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Series: Doctor Who -
Virgin New Adventures
Release Number: 25
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companions: Ace, Benny
Enemy: the Diadem
Setting: Io, 3985
Pakha, 3885
Peladon, 3985
Author: Gary Russell
Publisher: Virgin Books
Publication: April 1994
Format: Paperback Book, 301 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0426204123
Previous Story: Tragedy Day
Following Story: Theatre of War


Publisher's Summary

'So, that's an Ice Warrior. Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of shell suits.'

The Doctor is pursuing a master criminal. The trail leads to Peladon: a desolate world once home to a barbaric, feudal society. Now the Galactic Federation is attempting to bring prosperity and civilization to the planet. But not all Peladonians support the changes, and when ancient relics are stolen from their Citadel, the representatives of the Federation are blamed. The Doctor suspects the Ice Warrior delegation, but before long the Time Lord himself is arrested for the crime -- and sentenced to death.

Elsewhere, interplanetary mercenaries are bringing one of the galaxy's most evil artifacts to Peladon, apparently on the Doctor's instruction. Ace is pursuing a dangerous mission on another world and Bernice is getting friendly -- perhaps too friendly -- with the Ice Warriors she has studied for so long.

The players are making the final moves in a devious and lethal plan -- but for once it isn't the Doctor's.


  • The Doctor's eyes are either brown or black.
  • Was hamster monitor in Miss Marshall's class.
  • Kisses Savaar.
  • Drinks some wine during a meal on Peladon.
  • Nic Reece
  • A pretty swuave PR guy.
  • Lianna
  • Gets speared (and dies) by Nic Reece.
  • Savaar
  • Martian.
  • Enjoyed his kiss with Benny.
  • Is a Pakhar.
  • Her full name is Ker'a'nol.
  • Kitai
  • Is still alive.
  • Reproduction come naturally with the right mental urges.


  • "Shsurr" is Martian for / the equivalent of "m'lady".
  • The Sword of Tuburr in mentioned for the first time; a symbol of the Ice Warriors / Martian's warrior past. The Sword on display on the Bruk is a replica.
  • It is implied that the diadem is similar to the mind parasite in DW: The Mind of Evil.


  • DWM Issue 221 had a prologue across two pages for this novel with accompanying illustrations.
  • First Doctor Who novel by Gary Russell, who would go on work for Big Finish, become script editor for the 2005 series revival, write novelisations for The Sarah Jane Adventures and also write for IDW Publishing's Doctor Who comic book in 2008.


  • BFA: The Bride of Peladon also featured Peladon, it takes place before this story, but after The Curse and The Monster of Peladon.
  • At the conclusion of this story the Doctor receives 'payment' from the Time Lords in the form of a chess set. The novel features a prologue to the events of DW: The Curse of Peladon.
  • At the end of this novel Benny leaves to go on a dig with Rhukk, she returns in NA: Theatre of War.
  • NA: Happy Endings features some characters Benny meets for the first time in this novel.


For the Third Doctor:

For the Seventh Doctor:

External Links

  • Prelude to Legacy as published in DWM #211
  • Doctor Who Reference Guide - Detailed Synopsis - Legacy
  • The Whoniverse - The Discontinuity Guide to: Legacy

Virgin New Adventures
Previous Release:
Tragedy Day
Next Release:
Theatre of War


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DC Comics

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Storyline Template Storyline Template
Batman: Legacy

Batman Legacy TP.jpg
Official Name
Batman: Legacy
Storyline Aliases


Gotham City, the Sudan, Scotland, Calcutta



Batman, Detective Comics, Robin, Catwoman,
Shadow of the Bat

Batman: Legacy
(Trade Paperback)

First appearance
Last appearance

Shadow of the Bat #53
Detective Comics #702




"Legacy" is a sequel to "Batman: Contagion, and a follow-up to "Knightfall." It concerns the returning outbreak of a lethal disease in Gotham City, and Batman's attempts to combat it with his closest allies by discovering its origin in the Middle East. There, Batman faces two of his deadliest foes: Ra's al Ghul, who created the virus centuries ago, and Bane, the man who broke him. The Gotham Knights travel throughout the world as they race to stop The League of Assassins from releasing their pure strain of the virus across the globe, and Gotham itself becomes arena for a rematch between Bane and the Dark Knight. "Legacy" is also part of the prelude to "No Man's Land," along with "Contagion" and "Batman: Cataclysm."


