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Official quest description: Only the elite are allowed to call themselves a Legend of RuneScape. Do you have what it takes to make it into the guild?
Release date: 20 August 2003 (Update)
Start: Talk to the guards just outside of the Legends' Guild.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Long (Can take 3-4 hours, depending on how prepared you are.)
Members only: Yes

Have the following skills:

  • Level 50
  • Level 50
  • Level 45
  • Level 56
  • Level 52
  • Level 42
  • Level 50
  • Level 50
  • Level 50
  • Level 50
  • The ability to defeat a level 187 demon that can drain prayer.
Items needed:
Monsters to kill:


This is one of the hardest quests in RuneScape, though not as hard as Recipe for Disaster or Desert Treasure. While those quests are harder to complete, this one is quite hard to build the requirements for—and is very long. Alternatively, skill boosts such as Spicy stew can be used for most of the requirements, if not all. Once you've got all the requirements, though, it's time to do the quest. Remember, the way to leave Shilo Village on foot is to go out both front gates (Past the Undead Ones) and search the cart.


Getting Started

  • Talk to the guards just outside the Legends' Guild (Fairy Ring BLR). If they think you're worthy, they'll send you through the gates to talk to Radimus Erkle to get your assignment.
  • Radimus will give you some notes, listing a few tasks to do:
    • Complete the map of the Kharazi Jungle.
    • Meet up with the local friendly natives.
    • Bring a gift from the jungle locals to be displayed in the guild.
  • Before you leave, grab a machete from the cupboard and at least 3 papyrus from the desk. (You can buy both of these from the general store in Shilo Village too, but these are free.)
Note: If you stand outside the guild, you can see two Radimus Erkles at the same time.

Mapping the Jungle

The jungle is very dense.

You need these items to complete this section; Radimus Notes, machete, hatchet, 3-5 papyrus, 2-3 Charcoal, armour is optional due to some aggressive level 64 wolves.

* Now make your way to Karamja, using one of these methods:

** Take a boat from 30coins, free with ring of charos).

** Use Fairy Ring CKR (near the hunter area) with some walking.

** Use Fairy Ring BJR (Fisher Realm, which requires Holy Grail Quest) with 10 gp Hajedy's cart service.

** Use Amulet of Glory teleport to Brimhaven with 10gp Hajedy's cart service.

** Use Fairy Ring AKS Feldip hunter area and then across the sea on the ogre canoe. (Can only be done after saving the ogre chief in the Recipe for disaster quest.) (You will need two chompys as payment to the ogres.)

** Use Gnome Glider If you're coming from the Grand Exchange. Just use a spirit tree to get to the Grand Tree and use the glider to get to Karamja. Then its just a short walk to the Kharazi Jungle Entrance (4).

* Make sure to buy some charcoal and at least three sheets of papyrus from general stores in Ardougne or Shilo Village if you haven't brought any with you.

File:Legends kharazi.png


:* 1–4 entrances to the jungle

:* 5 cave entrance

:* 6 holy water

:* 7 totem

:* red lines show areas

* To get into the Kharazi Jungle, you'll need to cut your way through the overgrown jungle vegetation using a hatchet (woodcutting axe) and machete.

* The fastest way through is either the western or eastern edge of the jungle (marked 1 and 4 on the map, above), depending on your travel method.

* Once you've cut your way through the jungle, make your map by walking from one end of the jungle to the other by right-clicking Radimus notes and click Complete Radimus Notes when you're at the west, centre, and east part of the jungle. (You may fail, destroying the papyrus and charcoal, so make sure to bring spares!)

* You should now have a complete jungle map.

Contacting the Locals

  • Head back out of the jungle, and ask any Jungle Forester who wanders the edge of the jungle if they have seen any natives. If you agree to give them a copy of your map, they'll give you a bull roarer. Use the Radimus notes on a forester to trade for the bull roarer.
  • Go inside the jungle again and swing it to call a local named Gujuo out of hiding.
  • Tell Gujuo that you want to make friends with the jungle locals. He will tell you about his tribe and its totem pole.
  • His tribe needs help because his tribe's shaman, Ungadulu, who has the special Yommi tree seeds to make a new totem pole, is trapped in caves in the Kharazi jungle. Agree to release Ungadulu.
  • Toward the north-west edge of the jungle you'll find three rocks that form a triangle (marked 5 on the map, above). Search one of the rocks. You can crawl through to get into the cave (50 agility required). If you fail this, you will get damaged 5 health and will have to try again...
Entrance to Cave.
The ring of fire for Round 1 fight

