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The Legendary Smith meets Ingus in Saronia.

The Legendary Smith is a character in the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy III. She will make ultimate weapons for each Job class when certain conditions are met.


Finding the Smith


Restore Princess Sara's Pendant

The party will receive a message from Princess Sara about her pendant. It has recently become broken, and needs repairing. The party visits Takka to have it repaired, but he claims it is beyond his abilities. He then tells the party of the Legendary Smith. Eventually they find her in Saronia, but she says she will only repair it if they get her some Orichalcum. They agree and she fixes the pendant.

Find Orichalcum

Cid will eventually tell the party a monster is in his basement. Upon killing the monster for him, the party find some Orichalcum. The party will now find the Smith in Falgabard, after unlocking Eureka. Upon giving her the metal, she will provide the Ultima Weapon, and now wander the world.


Once the above conditions are met, the Master Smith can be found in the following areas:

Job Master Items

Whenever a Job reaches level 99, the Master Smith will reward the party by giving them a piece of equipment exclusive for that Job. However, she will only give one of that item, meaning you cannot get four of each item every time you master that Job for a different character. The Smith also gives the player a Job Card along with the weapon, which allows the player to add a signature to Mognet messages to other players (ex. Master Scholar). Provided that the Smith is unlocked, a player who has received a letter with a signature can obtain the master equipment for that Job from the Smith without reaching Job Level 99, however the Smith will not grant the player a card without mastering the Job.

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