Former Mayor Armand Krol is found dead in his study. He had been killed by another strain of the Clench. Azrael provides Batman more information on where the plague originated from, Sudan. Batman, Robin, and Nightwing head to Sudan, while Huntress is temporally in charge in Gotham. In the desert Batman finds his way to a marked location. The perpetrator of the entire plague was none other than Ra's al Ghul. Ra's orders the heroes killed, and a fight breaks out. Ra's downloads the information from the Wheel of Plagues to his database and escapes. Ra's new Ubu reveals himself as Bane. The Demon escapes with Bane and Talia. Catwoman, prisoner of Ra's escapes as well. Batman goes to Edinburgh, while Robin and Nightwing go to Paris in hopes of intercepting Ra's men with the vials of plague. Batman after stopping the Demon's men in Scotland goes to Calcutta, and with Lady Shiva stops an outbreak there as well. The Batsquad returns to Gotham, to stop Ra's from diseasing the city. Batman discovers the target is the Aventine Casino. While Batman arrives at the casino and runs into Bane. Batman keeps the strongman preoccupied while the gas he released builds up to ignite the building. The Casino explodes taking the plague with it. Batman and Bane fight off the pier. The Dark Knight is able to vanquish his nemesis, but Bane is taken out to sea. Meanwhile, Huntress, Robin, and Nightwing track Ra's boat. While Huntress and Nightwing fight off Ra's and his men, while Robin, downloads Ra's data to Oracle who copies it and deciphers it. She gets all the data just in time. The Batsquad flee the burning boat, Ra's and Talia also escape. Gotham is saved once again.


  • Shadow of the Bat #53 (Prelude)
  • Batman #533 (Prelude)
  • Detective Comics #700 (Part 1)
  • Catwoman #36 (Part 2)
  • Robin #32 (Part 3)
  • Shadow of the Bat #54 (Part 4)
  • Batman #534 (Part 5)
  • Detective Comics #701 (Part 6)
  • Robin #33 (Part 7)
  • Detective Comics #702 (Epilogue)
  • Batman: Bane (Epilogue)


Issues in storyline are unknown.


Items: None known.
Vehicles: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • No special notes.


  • No trivia.

Recommended Reading

  • Batman: Contagion
  • Batman: Knightfall
  • Batman: Cataclysm
  • Batman: No Man's Land

Links and References

  • None.
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From Muppet Wiki

Legacy is a 1997 pilot created by Javier Grillo-Marxuach and produced by the Jim Henson Company for NBC. Originally titled The Van Helsing Chronicles, the series was to have been a supernatural adventure focusing on Christian Van Helsing, a young Cambridge professor and descendant of the original Van Helsing from Bram Stoker's Dracula. The pilot starred Dan Gauthier as Van Helsing, with Teri Polo and Sophie Ward as other regulars. The script was written by Grillo-Marxuach and Brian Henson, among others.

The pilot, completed by spring 1997, was originally shelved. However, NBC's fall series Sleepwalkers (starring Bruce Greenwood) received uniformly bad ratings, leading to its cancellation after two broadcasts in November of 1997. To fill the gap, various trade magazines announced that the Van Helsing series would take its place (now officially retitled Legacy): "NBC has promoted its Saturday lineup as an all-paranormal slate. In backup, the network has ordered six scripts on "Legacy" (formerly "Van Helsing Chronicles") from Jim Henson Prods. and NBC Studios..." Rumors at Ain't It Cool News implied that the series was being reworked and the pilot redone, but neither the original pilot nor a series version ever actually aired.

External links

  • NBC Wakes to Bad Ratings. The Hollywood Reporter. November 11, 1997.
  • Ain't It Cool News article. December 1997.

