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Release date Unknown edit
Race Ghost
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location See article
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes - obtained the Ring of Visibility in Desert Treasure
Gender Female
Examine Seems to flitter in and out of existence...
Notable features Cursed by Zaros

Lennissa is a former spy for Saradomin, and lived during the Second Age. She is still present in Gielinor, but only as an invisible ghost, cursed by the god Zaros for her part in Zamorak's betrayal against Zaros. Lennissa can only be seen and spoken to if the player has obtained both the Ring of Visibility and the Ghostspeak Amulet, and must be spoken to in the Ghostly Robes Miniquest, to help resolve the mystery of why all the ghosts have been cursed.

Lennissa, in the Second Age, was a spy for Saradomin in the camp of Zaros' forces, most notably the Mahjarrat. She had heard that Kharrim, a messenger from the thief Rennard, who had obtained a rare and valuable god-weapon, the Staff of Armadyl. This staff had fallen into the hands of Zamorak, a Mahjarrat general under Zaros, who was planning to rebel against his lord. Lennissa sent a message to Dhalak, a magician colleague of hers, telling her to warn Saradomin of the events transpiring. However, Dhalak did not deliver the message, and when Lennissa died, she found herself cursed by Zaros to wander Gielinor forever as an invisible entity. She gives you some garments she once wore as a spy and tells you to find out what happened to Dhalak.

Lennissa can be found at the following locations:


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