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This quest is part of the Myreque quest series. For the complete storyline, click here.



Official quest description: Mercenaries make their way into the rotten swamps of Morytania from Paterdomus to the front-lines at Burgh de Rott. The Vyrewatch continue to draw blood tithes from the pitiful citizens of Meiyerditch, the great ghetto-city of the Sanguinesti region, its weakened citizens growing fewer in number every day. The vampyres are getting more tithes from somewhere, but how long before House Drakan settles its eye upon Misthalin and the lands to the west?

What new efforts can the Myreque make in this struggle? A rumour drifts through the hard-bitten mercenaries assembled near Paterdomus: something suspicious is happening in the main temple, something odd even for the border of Morytania and Misthalin... What's more, Drezel has made a curious discovery beneath the well in the Paterdomus basement - something that harkens back to Morytania's bloody and terrible past. And what of the mysterious Safalaan? Surely he has more adventurous tasks for an enthusiastic, young and recently-promoted private of the Myreque.

What new secrets are to be discovered in Morytania? Can the Myreque strike back against the dreaded Vyrewatch?

Release date: 22 April 2008 (Update)
Start: Speak to the enthusiastic Mercenary Adventurer
Difficulty: *****
Length: Long
Members only: Yes
Items needed:

Items obtained during quest :

Recommended :

Monsters to kill:

This quest is part of the Myreque quest series. For the complete storyline, click here.



At Paterdomus

  • He will advise talking to Drezel. Go down the trapdoor and talk to the monk.
  • He hasn't noticed anything suspicious about the temple, due to the fact that he was too busy restoring the temple. During the restoration process, he discovered a secret room, a columbarium! He will ask that you both search the burial chamber and the outside of the temple.
  • The two next steps are optional : BE PREPARED FOR BATTLE. Bring 2 attack styles with you.
    • Go west through the gate and down the stairs on the north wall in the next room.
    • You will be in a large room, the columbarium. Look for a wall storage on the wall just east from the stairs; in it is a shiny object that blinks on and off. You will discover the end of what seems to be a Blood talisman! However, you need a key to open the storage case...
The discovery of a blood talisman.
  • Head outside (west toward Varrock) to the temple and enter. Go to the second floor (third floor in American English). You will see a cutscene involving the suspicious characters.
Zamorakians and Saradominists! What could they be up to?
  • Now, you will fight against two level 80 guards; Fistandantilus and Zaromark Sliver. They can use all Protection Prayers so using multiple attacks styles is advised. Also note that they can attack using all forms of combat, so watch out! You can teleport out or climb down the stairs if you must. However, you have to kill the guards in order to continue. It is recommended to poison the guard. As they won't be using prayer for the first few hits, it would be useful to use any special attacks you may have. then try attacking with 2 different attack styles (range and melee recommended). Note that all 3 attack styles aren't needed, but only 2 of them: Start off with your first attack style until they begin praying from it. When this happens, switch to your second attack style, and when they begin praying against that, switch back to your first attack style, and so on. If you poison the guards they yell "Gack! Poison!". The special effect of a full Verac armour, Dragon scimitar special attack and Ancient mace special attack is ineffective with both guards (but mace will give you prayer points equal to damage you would deal if they didn't pray).

They are not very strong for their level and a player around level 60 can defeat both fairly easily without prayer or much food.

  • Search the "crude table" in the north-west alcove for clues. You will find a torn book page and a glove. Return to Drezel.
  • He will tell you to escort the Mercenary Adventurer to Burgh de Rott. Do so. This escort will be the same as any Burgh De Rott trip, so be prepared! Refer to Burgh de Rott Ramble for details. Bring Druid pouches and a silver weapon (the best silver weapon at this time is Darklight for melee and Silver bolts for ranged). If you are too weak to do this, then just do the easy route and run from all combat adventures. Note, you may not bring a summoning pouch or a follower on this step.