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Legacy was a stable in the Lock Wrestling Federation.


  • Phoenix
    • Tag Team Champion (9.21.08 - 11.10.08)
  • Triple M
    • Tag Team Champion (9.21.08 - 11.10.08)
  • Lone Wolf
    • World Champion (8.24.08 - 9.21.08)


Legacy was formed at Meltdown 2008. Phoenix and Metalhead Matt Marauder had been feuding for several monthes, and their feud came to a close when Triple M defeated Phoenix in a Hangman's Horror Match. The suffering Phoenix endured in the match overwhelmed his fragile psyche, and his dark Replica persona once again took control. In the main event, Triple M's partner Lone Wolf was challenging the World Champion, Diablo, and Phoenix and Triple M intervened in the match, helping Lone Wolf to win the title and become the World Champion.

The next night on Warzone, the trio joined with Donovan Hastings and the returning Dr. K to fully form Legacy. Phoenix referred to Hastings and Dr. K as his weapons of chaos, the Sons of Anarchy. Lone Wolf was scheduled to defend the World Title against one of three challengers as voted on by the fans at Vengeance, meanwhile Phoenix and Triple M challenged the reigning Tag Team Champions, Creative Control, in a match in which the gimmick of the match would be decided by the fans.

At Vengeance, Phoenix and Triple M defeated Arelas and Lock in a Street Fight to win the Tag Team Championship. Meanwhile in the main event, Lone Wolf, fighting on his own, was defeated and lost the World Championship to Colby Colt, winner of the fan vote.

Lone Wolf was surprised to learn that Phoenix and Triple M did not support him getting a return match for the title, and instead were focused on wresting booker power in the federation away from Creative Control, as in recent weeks Arelas had brought in a new team of officials as well as instituted instant replay. Phoenix challenged them to a War Games match for full control, prompting Arelas and Lock to recruit Psiko, Diablo, and John Russo to aid them. In the meantime, Phoenix destroyed the instant replay equipment, preventing the short-lived system from being further used. Through all of this, Lone Wolf appeared increasingly wary of his partners, particularly Phoenix, who ignored him and often appeared bored while Lone Wolf was the active participant in tag matches. It all came to a head the week before Day of Reckoning, when Phoenix and Triple M left Lone Wolf to fend for himself against Diablo.

At Day of Reckoning, Legacy faced the Creative Coalition in a War Games match. It looked as though Legacy would pull off the victory, but Lone Wolf turned on his partners, laying out Triple M and leaving the cell. His betrayal allowed Diablo to pin Triple M and secure the victory for Creative Control, ending Legacy's aspirations of running the federation.

It was announced that at Outlast, Legacy would face the team of Diablo, John Russo, Lone Wolf, and Red Fusion. Phoenix looked to have momentum on his side despite the rest of his team having been eliminated, but when Triple M returned and attacked Lone Wolf, Phoenix was disqualified and Lone Wolf and Diablo advanced to the final match of the tournament.

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Marvel Database

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Character Template Help
Real Name
Current Alias




Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) (father, deceased), Elysius (mother), Phyla-Vell (sister), Hulkling (half-brother)


Base Of Operations


6' 2"

210 lbs (95 kg)



Unusual Features
Hair turns white when using awareness


Adventurer; formerly Captain in the Kree military


Place of Birth

First appearance

Silver Surfer Annual #6



After a falling out with Captain America, Rick Jones found himself mentally drawn to a pair of extraterrestrial golden bracelets -- the Nega-Bands.

