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A Legion is a division of Sangheili warriors. A Legion is usually led by a high ranking officer, such as a Zealot or Ultra.



The responsibilities and purposes of a Legion seem to vary. They are capable of performing tasks ranging from bridge-crew on starships to ground combat.[1]

The violent nature of the Elite society likely demands that Legions should be capable of engaging in varied forms of combat.

Warrior Crèche

A Warrior Crèche is likely a type of Legion where newer warriors hone their combat skills before being assigned to a regular legion. Warrior crèches seem to be specifically used for ground combat, and are carried aboard Covenant Fleets should any ground actions be needed. [2]

Known Legions

Combat Legions

Warrior Crèches

Historical References

  • The term Legion was originally used to describe an infantry unit in Ancient Rome; the general size of these units fluctuated during the military history of the Roman Empire between approximately 4500 and 5200 soldiers.[3][4]


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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Legion was a professional wrestler for CWF. He has since been released.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape


Release date Unknown edit
Members-only? Yes (although for some time, it was available to free players)
Location Barbarian Outpost
Skill requirements Unknown edit
Quest requirements Unknown edit
Unlock hint This track unlocks at the Barbarian Outpost.
Track duration Unknown edit

Legion is a music track that is unlocked at Barbarian Outpost.

When Gnomecopter Tours was released, this song became available to free players as well. However, when Jagex decided to remove the Gnomecopters, three songs (Background, Narnode's Theme, and Legion) were removed to make a cap of 150 songs for free players.

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ST Expanded

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Legion refers to a large grouping of soldiers. It was generally the equivilant to a corps.

The largest ground force unit in the Breen military was referred to as a legion or hon or hareh in Breen. (LUG RPG: The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)

The Romulan Ground Forces legions were called barhet'val and comprised of between 80,000 to 100,000 soldiers. They were commanded by a high ranking general. (The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A legion was a type of military unit. Typically, the term indicated a large-scale formation comparable to a division or battlegroup, consisting of several regiments and comprising about ten thousand fighting troops.


Republic and Empire

The Legion was not a standard element in the line Army forces of either the Galactic Republic or Galactic Empire, which identified comparable formations as divisions and battlegroups. It was, however, a key field formation for the white-armored clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic and their successors, the Stormtrooper Corps of the Galactic Empire.

A clone legion consisted of 9,216 troops, normally headed by a Jedi General and a Senior Clone Commander; Imperial stormtrooper legions were equal to the size of Imperial Army battlegroups, and consisted of 8,192 troops, and are likely to have been led by officers of comparable rank to the High Colonels and Major Generals of the Imperial Army.

Other legions

As a unit designation, the legion goes back millennia, to the earliest ages of Galactic warfare, and it seems to have been used by adherents of both Jedi and Sith traditions. The Legions of Lettow were the Jar'Kai-using warriors of Xendor, the earliest recorded Dark Jedi, while in the New Sith Wars the Third Legion of Light was one of the major component units of the Jedi Army of Light.

The Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders used legions during the Mandalorian Wars.

In the period of the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War, it was not simply clone troopers and stormtroopers who were organized into legions. In particular, the term seems to have been widely used in the Trade Federation: it was said that the C-9979 landing craft which bore the Trade Federation's battle droids into action could carry "legions of troops," while the Neimoidian soldiers who guarded Pure Neimoidia and the purse worlds were known as the Neimoidian Home Defense Legions.

Further Legions were found among the forces of governments at galactic, sector and planetary levels. The term was used occasionally by Rebel Alliance units, including the feared Alderaanian Death Legion, while the yellow-armored Flamestrike Legion was the primary defense force of Bamula Sector, suppressed by the Empire. The Pembric Security Legion provided security on Pembric II, although in practice they worked hand-in-glove with the Bombaasa Cartel to exclude other factions from a de facto condominium between crimelord Crev Bombaasa and the planetary government.

