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The Legion of Super-Heroes is an organisation in the 31st century which works for putting some color back in the world by reestablishing the old-fashioned superhero community.[1]



Image:Quote1.png Eat it Grandpa. Image:Quote2.png
-- Original Legion motto

In the 31st century, those who are considered by their societies to be below adulthood have almost no voice in their own future. Most underagers are detected by a universal technology called the Public Service, which allows adults to steer kids away from rebellion and towards lives of quiet inaction where the free exchange of ideas has been supplanted with this notion that protocol and decorum are civilization's most sacred ideals. Legionnaires unite against that with the idea that the universe should be more exciting and interesting. They're all big fans of the era of when Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other heroes who were taught that making a difference in society is a good thing.[1]


Lemnos and the Terror Firma

Dream Girl's prediction of coming wars.

On the planet Naltor, those who was under the age of eighteen years suddenly lost their ability to sleep, and thus lost their ability to predict the future. This drove them insane. Brainiac 5, Shadow Lass, Karate Kid and Dream Girl were sent to investigate. Dream Girl, who is Naltorian, explained that if a Naltorian lost their ability to see the future, it would be like having perpetual amnesia. Brainiac 5 discovered that it was the Public Service that caused the sleeplessness, and flew to the Naltorian Public Service broadcast tower to remove that function. Dream Girl concluded that the only reason anyone would create this function, is that there are something in the future that they aren't supposed to see. Shadow Lass helped her to get her to sleep and find out the cause: catastrophic wars, with an unknown man in the centre of them. She flew to the broadcast tower and told Brainy about the wars, as the High Seer of Naltor arrived. He explained that the very reason to cloak the future is that it would condemn the young people of Naltor to walking, hellish graves if they knew about what's coming. The Legion decided to ignore the High Seer's conclusion and removed the sleep deprivation, as the wars weren't just about the people of Naltor, but also of every sentient being in known space.[2]

On Rimworld 19, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Brin Londo encountered the Terror Firma, a group of superpowered people clearing paths for coming armies, marching on the United Planets. The Legionnaires managed to drive Terror Firma away for the day. Brin Londo followed the Terror Firma through their portal.[3]

The Terror Firma's next target was Orando. The Legion was prevented to go there due to an electromagnetic tempest surrounding Orando. Orando's population was thus exterminated, causing Princess Projectra of Orando to be depressed.[1]

Brainiac 5 then became obsessed by finding out who the unknown war-starter in the centre of Dream Girl's dream was. The war-starter, Lemnos then walked into Brainiac 5's lab and introduced himself and telling Brainy about his plans (to shake up the universe; which, ironically, is the Legion's goal too, though Lemnos is willing to use more extreme means) and powers - the ability to manipulate memories. Brainy sent a subtle message to himself about Lemnos' next target - Colu - to not forget what Lemnos had said when he left.[1] Brainiac 5 received the message later, and almost immediately went to Colu with Saturn Girl, Light Lass and Chameleon. They found out that Lemnos had not used the same method as on Orando, but erased the memories of crowds of Coluans, thus making them stupid. When Light Lass noticed that Chameleon's antennae had popped out for nothing visible, she created an anti-gravity field to see if whatever Chameleon detected could stay undetected and keep himself stable at the same time, which he couldn't, and Lemnos thus showed himself. Brainiac 5 regained his memories, and as Saturn Girl now had seen Lemnos, she could shield the Legion from Lemnos' power.[4]

At the Legion Headquarters, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Triplicate Girl, Invisible Kid and Phantom Girl sneaked into Brainiac 5's lab to find out his secrets. However, Invisible Kid tells Brainy about the break-in.[4]

Sun Boy tried to quit from being in the Legion, but Cosmic Boy denied, and in the process insulting several Legionnaires, including Element Lad, Princess Projectra, Chameleon and Ultra Boy. Cosmic Boy found out that Brainiac 5 had made the whole Legion hear Cosmic Boy's and Sun Boy's conversation, and thus a battle between the Legionnaires began. The battle ended when Brainiac 5 announced that Braal, Cosmic Boy's homeworld, had seceded itself from the United Planets and that any Braalian outside their world would be in permanent exile unless they go there within a few hours.[5]