The Myreque's Task

  • The adventurer will reveal himself to be fellow Myreque member, Ivan Strom! Follow him back to the Myreque base under the old inn and talk to Veliaf Hurtz.
  • After a short talk about Ivan, tell him about the plans to take out the Guthixian Edicts. Afterwards, ask him about your next job at which point he gives the player a crate destined for Safalaan who needs provisions. Veliaf will also mention a new weapon meant to take out the Vyrewatch. Make your way to the boat to the south and board it.
  1. Get a Vyrewatch to take an interest in you, and tell it to send you to the mines.
  2. If you don't have a pickaxe, ask for one from a miner within the mines.
  3. Mine 15 ores, fill the cart, and leave the mines.
  4. Walk very far south until you see a 3 houses cropped together with a larger house in the middle flanked by two smaller houses, open the doors to walk through to house with ladder, and go up ladder.
  5. Jump east to a floorboard, and go down stairs.
  6. Go slightly to the east, then south, and push the wall.
  7. Press the sickle, open the rug, and climb down the trapdoor.
Aim for the house with the red spot.
  • Talk to Safalaan. He will tell you to talk to fellow member, Flaygian Screwte. Talk to him. Ask him about the research. He will tell you that the book of haemalchemy that you found. It turns out that the vyrewatch have a "sixth sense." They can predict your moves, easily evading them. The best way to beat them is to create a new, completely unpredictable weapon.

In Search of the Weapon

The Red X is the furnace and the Yellow X is the post.
  • Search the bunk beds and lockers to the south until you find the book. (Tip: The book is located in the middle bunk bed on the north wall of the eastern room.) Read it before returning to Flaygian. He will ask you which page he needs to read. Type in the correct number from the book. (Tip: This number is the first number you will see about flails.)
  • He will tell you of a furnace. He will give you a hammer and 10 nails. Exit the base and head to the northernmost part of Meiyerditch. Look for a house with the "mass of debris" (see picture located to the right). This will be the house with the furnace. You need to find a way in.
  • Enter the house south of this house. It has a post that can be right-clicked (the middle one). Use your hammer on the post to nail some nails, and climb up the new make-shift ladder.
The furnace.
  • Jump across the floorboards and through the damaged wall and then climb up the next ladder. Search the trough before taking the pickaxe, tinderbox, and coal from the coal barrel. Go to the bottom floor and use the pickaxe on the mass of debris. Once the furnace is free, use your coal on the furnace. Then, light it with your tinderbox. Now, return back to Flaygian.
  • He will tell you to make the flail. In the same room as Flaygian, take two silver and two mithril bars from the barrel on the northern wall, and a blessed sickle from the shelf on the south-western wall. Go to the room to the east of the entrance ladder, and search the crate for a chain link mould.
  • Go back to the furnace and make the Silvthril chain. Return to Flaygian. Talk to him, then show him the blessed sickle. He will take the chain and sickle from you, and tell you to talk to Safalaan.

Return to the Lab

  • Safalaan will introduce you to Andiess Juip and Kael Forshaw. He then makes a request for you. They want to search the laboratory to the north. After a short dialogue, make your way to the laboratory (which is south-east of the furnace). (Note: Before you go, take a saw from the tool rack on the west wall. You'll need it later on.)
  • A short cutscene will start.
  • Examine the 'bodies' of Andiess Juip and Kael Forshaw lying next to the broken rune case just west of the staircase.
  • Use the saw with the Door to make a hole in it.
  • Make your way down the tunnel. Watch out for the Skeletal Hands. They're level 80 and use melee to attack. You'll eventually reach a chamber with Mutated Bloodvelds! They're level 146 and use a magic-based-melee attack. Continue to the north-west until you find a narrow passage. Go through the passage until you reach a large room.

Vyrewatch and The Ivandis Flail

  • Enter the room to see a cutscene with Safalaan and the bodyguards.
The corpse next to the rocks.
  • Safalaan will tell you to search the rocks in the northern part of the cavern. Make your way to the northern part of the cavern. (Note: Before you search the rocks, search the corpse right next to it. You will receive a few runes which will be useful later on.) Now, search the rocks. They'll feel familiar to you...
  • Return to Safalaan. You will see a short cutscene and both of you return back to base. (There is a break in the cutscene where your character is controllable. Wait it out)
  • Talk to Safalaan. He wants to keep what happened down there quiet. You agree, and Safalaan gives you the materials for the Ivandis flail, the chain, the sickle, the Rod of Ivandis, and a cut emerald. Get a chisel from the tool rack. Use the emerald on the sickle. Then, enchant (Level 2) the emerald sickle. Afterwards, use the chain on the enchanted emerald sickle or the Rod of Ivandis. You just crafted the Ivandis flail. Return to Safalaan. (Note: If you don't have the runes for the enchantment, go back to the lab and search the corpse near the blood altar.)
  • Safalaan tells you to put the Ivandis flail to the ultimate test. Kill a Vyrewatch. The Vyrewatch are strong, above 100 combat,but very innacurate, so protection prayer and/or food is advised, but probably not needed if you have 85+ combat, but take a few prayer potions because the first fight with the Ivandis flail is somewhat slow. Go outside and kill a Vyrewatch. When it dies, it drops a Vyre corpse. Take it and return to Safalaan. He will order you to return to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott.