Donning the bands, Rick slammed his wrists together with all his might... and his atoms traded places with those of the exiled Kree, Captain Mar-Vell. Joined together, Rick and Captain Marvel lived in a shared existence. During the epic Kree/Skrull War, Rick and Captain Marvel became pawns of the Kree Supreme Intelligence who unleashed the untapped psionic potential of Rick's mind -- the Destiny Force -- to put an end to the war. Sometime later, as a result of exposure to a deadly nerve gas, Captain Mar-Vell perished from incurable systemic cancer. As Rick slowly began to move on with his life, eventually getting married, Mar-Vell's love, Elysius, felt more alone than ever. Using Titanian science, Elysius sampled some of Mar-Vell's genetic structure to conceive a child: Genis. To protect him from Captain Marvel's enemies, Genis was artificially aged to maturity and taken to an isolated world, safe from harm. Upon discovering his true lineage, Genis donned the Nega-Bands worn by his father, determined to carry on his father's heroic tradition as Legacy. Eventually, Genis re-christened himself as Captain Marvel.
Captain Marvel

When Rick's Destiny powers resurfaced, he and Captain Marvel became pawns in a time-spanning conflict known as the Destiny War. At the climax of the Destiny War, Captain Marvel found himself unwillingly merged with Jones, a process which triggered his latent Cosmic Awareness.


When Captain Marvel was manipulated by the cosmic entities known as Entropy and Epiphany and helped them recreate the universe, the universe was remade with several differences. When the universe was recreated, so was everybody in it, including Captain Marvel himself. The Captain Marvel of this universe was the hero that the true Captain Marvel had always wanted to be, and his creation was such a success, that his mother, Elyisius, created another genetically engineered offspring, Phyla.

As the insane Captain Marvel was headed for Titan, with Elysius and Eros on his trail, Elysius sent a message to Phyla telling her that her brother was coming and to be ready to fight him when he arrived on Titan. Phyla assured her mother that she could handle her brother. Elysius told Phyla that her brother had betrayed his responsibilities as Captain Marvel, and the title now belonged to Phyla.

Phyla watched when Captain Marvel (Genis, not Phyla) arrived on Titan and saw that all the other Titans were out of phase, and existed a few seconds in the past or future. Captain Marvel reasoned that the Titans were afraid to face him. As Captain Marvel began to doubt his own perceptions of reality, Phyla made her presence known to her brother, whom became incredibly confused at her existence, remembering her, but feeling as if he shouldn't. Phyla began to bicker with her older brother, flaunting the fact that their mother had given her the title of Captain Marvel, and filling her brother's head with doubt. Captain Marvel then attacked Phyla, and the two began to fight. Phyla hit Captain Marvel with a couple of energy blasts. However, he seemed more annoyed by them than anything else. Phyla claimed to her older brother; that he was the first draft and he was a fluke, the one that made all the mistakes. Phyla claimed that she was the one with which their mother got it right. Captain Marvel then continued fighting with Phyla and eventually gained the upper hand. However, before Captain Marvel could badly injure his sister, several Titans, including Elysius and Eros intervened. In response, Captain Marvel opened a portal and Phyla, Eros, and Elysius were sucked into it. But at the last second, Phyla formed an energy lasso and pulled Captain Marvel into the portal with them.

Now in a realm that had different physical laws and was truly not of this universe, the minds of Eros, and Elysius were able to overcome the less experienced mind of Captain Marvel and expel his insanity. Phyla was there as well and helped defeat Captain Marvel as well, even though she did not contribute as much to Captain Marvel's defeat as Eros and Elysius.

Genis-Vell in Kree Navy uniform

Phyla met with Rick Jones, who was molecularly bonded to Captain Marvel, in an office that Captain Marvel had set up for himself so that if anybody needed help they could call him. Phyla explained to Rick Jones and Captain Marvel that nobody was going to come to them for help because now the universe was terrified of Captain Marvel for the atrocities that he committed while he was insane. She also suggested that Captain Marvel cede the title to her, which Captain Marvel was not willing to do. Before the conversation could continue, they were interrupted by the arrival of an alternate super powered version of Marlo Jones, whom attacked Rick. Phyla attacked this alternate Marlo, and kicked her in the face, but was then promptly punched into orbit. Later on, while Captain Marvel was fighting the alternate Marlo, Phyla returned and fired an energy blast at her, but by that time, the alternate Marlo had deteriorated into nothing.

While Captain Marvel traveled to the future to resolve the conflict with the future Marlo, he sent Phyla to the apartment of the Marlo Jones of Earth-616 and Moondragon to make sure they were safe in the present as well. Phyla introduced herself and explained why she was there in very little detail.