File:Legends dungeon Part1.png

  • 1 Ungadulu
  • 2 Bookshelf
  • 3 Old gate
  • 4 Death Wings
  • 5 Jagged Wall
  • 6 Marked Wall
  • 7 Old gate
  • 8 Winch
  • O = Cut Opal goes here
  • J = Cut Jade goes here
  • T = Cut Topaz goes here
  • S = Cut Sapphire goes here
  • D = Cut Diamond goes here
  • R = Cut Ruby goes here
  • E = Cut Emerald goes here
  • Investigate the flame wall to talk to the shaman. He will tell you that only pure water can quench the flames. But he looks a little strange...
  • (If you search some of the items in the cave, you will find notes from Ungadulu: Search the crate to find the Scrawled note, search the table to find A scribbled note, and search the bed to find the Scrumpled note. The notes provide a hint to what has happened to Ungadulu.)

Pure Water

You need these items to complete this section; Hammer, 2 Gold bars, Radimus notes, Bull roarer, Hatchet, Machete, A lockpick or two, Pickaxe, Cut; Opal, Jade, Red Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond, Runes to spell SMELL (soul, mind, earth, 2x law runes) or LEBEN for German Version and FATAL in the Brazilian Portuguese version.

Note: All the gems needed can be mined in the north-west of Shilo Village, but you may need to cut them with a chisel, easily bought at the general store.

  • Once you're back outside the cave, call Gujuo with your bull roarer to get a bit more information.
  • He'll tell you of a pool of sacred water that gathers in the middle of the jungle. The water can only be carried in a special vessel that he'll give you a sketch of.
  • Return to Shilo Village and bank. Take out a hammer and at least two gold bars. Go to any anvil (the closest is in Tai Bwo Wannai Village) and try to make the gold bowl. You may fail, so to be safe, bring more than two bars. Remember, the way to leave Shilo Village on foot is to go out both front gates (Past the Undead Ones) and search the cart.
Pure water Pool
  • Once you're stocked up, head back into the jungle and call Gujuo. He'll help you bless your gold bowl so that it can carry the pure water. Note that there is a chance you will fail, costing 5 prayer points with each failure; if you fall below 42 prayer points as a result, he will no longer help you until you restore prayer points to at least 42.
  • With your blessed gold bowl, head to the pool of pure water toward the middle of the jungle (marked 6 on the map of the jungle, above).
  • Use your machete on the reeds by the edge of the pool to obtain some hollow reeds, and use them to siphon the water out into your bowl.

Exploring the Shaman's Cave

  • Go back to the cave, and look around to find where there's a crevice hidden behind one of the bookshelves.
  • Squeeze past it, and then cross the cavern to the large Ancient Gate.
  • Search the gate to pick the lock. If you fail, just try picking it again. Note that failing can cause your lockpick to break, so be sure to bring extras, as the door cannot be picked without one. A Hair clip can be used instead of a lockpick.
  • Next you'll have to "smash-to-bits" the rockslides to get farther inside with your pickaxe to reach another door. If you fail, your mining level will drain. (You need a level of 52 to smash the rocks.)
  • Finally, you come to a second Ancient Gate. This one you have to force open with your strength stat, failure resulting in a temporary lowering in strength.
Be careful once through, as there are level 83 Deathwings on the other side.
  • Run further into the cave, and jump over the low, jagged wall. You will take 6 hp damage if you fail.
  • On the south-west wall of the cavern, you'll find a Marked wall. When you search this spot, it will tell you to use the SMELL runes to get through. Use in order the Soul, Mind, Earth, Law, and Law runes on the wall (if you are playing the German version you need LEBEN runes—Air, Earth, Blood, Earth, Nature). Make sure to put them in in order, and you'll be let through.
Getting Binding Book
  • Walk through the door into a large cavern-like room. Here, you'll face your next puzzle, where you'll see a number of stalagmites sitting in pools of water. Fit your gems into each stalagmite by trying to place each gem until you get it right. If you face north-east, you place the gems in order by value: opal, jade, topaz, and sapphire down the right column and emerald, ruby, and diamond down the left column. That is because the riddle says the crystals were once ordered in stature. See map for layout also.
  • When all of them are in place, you be treated to a little light show and the Book of Binding will appear. (Note that should you log out during the light show you will need to search the stalagmites to restart it.)
One useful feature of this book is that you can bless vials and fill them with pure water from your bowl to make Holy water. Wielding these while fighting demons damages them.
  • Head back out of the cave.

