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The Legends Class (originally known as Legends of Cybertron; see Trivia), known as EZ Collection in Japan, is a sub-line of Transformers toys that are about 3 inches in height. All the original molds are based on toys/characters that are also available in other sizes, with less sculpted detail and often with different, simplified transformations. Unlike other size classes, which are viewed as part of the respective toyline they've been released under and nothing else, the Legends toys have been continuously numbered as "series" across three subsequent toylines.

The Legends size class originally started out as a sub-set during the Cybertron toyline's run, featuring small, simple, easily affordable versions of some of the show's core cast. Released in waves of four, the toys were originally available in smaller "market six" chain stores like Meijers for around $3.99, although later waves were later also available at Toys "R" Us and Kmart. The molds were later redecoed as Generation One characters for the Classics line.

The 2007 live-action movie toyline introduced a batch of entirely new molds, later expanded by various redecos of those molds, most of which were available as part of the Allspark Battles two-packs (which also introduced more new molds).

The 2008 Universe line features more redecos of the old Cybertron-derived molds as Generation One characters, coupled with new molds, which are thus far alternatively "Classic" toys based on Generation One and Generation 2 characters and Legends-sized versions of Animated characters, which are released as part of the Universe rather than the Animated toyline.




Series 1 (Wave 1)

Series 2 (Wave 2)

Series 3 (Wave 3)

Series 4 (Wave 4)

US convention exclusives

  • Skywarp (San Diego Comic-Con 2005, free giveaway for attending Hasbro's showroom)
  • Ramjet (Universe deco; BotCon 2005, free giveaway for attending Hasbro's showroom)

Japanese single pack releases (EZ Collection)

  • Galaxy Convoy (Optimus Prime)
  • Master Megatron (Megatron)
  • Starscream
Note: These three toys sported more (and more show-accurate) paint details than the Hasbro versions (Galaxy Convoy was missing most of the Hasbro version's yellow paint). In a somewhat unique marketing move, they were packed in blister bubbles on cardbacks taken from the Hasbro versions (with the obligatory sticker sporting Japanese legal information on the back), but with new, Japanese-language name inserts for the blister bubble. They were not officially recognized as USA Editions by Takara.

Japanese multi-packs and exclusives

  • GC-23 Megalo Convoy (Metroplex) with Micron (Mini-Con) partner Horri-Bull (Drill Bit) and EZ Collection Galaxy Convoy (Optimus Prime; metallic version) bonus figure
  • Galaxy Convoy, Master Megatron & Starscream three-pack (clear versions, exclusively available via mail order for buyers of TV Magazine)
  • Master Galvatron (Galvatron; free pack-in figure available with September 2005 edition of Dengeki Hobby Magazine)
Note: This toy once again sported more (and more show-accurate) paint details than the Hasbro version. It was available in a unique box that was essentially a modified, downsized version of the packaging for the larger GD-01 Master Megatron (Takara's version of Cybertron Leader Class Megatron) toy.


Series 5 (Wave 1)

Series 6 (Wave 2)

Note: This wave had even worse distribution than the early Cybertron waves and was only available at specialty stores and online retailers.

Cybertron Collection

Note: These toys were re-releases of past Legends figures in unchanged decos and Classics-style packaging; they were found at KB Toys, Kmart and Big Lots stores in 2008, although it's possible they were already available in 2007 — nobody really seemed to care.
  • Hot Shot (Legends of Cybertron)
  • Leo Prime (Classics Legends)
  • Optimus Prime (Legends of Cybertron)
  • Soundwave (Legends of Cybertron)

Movie (2007)

Series 7 (Wave 1)

Note: Initial shipments of this wave included a slightly off-color version of Autobot Ratchet. Later shipments included a more widespread "fixed" color version. Both color variants were available in the United States as well as on other markets, including Europe.

Series 8 (Wave 2)

Series 9 (Wave 3)

Note: This wave once again saw limited distibution on the United States market (possible because retailers were discontinuing the Movie Legends Class single pack assortment). The two toys saw a more widespread release on other markets, including Europe.

Series 9 (Wave 4)

Note: These toys were only released as single packs in Europe and Australasia; elsewhere, they were only released as part of Allspark Battles two-packs. Oddly, they were still labeled as "Series 9", the same number previously used for the Starscream/Blackout wave (also on the "international"/European packaging).

Allspark Battles

Wave 1

  • Autobot Jazz vs. Bonecrusher
  • Rescue Ratchet vs. Decepticon Brawl
  • Cliffjumper vs. Recon Barricade

Wave 2

  • Ironhide vs. Desert Blackout
  • Nightwatch Optimus Prime vs. Stealth Starscream

Wave 3

  • Bumblebee vs. Scorponok
  • Battle Jazz vs. Ice Megatron

US exclusive multi-packs

  • Generations Legends (exclusively available at Target stores) - Optimus Prime (Movie), Optimus Prime (Cybertron), Megatron (Movie), Megatron (Cybertron)
  • Battle for the Allspark (exclusively available at Toys "R" Us stores) - Optimus Prime, Autobot Jazz, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream and Barricade
  • Leader Class Optimus Prime with Legends Class Bumblebee & Autobot Jazz bonus figures (exclusively available at Costco stores)
Note: None of the toys from these packs were changed as compared to their single releases.

Regular Japanese releases (EZ Collection)

  • Optimus Prime
  • Bumblebee
  • Jazz
  • Ratchet
  • Megatron
  • Barricade
Note: These toys were distributed via TakaraTomy's subsidiary Subarudo. They were blind-packed (but didn't include shortpacked or chase figures), and unlike the Cybertron EZ Collection figures, they were identical to their Hasbro counterparts (Ratchet was only available as the less movie-accurate "off-color" variant). Ratchet and Jazz are also notable for not sporting the "Autobot" prefixes the Hasbro versions (and the TakaraTomy versions of the larger Movie toys) sported in front of their names.

Japanese exclusives

  • Bumblebee (clear yellow "Scanning" version; free pack-in figure available with August 2007 edition of Hyper Hobby magazine)
  • Bumblebee (metallic version; free pack-in figure available with the movie DVD, exclusive to Tsutaya Records stores)


Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

Target exclusive 5-packs

  • Aerial Rivals (Classic Series):
  • Special Team Leaders (Classic Series):


  • During the Cybertron toyline's run, there was some confusion as to the actual name of the price-point: It was variously solicited to online retailers as Cybertron All-Stars and Legends of Cybertron. Online retailers even confirmed having received initial shipments alternatively sporting either name on the shipping cases, although later shipments exclusively sported the "Legends" name. The toys themselves, however, didn't sport any size-class-specific name on the packaging. Meanwhile, Hasbro originally listed the toys under the name Cybertron Micro Series on their official Transformers website, but later changed those listings to "Legends" as well. Later toylines that included toys of the same size class (including redecos of the Cybertron-derived molds) specifically used names such as Legends Class on the packaging, so that title seems to have won out. However, the "Cybertron" part of the name has never been used in an official capacity anywhere outside the Cybertron toyline.

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