Phyla inquired to Moondragon as to whether or not her and Marlo were "together." Moondragon responded that it was none of Phyla's business. Meanwhile, Marlo was attacked by the Magus in the bathroom and was being pulled through a portal in the mirror when Phyla burst in and shattered the mirror with an energy blast, saving Marlo. Phyla insisted that Marlo accompany her to Titan where she would be able to protect Marlo far better and more efficiently with Titanian science at her disposal. Marlo hesitantly agreed and left with Phyla for Titan.

Phyla led Marlo into the main monitor room of their base on Titan, explaining what had happened with the alternate Marlo along the way, causing a great deal of shock and some mild fear in Marlo of Earth-616, as well as bickering with Marlo a bit. Phyla explained that from the monitor room, they would know if the Magus approached. Phyla used the technology of the monitor room to discover that the Magus was on Earth. She then observed the Magus attacking and badly injuring Moondragon through a view screen. Phyla tried to hold back Marlo, who was thrown into a fit of rage upon seeing Magus injure Moondragon.

As Captain Marvel reentered the present day through a time portal, Phyla and Marlo assumed it would be the Magus coming through the portal, and Phyla prepared to fight and held the still enraged Marlo back. When Captain Marvel entered through the portal, Phyla noticed he was in great pain, and tried to get him to confide in her what was weighing so heavily on his mind. He refused to tell her.

After Moondragon lied about her affection for Marlo to make it easier for Marlo to leave her for Rick Jones, Phyla confronted Moondragon and told her that she could tell that Moondragon was making that up. She also told Moondragon she found that very attractive. She then invited Moondragon to go and see the spiral nebula near Renault VII with her. However, before anything more could happen, a portal opened which the curious Phyla and Moondragon wandered through. Unbeknownst to them the portal had been opened by Eulogy, who was striking the set of the universe of Captain Marvel.


Genis came to Earth and joined the Thunderbolts. Genis's interest in Songbird and the manipulations of the Purple Man caused Atlas (Erik Josten) to attack him.

Genis fighting Zemo

Genis was able to recover, displaying a remarkedly different appearance and uses of his powers. Genis's use of the 'Photon' name caused him to quarrel with Monica Rambeau, who has also called herself Photon and 'Captain Marvel'. In the end, Genis was allowed to use the Photon name and Monica agreed on a new codename, Pulsar.

Genis's powers seemed to rage out of control to the point where his negabands were absorbed into his body. Genis also was continually drawing more and more energy into himself. Helmut Zemo returned to the Thunderbolts announcing he was behind Genis's return, but that something had gone wrong. An examination of other counterparts showed that Genis was a threat to the universe. Zemo used the moonstones to kill Genis by sending his body parts into separate parts of the Dark Force dimension so that they could never be rejoined.

Powers and Abilities


Stellar Energy Absorption: Inheriting his father’s energy-based powers, Genis-Vell could absorb stellar energy, giving him enhanced strength and durability, flight, and the ability to fire photonic energy blasts. When Genis' mental state became unstable, he no longer held himself back in regards to his powers, which increased exponentially, especially when coupled with the Nega-Bands. He began using his powers in ways he hadn't before, such as choosing to project energy blasts through his gun, for visually dramatic purposes, and absorbing multiple forms of energy as well as opening various trans-dimensional shunts that could access various points in space/time and different realities/dimensions. This also appeared to be his level of power after physically being reborn and absorbing the Nega-Bands into his body, which was transformed into pure photonic energy.

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Flight
  • Photonic Energy Blasts
  • Energy Absorption
  • Trans-dimensional Shunts

Cosmic Awareness: Genis later manifested a version of his father’s "Cosmic Awareness," somehow activated by his transformation into a more "mature" form of himself from the future. This awareness granted him a sort of omnipresent consciousness that enables him to perceive objects, individuals, and cosmic threats or anything of significance to him anywhere, even if they were cloaked by invisibility or illusion.

