe River

The Lethe River, also known as Lete River, is a river that flows through Final Fantasy VI in the World of Balance. Its origin is in the Sabre Mountains and has a glacial input near Narshe. The river flows through the mountains and has two discharges. One of them is near the port city of Nikeah and the other is near Gau's Father's House. It conveniently passes by the Returner Hideout, and the Returners built rafts in order to escape their hideout in an emergency. One such emergency came about when the Gestahlian Empire invaded South Figaro, and Terra, Edgar, Sabin, and Banon had to escape. They rode down the river towards Narshe, but they had to fight Ultros on the way. They defeated him easily, but Ultros stuck one of his tentacles to Terra's leg. As a result, Sabin tried to fight it off with a Blitz. The struggle ended up with Sabin falling into the water, which sent him down towards Gau's Father's House. The others, separated by a fork in the river, continued down to Narshe.

The party meeting with Ultros

The Lethe River has two points at which the player party has to choose a path. At the first spot, all three paths converge at the first of two Save Points, but the other path puts the party in a loop if they choose to go up. Many players have used this "Lete River trick" as a way to gain many levels fast, although it requires a turbo controller or one with autofire.

Going down the Lethe River a second time puts the party at Gau's Father's House.

The river is apparently destroyed after Kefka gains the power of the Warring Triad and transforms the world into the World of Ruin

Monster Formations


The Lethe River was portrayed in the Divine Comedy as a river in Purgatory. Dante drank from this river, cleansing his soul of sin and preparing him for the ascent to heaven.


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