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For an overview of leather armor variants in all games, see Leather Armor.
Leather Armor
File:LAMk1.gif   File:Larmors.gif   File:leathergirl.gif   File:Npc_leather.gif
AC bonus: 15
Damage Type Damage Resistance Damage Threshold
normal: 25% 2
laser: 20% 0
fire: 20% 0
plasma: 10% 0
explode: 20% 0
electrical: 30% 0
weight: 8 pounds
cost: $700

Leather Armor is a lightweight body armor made from tanned brahmin hide, offering protection from firearms and melee damage.


This leather armor is based on pre-war armor designed for Motorcycle Football and other dangerous contact sports. It is likely that the simple construction techniques required to produce armor of this design made it a popular choice following a nuclear disaster. It provides moderate protection, and the light construction makes it easier to dodge attacks while worn. Unfortunately, it provides little to no protection against explosions or plasma attack.


Leather Armor is a common article of clothing usually found on guards, slavers, and some raiders.


Armor of Fallout
Armor of Fallout 2

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