Some self-styled legions were rather less formal organizations. Beladonna's Legion, also known as Beladonna's League, was a mercenary force led by the Corellian Liiria Beladonna, hired by Gilad Halsek, the Imperial Consul-General on Kothlis, to provide paramilitary policing on the planet, while on Tatooine, Rejeff's Legion was the bodyguard cadre of Diew Rejeff, a Mos Eisley trader who had aspirations of leading a popular revolution that would drive the Empire from the planet.

Order of battle

Different Legions varied quite drastically in size and structure: some were armies charged with guarding entire sectors, while others were little more than local gangs. The term contained connotations of size and importance, however, and in the terminology of the Republic and Empire, a legion was a large force composed of several regiments.

The best-documented legion organization is that of the Grand Army of the Republic, in which a standard legion consisted of 9,216 soldiers, as mentioned above. These were divided among four regiments, each of four battalions of 576 men.

Under the Empire it is known that the strength of a stormtrooper battalion had been raised to 820 men, suggesting some restructuring of the legion organization, although it remained a force of several regiments. Some sources suggest that a stormtrooper "division" was carried aboard each Star Destroyer, and it might be possible to equate this unit with the legion and in turn with the Imperial Star Destroyer's troop compliment of 9,700 men, but it appears that there is no unequivocal support for this hypothesis. It is also possible that stormtrooper legions were closer in number to battlegroups in the Imperial Army, which had approximately 10,000 front-line troops in an overall strength of close to 15,000.

Under the Empire of the Hand, it appears that the 501st Legion had been reorganized, with the reduction of the standard company to forty men; it is unclear exactly what this indicates about the overall strength, but if the companies were all indicated by individual letters of the Aurebesh like Aurek Company, the overall strength may have been no more than 1,360 men.

Known legions


  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 26: Vector, Part 2 (Mentioned only)



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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

The Legion are Transformers from the Kiss Players portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy and it tastes like loving you!

His name is Legion, a new species of Transformers created when the Unicron-enhanced cells of the Decepticon leader Galvatron were spread throughout Earth's atmosphere in the year 2005. Fusing with various creatures and vehicles and wearing the face of Megatron, the vicious Legion army has converged on the city of Tokyo, the site of Galvatron's catastrophic impact.

They appear to have fluid-filled organic components and enjoy the taste of sweet, sweet Kiss Player flesh. They're kind of horrible.


Kiss Players

Following a presumably Legion-related subway attack in Japan, a lone Legion member came upon a bleakly despairing Atari Hitotonari and offered to end her suffering by killing her. Cornering the panicked girl, it was about to make good on its offer when the Ne-04 Autrooper interfered. When the Autrooper disgorged the unconscious Kiss Player Shao-Shao Li, Atari merged with it and quickly beheaded the Legion, seemingly terminating it.

Shao later awoke to find herself a prisoner in one of several tubes containing very alive and hungry Legion heads in the basement of Earth Defense Command headquarters. It appears that the E.D.C. has been conducting human experimentation on captured Legion units for an unknown purpose.

Another Legion that attacked Marissa Faireborn at sea was described by Optimus Prime as a ParasiTech fusion between an octopus and a shipwreck. As ParasiTech fusions are also used by the Autroopers of the Earth Defense Command, it may be that there is a connection between the two. A SINISTER one.

Less than six months after joining the E.D.C., Atari ate an omelette (which she had prepared) that contained a miniaturized Legion. The surprisingly communicative and wacky intestinal invader was engaged and defeated by Atari's shrunken Autrooper and dissolved in the girl's digestive acids. There was, astoundingly, nothing psychosexual about the encounter beyond this.

A group of 23 Legions attacked the recently reconstructed Tokyo Bay Bridge, but were defeated by the combined efforts of Hot Rod and Shao-Shao, though not before repeatedly attempting to molest Shao with their tentacles.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • The first Legion seen in the Kiss Players manga is based on the Alternators Windcharger/Decepticharge mold, with a Megatron-esque head and odd triplicate headlights. This appears to be a common, though not universal, body type for the group.
  • The Legions are possibly inspired by the Biblical demon of the same name.
  • Let's just be honest: the Legion's prehensile tongues are explicity phallic. There, it's been said.

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