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Image:Quote1.png Inspired by the Legend of Superman, teenagers from across the universe journeyed to Earth to form a Super-Team unlike any other in history. Representing Diversity, Unity and Tolerance, they protect all planets and all races of the 31st Century as the Legion of Super-Heroes. Image:Quote2.png

The Legion of Super-Heroes is a team of super-powered individuals from a number of different alien worlds, active in the 30th Century. They protect the United Planets from crime and injustice, as well as threats both internal and external.



The Legion was founded when three teenagers of different races spontaneously came together to thwart the attempted assassination of a galactic billionaire, R.J. Brande.[1] Financed by Brande, Rokk Krinn of Braal, Garth Ranzz of Winath and Imra Ardeen of Titan would become respectively Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, in a super-powered club Brande dubbed the Legion of Super-Heroes. Although they were initially met with disapproval and skepticism when announced, the Legion's discipline, integrity and strict adherence to their own self-published constitution proved their value and merits. They were deputized by the Science Police, and became a legitimate branch of law enforcement. As their credibility grew, so did their ranks. Tinya Wazzo of Bgztl, and Luornu Durgo of Cargg auditioned for and joined the team, as Phantom Girl and Triplicate Girl. Their numbers continued to grow with Reep Daggle of Durla, Chameleon Boy, Gim Allon of Mars, Colossal Boy and Lyle Norg of Earth, Invisible Kid joining next.

The Legion had their first brush with Time Travel during a conflict between the Metropolis' Time Institute and the Guardians of the Universe. Attempting to stop scientists from trying to view the beginning of time, several Green Lanterns were sent to destroy the institute. One of them, Vidar went rogue and almost killed both himself and the Legionnaires trying to view the beginning of time for himself. The Legion developed a working relationship with the Institute, including scientists such as Circadia Senius, and Querl Dox of Colu, Brainiac 5. When Brainiac 5 joined the Legion as well, he brought with him technology like the Time Bubble, which the Legion could use to travel to any point in history they felt like. On their maiden voyage, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl traveled to 20th Century Smallville to meet the hero who had inspired them in the first place, Superboy. Superboy was put through a short trial, and became the Legion's tenth member.[2]


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  • As if Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds it has been confirmed that this Legion belongs to the future of New Earth, with the other two major Legions belonging to Earth-Prime and the non-existent Earth-247 respectively.


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