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Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura.
"This moment’s enough. I don’t need anything else. Just knowing how you feel is enough."

Lenne (レン Lenne) is a popular songstress and summoner from the original Zanarkand and Shuyin’s lover in Final Fantasy X-2.

Lenne is voiced in Japan by singer Koda Kumi for both speaking and singing, and in the English version, she is voiced by Cree Summer when speaking and by Jade Villalon when singing.



Shuyin and Lenne were lovers during the war between Zanarkand and Bevelle, and both were drafted into the army during this period. Lenne, being a Summoner, was sent to the front lines of the battle; it was likely she wasn't going to survive the war. Shuyin did not want to accept this and attempted to activate Vegnagun in order to put an end to the war altogether and protect his beloved. However, Lenne set out after him. She managed to stop him from wielding Vegnagun, but she was followed by Bevelle soldiers, who proceeded to shoot both Lenne and Shuyin.

She is seen briefly during her song "1000 Words", when the power of the Songstress dressphere causes her spirit to be manifested and sing alongside Yuna, but in the original Japanese release, Yuna briefly turns into Lenne and sings instead of Yuna and Lenne being a duet. Eventually, she is revealed to have been dormant inside Yuna's dressphere and awakens to soothe Shuyin as they both fade away.



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