As the Legion is beginning to fall apart, some Legionnaires, under the leadership of Brainiac 5, go to the planet Helegyn and battle the Terror Firma. They are successful, and Invisible Kid convinces Cosmic Boy to return.[6] They were able to capture Elysion, the leader of Terror Firma, and interrogate him. Princess Projectra enters and asks what Elysion has done to Brin Londo, pointing out that Elysion is wearing Brin's coat. As Invisible Kid follows Elysion to his cell, Cosmic Boy announces a plan the Invisible Kid had made up. Three groups are going to three different worlds, Dormir, Ttrxl and Terror Firma's homeworld, and Princess Projectra insisted to follow the group going to Terror Firma's world, despite she had no apparent powers. As the teams left, Lemnos' suicide attackers begins to attack the Legion plaza, thus helping Elysion to escape and destroying the Legion Headquarters and much of Metropolis. Dream Girl was crushed under the Headquarters.[7] This prompted Brainiac 5 to use his secret weapon: Atom Girl. As she grew herself out of Elysion's shoulder to normal size, she ripped of Elysion's arm.[8]

On the planet Dormir, Cosmic Boy reveals that Dormir is the centre of the Public Service technology, and that they have to use it for communicating now when the transmitter is destroyed.[9]

On the world Ttrxl, the present group of Legionnaires have entered the 5th Dimension, where everything is unpredictable and improbable, and only Lightning Lad's power is working as it should.[9] While there, they go to the centre of transmatter portals, the Transmatter Prime, and thus are able to destroy the portals to Lemnos' armies.[8]

On Terror Firma's homeworld, the team discovers the number of Lemnos' soldiers, which is very overwhelming.[9] Ultra Boy sees that Brin Londo is alive in a cell. Thanks to Princess Projectra's newly discovered power - illusions - they free Brin without having the cameras sensing anything other than a false image of Brin. As Karate Kid, Ultra Boy and Brin begins to attack the armies, Cosmic Boy announces through the Public Service to every person in the galaxy under the age of eighteen that they have to fight the few of Lemnos' soldiers arriving throught their portals.[8] A short while afterwards, the groups from Dormir and Ttrxl (but Cosmic Boy and Element Lad) come to Terror Firma's world to join the battle. Sun Boy and Cosmic Boy apprehend Lemnos (though Cosmic Boy is just there as an hologram). The Terror Firma comes in and they refuse to follow Lemnos' order to kill the Legion. When the battle is over, Sun Boy leaves the Legion to be with Terror Firma, and Brainiac 5 arrives through a portal.[10]

Brainiac 5 is later seen keeping Lemnos' in stasis to find a way to resurrect Dream Girl.[10]

At some point later, the Legion gains new members. Brin Londo joins the Legion as "Timber Wolf", a Naltorian called Dream Boy is appointed to be the replacement for Dream Girl, and Supergirl arrives in the 31st century.

The Dominator War

A team known as the Wanderers begins to wreak havoc in the galaxy, first by letting loose a city of giants (from where Colossal Boy is from) on Earth and then striking the Legion on Kandor. As a side-effect of a psi-blast on Saturn Girl, she becomes able to communicate with Mon-El, who is trapped in the Phantom Zone[11]. While Supergirl, Cosmic Boy, Brainiac 5, Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl are trying to free Mon-El, the Wanderers are attacking the Legion headquarters, trapping everyone inside. When Mon-El is freed from the Zone, Brainiac 5 makes him attack Supergirl, which causes the Legionnaires to be freed from the headquarters. While Supergirl and Mon-El fight eachother, Brainiac 5's creating an antitoxin for lead poisoning. Through the combined efforts from the Legion and a sneak attack from Invisible Kid, Mon-El swallows the antitoxin and his rage fades away, but he and some other Legionnaires are teleported away by the Wanderers. It showed up that the Wanderers recruited those Legionnaires to combat the Dominators.