Fighting the Demon

Round 1.

You've got a fight coming, so get ready. If you want, you can go back to the bank and resupply. Remember to keep your book of binding, Radimus's Notes and Golden Bowl (with water). Bringing holy water vials and Silverlight (and variants) may help during the fight.

  • Either way, when you're ready, use your pure water on the fire wall to step through without damage.
  • Use your Book of Binding on Ungadulu to release the demon Nezikchened.
He is level 187 and will drain your prayer (your prayer will be drained to the addition of all the digits of your prayer before being drained; for example 54 after being drained would be 9) at the beginning of the battle, so be careful if you want to use it while fighting him. Plus, he'll cast a Fire Blast just before dying, so make sure to keep your HP up so that he doesn't kill you with his last-ditch attack.
You can lower his stats if you use Silverlight or Darklight (melee) or throw holy water vials at him (ranged). It is suggested to use the above two methods in the beginning if you are too weak to kill the demon by all kinds of combat.
If you take too long fighting him, he will vanish and you will need to start again from using the book.
  • Once he's defeated, talk to Ungadulu, who will thank you and give you some Yommi tree seeds.
  • If you ask him how to get out, he'll cast a spell to let you walk through the flames.
If you accidentally attack Ungadulu, he will hit you to the wall and deal you 8-16 damage. Be careful!

Replenishing the Pure Water

  • Head back to the pure water pond, and you'll notice that it's gone dry.
If it hasn't gone dry, use the seeds on your bowl, cut a new reed and attempt to refill the bowl with water from the pond.
  • Call Gujuo, and he will tell you that the underground source has probably been blocked off by some evil spirit.
Try not to call him near Jungle Savages or they may attack you.
  • He says the underground is really dark and scary, so you'll need a potion of courage to be able to make it. To make it, you need Ardrigal and Snake weed, which you found once already during the Jungle Potion quest.
  • Mix these into a vial of water for a bravery potion, which is consumed in 1 dose.


  • For your next venture into the cave, you'll need to bring:
  • Go back to Ungadulu's cave again, talk to him, and then head down into the cave again, going through all the same areas that you did before. This time, though, when you reach the area with the seven pools, go to the north part of the chamber, where another door is. Cast any Charge Orb spell on it to go through (You cannot do this when on the ancient or lunar spellbook). You'll find yourself in a room with several barrels in it. You can smash them to reveal food, rope, rocks, weapons, potions, coins, Paramaya tickets, or sometimes the barrel contains nothing and you will get hurt by splinters. There is also a chance that you will hit the barrel at the wrong angle and lower your attack a few levels. For now, though, ignore them. Use your rope on the winch and drink your bravery potion before heading down into the depths.

File:Legends dungeon 2.png

  • 1 rope and blue hat
  • 2 strange monsters
  • 3 furnace
  • 4 dragon's eye
  • 5 Shimmering Field
  • 6 Echned Zekin
  • They are a noble dead
    You'll be on the top of a long, winding ridge with several obstacles on it. (Nearby is a blue hat; if you try to take it, the skeletal apparition of Viyeldi will appear beneath it to give you a clue about who you will confront next and what you must do.) Jump (or fall) to the bottom of the ridge, but be warned: If you fail, it can take up to 40 hp off! Often you will almost fall attempting to clear the agility obstacle and take a smaller amount of damage, but catch yourself before you fall to the ground: Be aware that this reduces your agility, making it more likely you will fail on the next one.
  • Once at the bottom, you'll see three spectral monsters named Ranalph Devere (level 92), Irvig Senay (level 100), and San Tojalon (level 106). Just turn on the Protect from Melee prayer and slaughter them quite easily. Talk to each one to fight him. Once you've beat them, they won't attack again. Between them they will drop a lump of crystal, a chunk of crystal and a hunk of crystal. Take these to the furnace in the north-east part of the chamber, and use each one on the furnace it to make the heart crystal (requires 50 crafting). When you finish (and if you "look-at" the heart crystal), you will hear the clue, "Bring life to the dragon's eye."
  • Now look at the minimap. If you haven't noticed already, the area looks like the head of a dragon. Go to where the eye is, and use the crystal on a mossy rock there to activate it. Go to the south of the chamber to find a magical barrier, which the crystal will now open when you put it in the heart-shaped recess to the left of it. On the other side of the barrier are Lesser demons, and past them is the source of the pure water.

