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Leia Antares
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Wayland's Wilders

"That's "smuggler," and smile when you say it, once your teeth grow back"
—Leia Antares, definately not a pirate.

Leia Antares was a Human female member of Wayland's Wilders.



Early life

Leia was born on Alderaan, in the city of Aldera, and was named in honor of Princess Leia Organa, daughter of the planet's ruler and the Alderaanian Senator. When she was still a toddler, her father, a "free trader," moved the family to Corellia in search of a wider job market. This decision proved to be extremely wise, as Alderaan was destroyed by the Empire a few short years later. The destruction of her home planet permanently embittered Leia, and sealed her decision to follow her father into the smuggling trade.

Life on the fringe

Leia took work piloting Krak'jya, a transport shuttle owned by Jacen Wayland. As she demonstrated her skill and ingenuity, honed by years of assisting her father's business, she rose through the ranks of Wayland's Wilders until gaining her first command, Overkill. It was while serving as Overkill's captain that she gained Wayland's trust, and even saved his life on one memorable occasion. A cargo run to the Rishii system served as cover for a meeting of Wayland's captains, though Antares didn't attend. While escorting a seperate drop on Tatooine, a member of her crew overheard that a trap had been set in the Rishii area for "a Corellian pirate." Overkill set out for Rishii at maximum speed, though the trap had already been sprung before she arrived. Exiting hyperspace at the edge of the system, the ship's sensors revealed that the MidKnight Son and Space Slug were being held for inspection by Enforcer, an Imperial Nebulon-B escort frigate. Leia plotted a microjump to take them within firing range. The jump was planned perfectly, and Overkill appeared without warning at point-blank range off its starboard hull. The ship's shields had been skewed to protect the ship's fore against the threats in front of them, and her crew had no chance to change their coverage in time. Antares ordered all of her weapons to fire on the ship's main reactor; while the Enforcer survived the volley, its main systems shut down, allowing all three of Wayland's ships to escape. In honor of her assistance and initiative, Wayland gave Leia command of Fury, a Carrack-class cruiser he acquired from the New Republic in payment for his privateer work (Overkill was put under the command of Republic observers working with the group). Leia Antares preferred to carry a Merr-Sonn IR-5 "Intimidator" repeating blaster pistol.

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