The Dominators' attack on Earth was because of that Booster Gold had stolen a weapon from them which he needed to stop Mister Mind.[12] When the Dominators got a translation of what Booster had said, they believed that Earth had broken the non-agression treaty (signed after the Invasion a thousand years before) and teamed up with 52 unnamed worlds to declare war on the Dominion. Sun Boy and Terror Firma had been captured by the Dominators, but were eventually freed by the Dominators' top combat technologist. While the Legion and the Wanderers battled the Dominator supersoldiers, Brainiac 5's lead poisoning antitoxin were fading and left Mon-El weakened. While the Legion and the Wanderers where gathered on a moon in proximity to Dominion, Dream Boy began talking about a prediction he has had, about a bomb that Cosmic Boy had got Brainiac 5 to build[13]. But due to limited time and resources couldn't Brainy build a delivery system to the bomb, he told them that it had to be handcarried to the planet's core (a suicide mission). Both Supergirl (as she is invulnerable) and Mekt Ranzz were willing to deliver the bomb, but Cosmic Boy decided that Mon-El would deliver the bomb, since he would probably not survive anyway. Mon-El agreed and asked the Legionnaires to not judge Cos for this. Mon-El expressed gratitude to the Legion for letting him live again, even though it was just for a short time.

A statue of Mon-El was created, though he was not truly dead, since the "bomb" was in fact a very powerful Phantom Zone projector that sent him and the entire Dominator world to the Zone (although that fact is just known to Cosmic Boy, Dream Boy, Phantom Girl and Brainiac 5).[13]

The Quest for Cosmic Boy

As Cosmic Boy lef the Legion to be with the Knights Tempus without telling anybody[13], the newly elected leader Supergirl launched three search teams to Lallor, Winath and the Gobi Rainforest on Earth, coordinated by Brainiac 5 (who had taken advice from Dream Girl through his dreams).[14]

The Winath search team consisted of Star Boy, Sun Boy and Mekt Ranzz, though special prosecutor Tenzil Kem followed them (Tenzil was appointed to find out if Cosmic Boy was guilty of war crimes during the conclusion of the Dominator War).[14] That team didn't find Cosmic Boy, but they did discover that the Wanderers may not be as innocent as they first seemed to be, and Mekt was arrested by Tenzil Kem on lots of different charges. When Mekt was arrested, the Wanderers vanished, and were half-expected of the United Planets' government to become some sort of "Legion of Super-Villains".[15]

The Lallor search team consisted of Atom Girl, Timber Wolf and Shadow Lass. As they arrived in the middle of a civil war, they were immediately suspected to be assassins about to kill the president, as they had heard rumors about a metahuman assassin hired by the rebels.[14] When the Legionnaires talked to the president about permission to search for Cosmic Boy without being shot at all the time, the metahuman assassin appeared and revealed himself to be E.R.G.-1, a former Legionnaire believed to be killed on a mission. The battle between E.R.G.-1 and the Legionnaires resulted in turning Timber Wolf into a very feral state[16], and the Legion to discover that E.R.G.-1's attack is coordinated by someone called Randall. Atom Girl tried to make E.R.G.-1 to redeem himself, and succeeded, and they found out how Randall had been manipulating him. Atom Girl tried a trick her 21st century namesake had done often, riding a fiber optics link, through the telephone to get to Randall's hiding place. This team didn't find Cosmic Boy either.[17]

The third search team going to the Gobi Rainforest (in the 21st century, it's still "Gobi Desert") consists of Supergirl, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl.[14] In that forest there lives a being attempting to conquer time. Lightning Lad called that being "Evolvo-Lad" (in actuality called "Sev Tcheru") as he said himself to be what "humans may one day become", therefore being a super-evolved human. That being devolved himself to be able to directly attack the Legionnaires. That Neanderthal-looking form appeared to be strong enough to hit Supergirl.[17] During the battle Supergirl discovered Sev's time portal which was tuned in on the 21st century. When Supergirl threatened to destroy it, Sev changed into his more highly evolved state to stop her. Claming that she sensed danger, Saturn Girl sent Lightning Lad away to find accomplices. Once he was gone, Saturn Girl confronted Sev with the fact that he was in league with Brainiac 5, and that the time portal was to get Supergirl back home to her time. Eventually Supergirl is convinced that her destiny lies in the 21st century, and she departs. Back at Legion HQ, Saturn Girl tells this to Brainiac 5 while he's asleep. Dream Girl reveals herself to Saturn Girl, and tell her that Cosmic Boy is alright, that everything will work out fine. During the conversation it's discovered that Sev wiped Supergirl's memories of the Legion, and that Tenzil Kem and E.R.G.-1 are considered possible legion canidates.[18]


Equipment: The Legion flight ring.
Transportation: For long travel, they use either a transmatter portal[1] or an unnamed spaceship[4]. For personal travel, they use their flight rings.


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