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Leo the Gravedigger
Release date 15 March 2006 (Update)
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Leo The Gravedigger Random event
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine A lazy undertaker.
Notable features Appears for the Gravedigger Random Event
Leo the Gravedigger's event

Gravedigger is a random event that players might trigger when engaged in any type of activity. When the event occurs, a gravedigger named Leo will immediately teleport the player to an old graveyard that contains five open graves, each containing a coffin. Leo will then speak, explaining what he wants the player to do for him.

If the player does not have enough empty space in his inventory, he can use Leo's Mausoleum as a deposit box. To operate the Mausoleum, click on items, and they will be deposited in the player's bank. The player should not deposit any items that he might need after being teleported back to RuneScape.


First remove the five coffins from their graves. Inspecting the coffins, identify what relates the items. Reading the gravestone shows an item that matches items from one of the coffins. Place coffins in graves that match to complete the random event.

The images below show coffin and grave matches.

Leo seeks help from a player.
Mining items
Crafting items
Cooking items
Farming items

After placing the coffins into their corresponding graves, speak again with Leo. He will take a look at the graves to ensure that they are correct. If they are not, he will tell the player to take a look at them again. If they are correct Leo will thank the player and teleport him back to the place from which he were teleported.


After being teleported back to RuneScape, the player will receive a reward for correctly completing Leo's task. The rewards include the five pieces of the zombie outfit and two emotes, one of which may chosen from the Random event gift. If a costume is chosen, visit Thessalia's clothes shop in Varrock to claim it.

A list of the rewards is given in the following table:

Reward Name
File:Zombie mask.PNG Zombie mask
File:Zombie-Shirt.gif Zombie shirt
File:Zombie pants.png Zombie trousers
File:Zombie Boots.gif Zombie boots
File:Zombie gloves.PNG Zombie gloves
Icon Name Emote
File:Zombie walk emote icon.PNG Zombie walk emote A player performing the Zombie Walk emote.
File:Zombie dance emote icon.PNG Zombie dance emote A player performing the Zombie Dance emote.


A player is digging up or burying a coffin.
  • Players will lose their tolerance with the monsters in the area if they are taken to a Random event.
  • Both emotes unlocked from this random event are in reference to Michael Jackson's 1983 classic music video Thriller, where Michael Jackson and others are zombies that break into dance.
  • The zombie boots' examine info is "Thrilling".
  • Unlike most gardeners, Leo wields his spade like a two-handed sword.
  • Prior to 25 February 2009, it was once possible to receive two pieces of the zombie outfit. However, after it became possible to choose your reward, it is now only possible to receive one item of zombie clothing.
  • Previously, there were different motions for the emotes. The Zombie Walk was a deep motion bending backwards and forwards from the lower spine area, while legs remained nearly motionless. The Zombie Dance used to be a strange and comic dance where the player would drop their arms and wave them back and forth while shaking their body, ending in an arguably funny kick.
  • As of 25 February 2009, players may receive this event while doing anything, not just burying bones.
  • If you choose to not complete the event by telling Leo you do not want to do it, Leo will teleport you back to RuneScape, but he will not necessarily return you to where you came from.
  • There are five dead trees and a tree stump, but you can't cut any of the trees.
  • Players who use an axe on one of the dead trees will receive the message "You don't need any wood. What are you planning on doing, making them a fresh coffin?"
  • The action of digging up or burying a coffin in the random event resembles that of burying bones in Runescape.
  • If the player attempts to bury an item from his inventory in a grave, he receives the message: "Burying that here would be very silly."
  • Summoning familiars can't enter the area, and if you try to call yours it says, "You cannot call the familiar into this random event," however, you can still take items by pressing the summoning icon near the minimap and selecting take BoB, this may be a glitch.
  • Your familiars timer will remain unchanged, regardless of how long you remain in the random event.

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