Back to the Columbarium

  • Return to Burgh de Rott, and tell Veliaf the good news. He will advise you to go to Drezel to find out a way to dispose of the corpse. (Note : Get Teak pyre logs or higher and tinderbox at the bank before leaving the area)
  • Return to Drezel at the Paterdomus. He will examine the corpse and respond in surprise. There's a soul in the body, tortured and anxious to be freed. You begin to remember something similar happening somewhere... but can't put your finger on it. He suggests going to the columbarium to meditate.
  • Take out your pyre logs (teak or better) and a tinderbox. Go to the columbarium. On a funeral pyre, use your pyre log, followed by the corpse, then light it. You will get an Ornate tomb key.
You have found the Talisman!
  • Go to the place where you saw the Blood talisman. It's in the wall storage east of the ladder. You will notice something shining when you come across it. Search it, and open the storage to get it. You lose the key, but gain the powerful talisman! Drezel will come in and congratulate you. Before you can use the talisman though, he has to bless you. He blesses you and returns upstairs.
  • Go up and talk to him (ask him what should I do now). Drezel will advise you to go back to Veliaf. Return to Burgh de Rott and talk to Veliaf. He will ask you about the story. You will tell him, and he will reward you. Quest Complete!




Music tracks unlocked:


  • On the first day of release if players clicked to see the spoilers they received the message: The reward scroll is currently covered in horrific bloodstains, so it's quite illegible. We should have a replacement ready tomorrow.
  • When the player attempts to bank the tome of experience reward, they receive this message: A magical force prevents you from banking this item.
  • When you first discover the blood talisman, your character will say, "Blimey! A Blood talisman!"
  • On the first day of release, when you right click on the smoke that the furnace in Meiyerditch is creating when you fixed it, it would say null.
  • The music played when Safalaan scares you is the opening to Surok's Theme.
  • The picture for the quest on the Knowledge Base article was animated until the website update.
  • When you walk up and down the stairs to the columbarium it says you tramp up the stairs rather than climb up.
  • Kael Forshaw has a beard if you look at him in the game but he doesn't have one if you talk to him.
  • If you use the hint of The Columbarium song, it reads "This track has been unlocked at Myreque Part IV" rather than the actual name, Legacy of Seergaze - This has been changed recently.
  • After fighting Fistandantilus and Zamorak Sliver at Paterdomus, Zamorak Sliver will teleport away with the new teleport animation just like the rest of the people in the room, but Fistandantilus's teleport has the old teleport animation, with a shrinking purple ball of magic imploding towards his chest.
  • When you examine the coffins next to the Blood Altar, one of the examine texts says "I see dead people", a reference to the catchphrase in the movie "Sixth sense".


  • One massively helpful tip is to let the Vyrewatch catch you straight away, and choose the "Go to the mines" option and you will be sent all the way north of Meiyerditch, avoiding having to do most of the Myreque Agility Course. This is especially useful to find Safalaan or the furnace, as this trick will halve your quest time.
  • Lower-level players should probably kill the level 110 near the furnace or one of the two along the south shore of Meiyerditch.
  • Sometimes when you are fighting one of the Vyrewatch, it will 'take an interest' in you, it will stop attacking and tell you the usual options for dealing with a vyre. DO NOT select the option to give a blood tithe, doing so will allow it to do its usual 6 hit, then it will disappear, only to reappear fully healed. You must choose the option to fight it, it will have healed a small bit.
  • A hole in the floor in the Legacy of Seergaze quest was removed on 9 November 2009.

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