The Second Battle

  • You'll notice that there are three boulders blocking the water flow. Try to push one, and a spirit named Echned Zekin will appear. He'll say he's being tortured and beg you to help him by killing the one who trapped him there. Agree to help, and he'll give you a dark dagger to do so.

Take a moment here. There's two paths you can choose:

The Short and Hard Path

This path takes a shorter time to complete because you do not need to exit the dungeon- however it will mean the combat at the end of the quest is harder, as you will have to fight the 3 undead guardians from the last room again!

  • Do as the spirit asks. Go back to the ridge, and walk back up to the very top (it could take a while). You may have noticed a blue wizard hat on the way in. Maybe even tried to pick it up. If you did, you met a spirit named Viyeldi, who Echned wanted you to kill. Stab him with the dagger, and then go back to the pool and tell Echned Zekin that you did as he asked. Nezikchened will reveal himself and attack the player, draining the player's prayer.
  • If the player chose this path they will have to fight Ranalph Devere (level 92), Irvig Senay (level 100), and San Tojalon (level 106) again, before the final showdown with Nezikchened, as he will summon them. These monsters can be found in the Replenishing the Pure Water part of the quest.

The Long and Easy Path

This path takes a longer amount of time to complete and you will have to exit the caves, however it will make the combat at the end of this quest easier. It is suggested to take this path if you desperately need resupply.

  • Now, some of you may have noticed something about Echned Zekin. If you rearrange the letters in his name, it makes Nezikchened! Yes, the demon you fought earlier. He's the same level too. Ignore your previous agreement (or refuse after getting the knife) and the blue wizard hat and instead teleport to a bank. Get another unpowered orb, grab charge orb runes, and restock food and potions. You will not need another rope or potion to enter the cavern. Your rope will remain on the winch for future use but you will have to search to find it. The Bravery potion is only needed the first time. When you return to Ungadulu in his cave and talk to him, he'll recognise the evil in the dagger. Use the dagger on him, and he'll take it from you. In its place, he'll give you the Holy force spell card, which severely weakens demons. Now head back down to the cave with the boulders once again.

Fight the Demon Again

  • Whichever path you choose, when you get back to the bottom and push the boulder out of the way, you'll have to fight the demon again. If you took the easy path, use the Holy force spell on him to weaken him and reveal his true form.
  • Round 2
    If you chose the short path, at the start of the battle he'll drain your prayer to 0, so use a prayer potion if you brought one. If you chose the easy path, he won't drain your prayer. He fights with a very ineffective magic attack at the beginning of the battle, and he'll soon realise that it doesn't work and switch to melee. At a random time during the battle, however, he'll throw a dark dagger at you, which will hit you for up to 18, although it is possible to dodge the attack. Defeat him however you like and then push the boulder out of the way of the water's flow.

Restoring the Totem

  • Now comes the last part of the quest. Teleport or climb your way back out of the cave and head to Shilo to bank a bit. Grab the Radimus notes, bull roarer, hatchet (preferably rune), machete, yommi tree seeds (and anything you need to boost to level 45 Herblore to plant them), golden bowl, and any potions (2 full prayer potions are especially helpful) or food you need for a battle harder than any of the others.
  • Fill up your bowl from the restored pond. Use your water on the seeds to germinate them. Use the bull roarer to call Gujuo, and he'll tell you what to do. Find a fertile patch of soil: It will be bare of vegetation and brown on the map. Plant the germinated seeds in the fertile soil, water the sapling with pure water, and wait for it to grow to full size. (To plant the seeds, you must have Sacred Water and some high level hatchet, like Rune Axe or Dragon Axe in your inventory.) Keep alert, because once it gets to full size, you'll have only a brief window of time where you can cut it. Chop it down when it's big enough and make sure you keep clicking until you've chopped all the branches off and shaped it into a Yommi totem (first click will chop down the tree, and 3 more clicks will shape it). You'll know it's done when you can lift it up.