However, Genis’s newfound cosmic awareness initially proved unreliable, sometimes feeding him distorted or illusory information. Despite a series of meditative techniques, his cosmic awareness drove him insane, although he thus exhibited greater use of this power, using it to see possible futures, definite futures, and alternate universes, and to project his cosmic awareness into others so that they can see their past, present, or future. He had also used it to communicate with the dead.

At one point, Genis was bonded physically to Rick Jones on the molecular level, allowing the two to share a symbiotic relationship and communicate telepathically between themselves. However, they could only exist in separate dimensions, typically the Earth dimension and the Negative Zone (later, the microverse), and would switch places whenever the Earth-bound counterpart struck the Nega-Bands together.


Genis once served in the Kree military, although the exact extent of his abilities and skills remain unrevealed.

Strength level

Current unknown; originally 15 Tons.



Genis sometimes carries an energy pistol of Kree design. This pistol is powered by the energy his body produces.


  • The Genis-Vell that appeared in the Avengers Forever mini-series was from an alternate reality where he had joined the Avengers and was involved in a romantic relationship with fellow Avenger Songbird. In another reality (or, possibly the future of that same reality) the two had a son named Ely.


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Legacy may refer to:



Lightsaber crystals


Real world


  • The Star Wars: Legacy comics


  • The Force Is with Them: The Legacy of Star Wars


Magazine articles


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Legacy may mean:

See also

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Vourk ver'Zemp, many player's first legacy liaison.

Created with the NGE, the Legacy quest is more like a giant themepark than quest. It is intended for new players, but can be accessed by veterans also. The quest starts out on Tatooine in Mos Eisley, and eventually takes players to other planets in the galaxy. Rewards for different stages of the quest include XP, credits, and misc. items that cannot be traded. Completion of the entire Legacy Quest will take a character from CL1 to CL40 or higher.

Characters may choose to work in the Legacy quest for either the Rebellion or the Empire. NOTE that this is not factional affiliation, and you do not need to be a member of either side's military to work for them and complete the Legacy. The quests remain the same, though in one or two places the NPC contact will be different, for obvious reasons. Completion of the Legacy through the Naboo quests (the original end to the Legacy) means that players will be awarded one of the following medals:

The stats on the medals are identical, and require no factional affiliation to be worn.

Completion of the Corellian quests through Lt. Jaspers rewards the player with the following:

The Legacy proper ends once the player recovers and drops off the four droid modules to their contact (Rebel or Imperial). A series of missions on Corellia have been added after the Legacy to allow the player to continue the adventure. Captain Panaka of the RSF contacts the player immediately after completion of the Legacy to begin these quests.

For new players, this quest series starts automatically after leaving Tansarii Point Station. As soon as they land in Mos Eisley, Solo will send a message by commlink, beginning the questline with a set of missions to acquire a landspeeder.

Starting at level 10, players who have had enough of the Legacy Quest can select and complete missions from the Combat Mission Terminals. Each mission will grant 10% of the total experience needed to gain one level through an experience boost granted by COMPNOR - thus, after 10 missions accomplished, players will have gained one whole level with that character. This game feature only works with combatant professions (not with Traders or Entertainers). More details can be found in the article "After the Legacy Quest".

Veteran players must travel to Mos Eisley and speak with 2 different NPC's to begin the questline:

  • If the character has completed the pre-NGE, post-CU New Character tutorial, he or she may speak to Trehla Keelo (3484, -4808) and select the option to "Get back to work". Trehla Keelo will then direct the character to Vourk ver'Zremp (3520, -4821), who will offer Bad for Good.
  • Alternatively, players can just talk directly to the green male Twi'lek NPC named Vourk ver'Zremp (3520, -4821), who will start them on Bad for Good.

Although not required, veteran players can also can talk directly to the NPC's Entha Kandela (3512, -4783), Peawp R'dawc (3468, -4672), or Purvis Arrison (3510, -4765) and take the quests that they give out.

Table of contents

Tatooine Quests

Naboo Quests

Corellia Quests

Talus Quests

Rori Quests


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