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For the Supermutant barfly, see Lenny (super mutant).
race: Ghoul
affiliation: Gecko
role: Doctor
location: Gecko
appearances: Fallout 2
dialogue file: GCLENNY.MSG

The ghoul Lenny was a doctor before the war. He and his father, "Coffin" Willie, made it to the partial safety of Vault 12 in Bakersfield before the bombs fell, and were, like the rest of that vault, turned into ghouls by the intense radiation. When the Vault Dweller came to Necropolis in 2161, fixing the town's water pump, Lenny was greatly moved and inspired by his example. He wished that he had joined him, and spent the next 80 years regretting that he never had the courage to join him on his quest.

After the Master's super mutant forces assaulted Necropolis, Lenny fled, eventually arriving in Gecko.


Recruiting Lenny

When the Chosen One comes to Gecko, he can recruit Lenny to his party. He is of dubious value as a party member, though he is very durable, is at least capable (growing to be skilled) with pistols and SMGs, and is human-shaped enough to wear armor, in addition to being a skilled doctor. He has only 4 strength, enough for a HK P90C. Lenny remains at 7 AP through all his levels. Given more strength by being equipped with Power Armour, enough to use a .223 pistol or even Gauss Pistol, Lenny can make an effective supporting member, especially if his Doctor skill is at a higher level than the player's own.

Lenny's Hit Point progression by level: 129, 154, 181, 206.

Rescue Coffin Willie

If it weren't enough being shunned by Vault City and generally, ghouls have this marked tendency to be mistaken for corpses while they are sleeping. A player who rescued Woody in the Den from his dubious role as a sideshow exhibit: "Show..Me..The..Mummy!!" may consider doing a good turn for Lenny's father, also, and digging him out of his untimely resting place in Golgotha. Note that digging this one particular grave does not make the player a Grave Digger. The location of the grave is at the northwest (top left) corner of the southern (bottom) section. The player receives nothing for this other than, potentially, satisfaction, and the chance to see Coffin Willie's comments as he lurches away, muttering to himself. Left click on him to see them all; they are displayed randomly. Unlike Vic's daughter, Willie has nothing to say to his son.

Behind the scenes

Lenny was designed by Fallout 2 lead designer Matt Norton. The developers originally wanted Lenny in F2 to be able to turn into a glowing ghoul when he drinks too much radioactive liquor, but it was never implemented (added in the Fallout 2 Restoration Project).

Appearances in games

Lenny appears only in Fallout 2, although it is implied that he was one of the unnamed ghouls in Fallout 1 as well.

Joinable non-player characters of Fallout 2

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Lenny is a character in Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961. Lenny works for Jack Parkinson and robs a bank, with the protagonist working as the getaway driver.

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Leonard Simms
Leonard Simms
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Leonard Simms
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He was a patient with Hurley and Libby at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.

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Leonard Simms is a former U.S. naval officer who Hurley knew at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Leonard was stationed in the South Pacific before and/or during 1988 and, along with his friend and fellow officer Sam Toomey, monitored longwave radio transmissions at a government listening post.

In 1988, the station picked up a transmission consisting of the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 repeating on a loop. (Danielle Rousseau and her science team also caught the transmission around that same time.) The Numbers stayed with Leonard and Sam. After Toomey used the numbers in a game of chance, a plague of bad luck seemed to befall those around him. Leonard and Sam believed the Numbers to be cursed, driving Sam to suicide, and Leonard to insanity. ("Numbers")

At an unknown time, Leonard was admitted to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. He spent all of his time playing the game Connect Four with himself, while endlessly repeating the Numbers. ("Numbers")  ("Dave")

After Hurley got out of Santa Rosa, he won the lottery by playing the numbers he had heard from Leonard, and came to believe they were cursed. Visiting Leonard at the institute to find answers, Hurley told him he used the Numbers in the lottery, to which Leonard broke from his near-catatonic state and became hysterical, screaming, "You've opened the box!" He told Hurley to get away from the Numbers or it wouldn't stop. Leonard then told Hurley that he heard the numbers from Sam Toomey in Kalgoorlie, Australia. ("Numbers")


  • Along with Leonard, Hurley and Libby appeared to have been patients at Santa Rosa at the same time.
  • Leonard only once stopped repeating the numbers (to the extent of our knowledge) when Hurley told him about the lottery prize. Leonard seemed to sober up, and he frantically warned Hurley of the dangers the numbers carried.
  • Leonard greatly resembles a bespectacled, balding patient Charlie Cheswick (played by Sydney Lassick) in the mental institution in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
  • Leonard Simms is an anagram for Normal Missed.

Unanswered questions

  • How have The Numbers affected his life?
  • Where is Leonard upon Hurley's return to Santa Rosa in 2006?
  • Since the island appears to be submerged underwater since the hydrogen bomb explosion, did he ever hear the number and then go crazy?

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