The Final Battle

  • Finishing at the totem
    Now find any of the locations where there's an old, brown totem. One can be located just east of the pool, but there are some all over the forest. Once you find one, make all the preparations you need to fight, and then use your new Yommi totem on the old one.
  • Note: It is advised to turn on your protect from melee before starting this fight, as players have experienced lag just as the demon appears, resulting in a swift death, especially for lower levels.
  • First, if you chose the short path, the three monsters you saw down in the dragon cave will appear one at a time, going from the lowest level to the highest one. You will need to kill them again. (They won't appear if you chose the easy path and used the Holy force card on the demon earlier.)
  • Now, the demon will appear for the last time.
  • Once again, he'll drain your prayer, so be ready for it. He attacks with melee and magic (which is much more effective this time). Using ranged, magic, or a halberd from between the trees with the Protect from Magic prayer activated will allow you to defeat him without losing health, but this should also be noted: Many players have reported that they can safely melee the demon using only the Protect from Melee prayer, and it won't even attempt a magic-based attack.

Finishing Up

  • When Nezikchened falls for the last time, use the totem you made on the evil totem again. Gujuo will swiftly appear and speak with you. He'll give you a gilded totem as a reward for everything you've done. Go back to Ardougne, grab the Radimus notes (it contains the map) and totem, and take them all to Radimus Erkle. Turn them in to finally be admitted into the Legends' Guild. Congratulations, quest complete!


Legends' Quest Reward

A player wearing the Cape of legends.


Music tracks unlocked:


  • When fighting the demon, you can use safe spots to range, mage, or halberd it. One of the safe spots for fighting him the second time is prone to a Lesser Demon wandering into your safe spot, beware!
    • First safe spot: Behind the table. It might take you a while to get into position, so it is recommended you use prayer potions until you get into position.
    • Second safe spot: Directly east from the most southern boulder. It is between the wall and a few stalagmites.
    • Third safe spot: Behind random bushes around the area. You can also use the totem east of the water pool.
  • You can do the quest with 39 herblore.
    • 39-40: Use Spicy Stews with 3 brown shakers.
    • 41-42: Use Spicy Stews with 2-3 brown shakers.
    • 43: Use Spicy Stews with 1-3 brown shakers or Greenman's ale(m)
    • 44: Use Spicy Stews with 1-3 brown shakers, or Greenman's Ale.
  • Spicy Stew is very random, so it is suggested you bring many brown spice shakers with you while you plant the Yommi seeds. If the stew does negatively affects your herblore, wait until it regenerates to your normal level. Then add 3 brown spices to another stew and repeat the process.
  • You can do the quest with 47-49 crafting if you use a Crafting potion to make the map, and when forging the heart in the furnace.
  • You can use a Dwarven Stout or a mature dwarven stout to raise your Smithing level by 1 or 2 respectively. This makes it possible to complete the quest with 48 smithing.
  • You can pick the lock to the door using only one lockpick without it breaking by walking away from the door when you receive the message that you failed to pick the lock.


  • After showing Radimus Erkle the items needed to complete the quest, he will request that you meet him in the main Legends' Guild hall. Once you go inside, he does not immediately talk to the player, so that allows the player to go upstairs and buy Cape of legends even before completing the quest.
  • This was the 50th and the last quest released on RuneScape Classic.
  • You can see the gilded totem pole in the guild before you place it in the guild.
  • There was once a glitch in the "Final Fight" where Nezikchened would spawn on top of the totem pole, and you would have to kill him twice. This first time you killed him he was unable to attack you.
  • Alert players may suspect that Echned Zekin is really Nezikchened because he is the same combat level and his name is scrambled (Echned Zekin is an anagram of Nezikchened).
  • In the first hours after release, there was a glitch allowing players to see Gujuo's combat level, shown as 1. This was fixed at the same day.
  • You can keep a Dark dagger by doing the drop trick even if you choose the easy path.
  • If you log out or lose connection before fighting Nezikchened the second time, he will still be there, but if attempt to fight him, you will get a message saying 'He's not after you.' You will not be able to attack him and he will not be able to attack you, but he will follow for a short time before disappearing.
  • The Rocky Ledges are the old mining rock design.
  • In the Price-checker, it shows that the topaz is worth more than the sapphire.

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