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Leland Chee.
"Since Star Wars has become my job, it's been impossible for me to watch the films in the same way again. I'm too busy looking for which background character hasn't been named or trying to figure out how many days it took to fly from Dagobah to Bespin. However, while the actual experience of watching the films has changed for me, my love for Star Wars has not."
―Leland Chee in an interview with

Leland Chee is a Lucasfilm official and the person who maintains the Holocron continuity database. He goes by the screenname "Leland Y Chee" and posts frequently in forums at He also sometimes answers questions about continuity from fans.

Chee, credited as Leland Y. Chee, was the main tester for the Episode I video game.

Discrepancies explained by Chee

In the Dark Empire series, Palpatine tells Luke that the Battle of Endor was not his first death, and that he had started transferring his spirit into clone bodies years prior to that, when his original body had degenerated as a result of heavy use of the dark side. However, Lucasfilm official Leland Chee has recently stated that Palpatine was lying to Luke about having died previously, and that Palpatine's demise on the second Death Star was definitely the first time he died, although not the last.[1]

Chee also stated that, while Palpatine's clone bodies do degenerate as a result of the strong presence of dark side energy within them, his original body did not degenerate in the same way, and he only had to start switching bodies periodically as a result of having to use clone bodies following the destruction of his original body at Endor.

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Notes and references

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