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Lennon is one of The Others taking refuge in The Temple. He acts as translator for Dogen. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")


On the Island

2007 (Season 6)

When Jack, Kate, Hurley, Jin, and Sayid arrive at the Temple, Lennon acts as a translator for Dogen. When Dogen orders them shot after hearing they were on 815, Lennon asks, "Are you sure?". When Hurley announced that Jacob sent them and wanted Sayid to be healed, he and Dogen appeared surprised. Lennon then asked for proof the group was sent by Jacob. Hurley produces a guitar case containing a wooden ankh. Inside the ankh was a paper presumably listing the survivor's names, among other unspecified information regarding Sayid. Lennon is present when Sayid is taken into the spring to be healed, and tells everybody that he wasn't able to be saved. He leads Hurley into Dogen's chamber in the temple, where he learns Jacob is dead. Lennon assists The Others in preparing the Temple's defenses, and tells Hurley the goal is to "keep 'him' out".


  • The casting call described him as "Male, mid 30s to late 50s, could be any ethnicity. Scruffy, edgy and charismatic, yet can be deferential when needed; may have gone a little stir-crazy. Spokesperson and translator for the president of a foreign corporation. He facilitates the weight and power of his boss’s commands. He is a wily negotiator who is far more powerful than it seems from his position...." [1]
  • He wears the same style of glasses musician John Lennon (with whom he shares a name) was famous for wearing.



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